Indie Gems: The Descent

If you're claustrophobic, you probably shouldn't watch this.
Sarah (Shauna MacDonald) has had a rough year. She lost her husband and daughter in an accident and has been trying to keep moving forward. She decides to go spelunking (which after viewing this, I will never fucking do) with a group of her girlfriends. At one point, they mention that they are two miles BELOW ground. Suddenly, the encounter strange creatures that are going to tear them apart. Now it's a race to get back to the surface.
I actually kept stretching out my arms and legs the first time I saw this because it made me feel so claustrophobic. Just the simple line of them mentioning how deep below the earth they were made me uncomfortable. This movie really excels when it comes to the horror aspect. We don't get a good look at the creatures right away, but when we do, they're creepy as hell. It definitely doesn't lack on the gore either. I wasn't familiar with any of the actors in this film before hand, but they all did wonderful jobs. I imagine this movie was pretty hard to shoot, and their efforts are certainly not wasted.
I was let down by the ending, but not because it was bad. Actually, the ending is kind of perfect. I was just sad when it didn't go the way I thought it would.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "It hasn't got a name. It's a new system. I wanted us all to discover it! No one's ever been down here before." - Juno (Natalie Mendoza)

Review: This Is The End

We're going to a party at Franco's house!
Some could call This Is The End a vanity project, but when your main cast is this funny, I think you get a free pass.
Jay Burachel comes to Los Angeles to visit his friend, Seth Rogen. Seth suggests they go to his friend, James Franco's house for a party. Burachel is reluctant, he doesn't care too much for this crowd. While at the party, a strange earth quake happens, and suddenly Burachel, Rogen, Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson are all stuck in Franco's house when the apocalypse happens.
All of the main cast just plays more extreme versions of themselves, and it works wonderfully. This Is The End is easily the best comedy I've seen all year. The opening scene at Franco's house party is the strongest because of all the random cameos. Michael Cera's was my favorite, it's the funniest thing I've ever seen him in. Plus we got a Superbad reunion for a few minutes there.
There are points in this film that drag, there were a few too many rape jokes for my personal taste and I can only handle so much of Danny McBride. (He's funny, but sometimes his angry funny feels a little too forced.) But whenever it started to do that, something hilarious happened again to bring everything up to speed. These actors are some of the best comedians we have out there today, and their talent isn't wasted here. I look forward to this group of guys making more movies together.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B+
Memorable Quote: "Am I compelled, Jay?" - Jonah Hill

Review: The East

It's easy when it's not you...
Sarah (Brit Marling) is an undercover operator for an elite intelligence firm. She's tasked with infiltrating a group known as The East. They're anarchic environmentalists that are targeting large corporations. Oil companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Sarah is mesmerized by the group's unofficial leader, Benji. (Alexander Skarsgard) With fellow group members, Izzy, (Ellen Page) Doc, (Toby Kebbell) and Luca, (Shiloh Fernandez, how the hell this guy keeps getting roles is beyond me) Sarah gets in on their "jams" and starts to question her place in all of this.
Brit Marling not only starred in this, but she wrote the screenplay as well. I'm officially looking forward to seeing more of her, because I thought the whole thing was brilliant. The film felt very tense, as I was always worried that Sarah was going to get caught. I got very attached to her, so I felt like I was having the same dilemmas she was during these jams. It's wrong to terrorize people, but it's also wrong to knowingly poison them. These are some of the situations we are faced with.
Marling was great in her role. Having written Sarah, it's obviously she knows her inside out. Skarsgard is always a pleasure to watch. He's mysterious and sexy and it's easy to see why Sarah would have feelings for him. Ellen Page's role is a bit smaller, but she provides quite a bit of the voice overs for The East's video clips they post on the web. It was fun seeing her in a role like that. Izzy was wary of Sarah all along.
The East is one of the best films I've seen all year, and you should definitely check it out if it comes to your city. Stay during the beginning of the credits too.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "I missed feeling uncomfortable." - Sarah (Brit Marling)

Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.2: The Sun

I still give zero fucks about these new characters
Tonight's episode of True Blood made me scratch my head a bit. Is it wrong to say a show about supernaturals might be stretching it a bit?

