Specialty Posts

Aside from the normal "Review." "DVD Review," and "Indie Gems" posts you may see. I also have a few other categories I occasionally post. The names of these posts are also labeled for easy searching.

Rambling TV - is a freeform style post where I ramble semi-coherently about the things I watch on television. Usually there's lots of snark involved.

Birthday Posts  - I use to highlight an actor's birthday with 5 categories. My favorite film, my least favorite film, the most bizarre/fun/random film, most underrated film, and film I still need to see.

Guilty Pleasure Reviews - are just that. Terrible movies that I love because fuck you that's why. 

Blind Spot Series - Also noted on my sidebar, the Blind Spot Series blogathon is hosted by Ryan McNeil over at The Matinee. He asks us to chose a different film per month that we've somehow missed up until that point. I started participating in 2014, these posts are labeled with the year, then "Blind Spot Series"

Thursday Movie Picks - A weekly blogathon hosted by Wandering Through The Shelves. She picks a theme every week, and we choose 3 films that go along with it. 

10 Series - A series of top 10 lists I did back in 2013.