Here's why: When we check back at Fangtasia, Tara is still writhing in pain, because apparently it didn't occur to Pam to try to pull that bullet out of Tara? Luckily Eric shows up and uses a beer bottle to get the newly made silver bullet that emits UV light out of her body. That's right. There's now silver light up UV bullets AND special contacts that some how prevent humans from being glamoured. You know, I thought mind control had more to do with THE MIND AND NOT THE ACTUAL EYE BALL? Apparently I'm wrong, which happens sometimes.

Apparently Eric's plan of action is to seduce the governor's totally not a teenage daughter. We don't know what Nora's plan of action is yet. (Hopefully it's meeting the true death.)

Sookie gets called into work. (FINALLY. Seriously she's got to be the worst employee ever) and she ends up helping out another half fae named Ben. This guy is supposed to be her new love interest this season. Since he's not Eric, I don't give a fuck about him and hope this ends soon.

I'm bummed we were robbed a scene of Sookie at Merlotte's. Those are my favorite True Blood scenes. Watch seasons 1 and 2 again. Many of those stories centered around Merlotte's, and they were great. I miss that.

We did however get Terry and Arlene talking to Patrick's pregnant wife. You remember Patrick, right? He's Terry's friend that was in that God-awful ifirit story last season. This was a waste of time, I don't want to be reminded of that shit. Sam was also approached by a girl that I already know I won't give a fuck about,who wanted him to come out as a shifter. Sam's not having it, and for good reason.

Later, Emma's grandmother, Alcide, and his number 2 bitch show up to take Emma into their pack. Sam's not having it, and as much as I love him, I kind of have to side with the grandmother here. The pack will probably be the safest place for her. (Also Sam has no legal right to Emma, so there's that.) Annoying girl that I already don't give a fuck about taped their entire altercation on her phone, and I sighed because I'm already over that shit.

Jason found out at the beginning of this episode that the old man that he hitched a ride from was his fairy grandfather, Niall. Now here's where shit started getting weird. Warlow was apparently in some alternate universe, and is now free. Niall tells Sookie that their essentially fairy royalty, and there's one power he can give her that will kill a vampire...once..and after she uses it, she'll be fae no more. Seriously.

gif via absinthius

I know, this is a fantasy show. But Niall telling Sookie that there's a power to kill vampires, that she can only use once, and will lose her powers afterwards, that's really fucking stretching it. If such a power existed, wouldn't the fairies have used it when Russell Edgington was trying to attack them last season? Wouldn't Claudine have used it when Eric was sucking her dry in season 4? Where the fuck did this come from?

And finally, we get to Bill and Jessica. Their scenes were my favorite, despite one terrible use of CGI..

Bill spent most of this episode vegged out in a chair, but in his mind, he was speaking to Lillith. He is starting to feel other vampire's pain, and see terrible things before they happen. Lillith says he can help, and he'll know what to do. Jessica attempts to give him a blood doner to break him from his trance, and without moving, he manages to bend this woman like a doll and suck all of the blood right out of her. Now I admit, that would sound pretty terrifying on paper, but it didn't really look the best on screen. (It kind of reminded me of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Voldemort has the Muggle Studies teacher all contorted and floating above the table at the beginning of the book) Then Jessica says a really sweet prayer, and Bill comes too. I really liked that moment for Jess, and now I'm also convinced that she's getting axed this season.

I didn't hate this episode. In fact, I think they've set us up for quite an interesting season, but I really felt like the show jumped the shark here. There's so many errors in continuity. Am I going to stop watching True Blood? Hell no! I love this show. This is just the first time that I've really felt like they didn't put a whole lot of thought into this. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Indie Gems: Adventureland

We all had that crappy summer job.
In some instances, maybe it lasted even longer than the summer. Either way, that first minimum wage job is gives our lead character his reality check.
James (Jesse Eisenberg) had planned on spending the summer after college in Europe, however he has some financial set backs and is forced to take a job at a local amusement park. It's at this job that he becomes infatuated with Em, (Kristen Stewart) makes new friends and learns a lot of life lessons on the way.
Despite this film having the typical awkward performances of Eisenberg and Stewart, it's actually very enjoyable to watch. They work well in the roles given to them, and the supporting cast (Bill Hader, Kristin Wiig, Ryan Reynolds, etc) are nice additions as well. I found this movie to be a little nostalgic in a way. It reminded me of all of the summers I spent working multiple jobs during school, and how I don't miss that at all.
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "Can you stop saying "'ntercourse"? - Em (Kristen Stewart)

Rambling TV: What I Want From Game of Thrones Season 4

With season 3 of Game of Thrones wrapped in an arguably underwhelming fashion to an otherwise fantastic season, we're left wondering what's in store for us in season 4. Here's a few things I would like to see. Minor Storm of Swords/Feast For Crows/Dance With Dragons spoilers ahead. I'll try to be as vague as possible regarding the plot so that non readers can read this too, but I'll mention a few character's names. No deaths, don't worry.

1) Please make Jaime and Brienne being in King's Landing early worth while. - 
Right now, this is a glaring mistake in my opinion. I hope that I'm wrong, and that they do something wonderful with this, because I honestly can't see how this is going to work.

2) Trim down the Iron Islanders. - One of the things I hated the most in AFFC was the edition of so many Iron born characters. I honestly would not even bat an eyelash if Asha/Yara was the only one they focus on. I'm still going back and forth on if the others are even necessary.

3) You wowed us with the Red Wedding, now wow us with the Purple one. - Weddings are a big deal in the ASOIAF universe, this one should be a hell of a spectacle too.

4) Cast someone big to play Oberyn Martell.  - And while you're at it, recast the guy that played The Mountain in the first season rather than the guy who played him in the second.

5) There's a certain Lady that needs introducing. - That needs to happen fairly early in season 4. (Maybe they can even show a flashback since they didn't include a big part of this in season 3?) There's also a certain Coldhands that needs introducing as well.

6) Spice up Dany's story line. - Let's be honest, after Dany's "fuck yeah!" moment in Astapor, her chapters go down hill, FAST. I wouldnt' object to them altering her story here and there to make it more interesting. (and make it seem like she's actually accomplishing something.)

7) Bring back Dontos. - I have a bad feeling Sansa's Storm of Swords arc is going to be rushed in season 4. I still think it's important for this character to return.

8) A little Dorne goes a long way - I didn't care for the Dornish chapters either, but I can agree they are a tad more interesting than the Iron born. Plus, The Martells (Dorne's main House) are a lot more important to the story, especially their link with the Targaryens. I don't think a ton of time needs to be devoted to them, but they should be able to summarize it well. Plus, I guess I can't complain about getting some more bad ass female characters.

9) Sexy times - There's a certain sex scene that takes place in a very interesting place towards the end of Storm of Swords that I actually went "what the fuck?" when I read it. I think this needs to stay. Right now, I'm not sure how they're going to fit it in since they've already initiated some changes. I think anyone who read SoS knows what I'm talking about.

10) Give Jon Snow his bad ass moments. - He has a few in Dance with Dragons, let them be.

11) Stop making Stannis so damn pussy-whipped. - I seriously hate using that phrase at all, but it's true. Melisandre had a lot of say in the things that Stannis did, but she didn't nearly have as much pull as she does in the show.

12) Leave Theon out for awhile - We all know it's Ramsay Bolton who's torturing Theon, but I don't think he should return early in season 4. His appearance is supposed to drastically change, time away from him will help with the shock of that. I don't think he should be completely absent from season 4, because The Boltons are a family that TV watchers really need to know, but save him for episode 5 or later.

13) Stop giving Shae scenes on her own. - The scene with her and Varys in the finale was so pointless that I almost started to appreciate Ros' old scenes. The more they make her "love" Tyrion, the less relevant she becomes.

14) The remaining Stark children need to start showing their warging abilities. - Bran is not the only Stark that can see/dream through his direwolf's eyes.

15) Mance Rayder exists - Remember? He was kind of a big deal and then you only showed him in two episodes last season?

What do you want from season 4?

Super Sweet Blogging Award

It's been quite some time since I've received one of these. I'd like to thank the lovely Anna from Defiant Success for passing this on to me.
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  1. Cookies or cake? Cookies. (which coincidently I'm baking at the moment)
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate.
  3. Favorite sweet treat? Anything chocolate works for me.
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? Towards the end of the night.
  5. Sweet nickname? Sugar Plum (a co-worker jokingly changed everyone's name plates at our cubicles with random nick names. I got Sugar Plum.)
My 13: (Honestly, I wrote this post on June 7th, and I know a few of you have been tagged since then, but I want to give this to you anyways.)

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Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.1

Who Are You, Really?
gif via thefilmfatale
After a disastrous season 5, True Blood is starting right where we left off, with Bill turning into Bilith and subsequently confusing/scaring the hell out of everyone.
Sookie, Eric, Pam, Tara, Nora, Jessica, and Jason all escape the Authority's headquarters and try to figure out what they should do about Bill. They know it's no longer him, but they can't agree on how they should handle the situation. Then Nora drops a bombshell. Warlow, the same Warlow that killed Sookie and Jason's parents is actually IN the vampire bible, and he was Lilith's progeny. Jason gets angry at Sookie for protecting her vampire friends and storms off, Pam points out the fact that Nora is annoying as hell, and Eric gets annoyed with her. I'm not a fan of that. Nora is one character I hope meets the true death sooner rather than later. The Pam/Eric dynamic is one of the funniest things about this show, and Pam/Tara ain't cutting it.
Tara and Pam head back to Fangtasia, and Tara tries to get Pam to forget Eric. She never will. Terrible advise on Tara's part.
We see the governor of Louisiana who tells a group of people that they will be protecting humans, not vampires. He implements a curfew for vampires, and closes down all vampire owned businesses. Later, we see him make a deal with a Tru Blood big wig to use a factory for free to reproduce Tru Blood until their bombed factories get up and running. Fun fact - LA has the highest vampire population in the States.
Sam, Luna, and Emma also escape the Authority, unfortunately Luna doesn't make it. She makes Sam promise to keep her daughter safe. I feel bad for Sam, it seems like all of his love interests die. I also wish they would've cast a better actress to play Emma, because man that little girl is bad. Later, they head to Merlotte's were Lafayette informs Sam that Luna's shifting is all over national TV. That was our only Lafayette moment this episode. :(
Andy and Arlene have a heart to heart on what Andy is going to do with his four daughters he ended up with last season. Apparently when full fae mate with humans their children age rapidly. That's new.
Alcide is naked, and has a threesome.
Jason hitches a ride with an old man, tells him his life story, then surprise, this old guy is apparently already knows everything about the Stackhouses. Shocking, I know. Not really
Bill summons Jessica, and he practically rips her apart while doing so. Sookie goes with her to find Bill, who no longer looks like Bilith. He tries to explain he doesn't know what he has become. Suddenly, Eric and Nora show up and Bill somehow over powers the much older Eric, this causes Sookie to actually stake Bill. Only the stake doesn't work. Bill looks just as surprised as everyone else that she would do that, and it only irritates Jessica who stays with Bill and makes everyone leave. They have a little heart to heart later where Bill tells her she must keep him grounded.
Eric takes Sookie home, and signs the rights to her house back over to her. He tells her she'll always be "that girl in the white dress." and she admits she wants to go back to being that - and rescinds his invitation to her house. That was heartbreaking. Eric and Sookie had so much chemistry in just this one scene, it was insane. I truly hope they get them back together, because I need more of that. Nora also notes that Sookie is Eric's weakness. 
Overall, I'm pleased with this premiere. I've always loved True Blood, and it really bothered me that last season sucked so much. From what I've been reading in interviews with the cast, they are trying to keep it in Bon Temps this season. Not as many story lines, and bringing everyone together. That is something I can look forward to.

Indie Gems: Thank You For Smoking

Don't hide the truth. Just filter it.
Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart) is a tobacco lobbyist. He's a talented public speaker and serves as the chief spokesperson for Big Tobacco. He takes his young son (Cameron Bright) along with him on what he thinks will be a routine business trip, but it wouldn't be a movie if everything went according to plan, right?
This was the first Jason Reitman film I'd ever seen. I guess it appealed to me because even though I don't smoke, I grew up constantly around it. So when I hear people complain about smoke in a bar, I kind of just want to slap them and tell them to get over it. That aside - this was the start of what became Reitman's classic style. It's funny, deadpan, and the cast is fantastic. Even Katie Holmes manages to turn in a performance where she doesn't suck.
One of the things I enjoyed the most about the film was the subtitles that appeared at the bottom of the screen occasionally. That was a nice touch. And another fun fact: Even though this film is about smoking, there's not a single character that's see smoking on screen.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote" "These environmentalists." (pussies) - BR (J.K Simmons)

Mix Tape Movies: Rock Bottom

Andy over at Fandango Groovers has yet another fantastic idea for a blogathon. He wants us to throw together a mix tape of sorts. Five movies with a common theme, plus one wild card.

I've actually been trying to think of a theme for a mix tape for weeks now. It wasn't until recently that one finally came to mind - Rock Bottom. I had an incident that didn't go my way not too long ago, it was totally out of my control, and no matter what I did, I couldn't fix it at that time. Plus, it happened on my birthday so I felt like my entire day had been ruined. It's pretty inconsequential looking back, but at the time I had joked "Where the fuck is bottom?" which is a line from a wonderful little indie film called Hello I Must Be Going. So that's what inspired my mix. Here's a few films where the characters had to hit rock bottom before they could rise above.

Hello, I Must Be Going
Amy is going through an unexpected divorce with little to no support from her loved ones. After face planting it in the above scene, she asks aloud "Where the fuck is bottom?" Well Amy, it's right there. Luckily, she pulls herself together and keeps her chin up.


Tracey's rebellious teen phase is out of control. It's only after her best friend turns on her, she finds out she's failing the 7th grade, and her mother catches her with stolen property that she finally realizes she's got a problem. This scene is shot so brilliantly with the color slowly fading out until it's nearly grey. I like to think the final scene of Tracey screaming her lungs out on the merry-go-round is her getting all of this off of her chest, and that she won't fall for this again.

Mysterious Skin
Neil's behavior is reckless. Even he knows that. Eventually, it comes back to bite him, and he has to take a long hard look at the life he has chosen for himself.

The Dark Knight Rises
Bruce Wayne isn't invincible. Bane proved that when he broke his back and sent him to the Pit. This gave Bruce the epiphany he needed to once again become the Batman, and to rise above all obstacles.

Kate sort of hits rock bottom twice in this film. The first time, when she finally realizes she's got a drinking problem, and the second time when she decides to be honest about it, and ends up getting sacked at her job instead. Kate mentions at the end of the film that her life isn't as stable as it used to be, but she's getting up there, and at least she's sober now.

Wild card - Take This Waltz
Margot had no issues in her marriage until she met the mysterious new Daniel who lives across the street. Now she's pulled into an affair that eventually loses its spark and Margot is back at stage one, wondering if she's made a terrible mistake. This is my wild card because the order is sort of reversed. The previous 5 films all have their main character either trying to succeeding in something better at the end of the film. The end of Take This Waltz is when Margot realizes the problem in the first place.

Rambling TV: Game of Thrones episode 3.10

The "Where the fuck is Ghost?" edition

gif via songofwolves
(Yes, I'm still trying to find a format I like for these posts)
Game of Thrones: "Mhysa"

*The Twins - Worst Bannerman ever Roose Bolton watches from above as his men slaughter the Stark men. The Hound has wisely grabbed a Frey banner and is attempting to leave the massacre with a knocked out Arya, only she comes to at possibly the worst moment ever: When the Freys are parading her bother's body with his direwolf's head nailed on top of it with a sword as they shout "Here comes the King in the North!" That little bit almost made me cry, it hurts that Arya actually sees that. A little later as her and The Hound are fleeing, she overhears a small group of Frey men making fun of her mother's last dying scream. Arya walks over to their group and asks to share their fire. She offers her Braavosi coin, which she drops. When the man goes to pick it up, she whips out of knife and stabs him to death while The Hound takes care of the other 3 men. He deadpans "Next time you're going to do something like that, tell me first." I'm glad Arya finally got this moment. In the books, she technically did this to a guard when she was escaping Harranhal. Arya is a damanged little girl, and this is just the start of what's in store for her.

Meanwhile, back at Frey's castle, Roose and Walder have a little chat about their victory, when Walder inquires about what happened to the Ironborn at Winterfell. Roose tells him his bastard Ramsay took care of everything, but he's still torturing Theon because he just has a different way of doing things. I have a small problem with this scene. Though I'm glad they're showing just how evil Roose and Walter are, Roose sounded like he was proud of Ramsay for what he is doing, which in the books he certainly isn't. He thinks Ramsay is too obnoxious and needs to be more discrete about what he does. Roose's proud papa moment didn't set well. Deep down, we all know Roose hates that bastard.

*Dreadfort - We transition to Ramsay (who we can finally stop calling "Boy"!) eating a sasauge in front of Theon, who he castrated last time we saw them. Theon begs for Ramsay to kill him, but he's not having it. He tells Theon he reeks, and decides that will be his new name; Reek. While I'm glad they are having Theon's name being changed to Reek, I hated the way they came up with it. "Reek" was an actual person in the books. He was a horrible smelling man that Roose gave to Ramsay's mother as a slight when she told him she could no longer control Ramsay. They became very close, and committed many crimes together. In A Clash of Kings,  after doing something particularly bad, Ramsey ends up with a bounty on his head, so he kills Reek and switches clothes with him, and he is brought to Winterfell's dungeon as "Reek." This is when he persuades Theon to free him when he takes over Winterfell, then he reveals himself as Ramsay, betrays him, and makes Theon his Reek.

*Pyke - Balon and Yara are reading a note that Ramsay sent him about holding Theon hostage, and he mailed them Theon's dick on top of it. That surprised me. Balon couldn't care less, but Yara is going to save him. They're really going to have to make the Ironborn more interesting in the show because I hated all of their chapters in the 4th and 5th books.

*The Wall - Sam's group and Bran's group meet, can we talk about how awesome Hodar was this episode? With the well, then looking all flattered when Sam says he knows him. I fucking love Hoder.
gif credit hyruleneedsme

Anyways, Sam and Gilly show Bran and co the way beyond the wall, and they seem to have cut a very interesting character that both parties should've met already.

Jon Snow has a very pointless scene with Ygritte, who is apparently alone right now, despite Giantsbane being with her the last time we saw them. He's injured and rides back to Castle Black. Where the fuck is Ghost? Seriously? Then we get a stupid scene with the Maester questioning whether Gilly's baby is Sam's. (which really makes no sense because I don't think he was missing for that long) Anyways, the Maester sends out ravens to let everyone know there is a threat beyond the wall.

*Dragonstone - We got lots of Davos in this episode. Bonding time with Gendry, bonding time with Shireen, sort of bonding time with Stannis and Melisandre. She's still going to sacrifice Gendry, who Davos then sets free. When Stannis sentences Davos to death for what he did, he brings up the letter he received from the Night's Watch, and Stannis and his BFF Melisandre decide that they actually do need Davos after all.

*King's Landing - Tyrion and Sansa have a cute little bonding scene, then Tyrion gets called to small council, where he is informed of what happened at The Red Wedding. Joffrey is about to cream his jeans with the news. I seriously thought he was going to do a fucking backflip or something. I wanted to punch him and Cersei's smug faces so hard. They kept a line from the books I really liked, where Tyrion tells Joffrey "Sansa's not yours to torment anymore." He then makes a backhanded threat at the king. Joffrey is seething, Lannister Lackey Grand Maester Pycelle says Tyrion should apologize, Varys just sits there like this is the most entertaining thing he's seen in ages, and Tywin, like a boss, sends Joffrey to bed and dismisses everyone except Tyrion. They argue about doing things for family, Tywin tells Tyrion he wanted throw him in the sea when he was born, but he kept him and made him a Lannister, which hurts Tyrion very much. Later, Tyrion goes to tell Sansa the bad new, but it seems someone else already has, and we see her crying at the window. Another sad scene. Sophie Turner does sad very well. I'm still very disappointed in Sansa's arc this season. I feel like everything that should've happened already is going to be very rushed in the first few episodes next season.

We get a totally pointless scene with Shae, the funny whore and Varys that I couldn't give a fuck about. We get more smug Cersei and Tyrion, then, we get Jaime and Brienne arriving at Kings Landing. This is the scene that annoyed me the most. In the books, Jaime and Brienne do NOT arrive at Kings Landing this early. In fact, them already being there kind of totally screws up something that I don't want to spoil. I'm baffled that they made this change, they could've easily had Brienne and Jaime dick around on the road for a few more episodes. What the actual fuck?!

*Yunkai - The slaves come out of Yunkai and start chanting "Mhysa," which means mother, at Dani. (Did you see Jorah help her down as she walks towards them? Poor friend zoned Jorah) The final shot was of them lifting her above the crowd, chanting. I saw a few tweets go across my dash where people were calling this scene racist. Because the people holding her up had darker skin. I'm assuming these people have never read the book, otherwise they would know the geography of Essos and the fact that most characters from that particular area are described as having "bronze skin." It's not a race thing. No one should be making it a race thing. Why does everything have to be about race?

I'm surprised they ended the season with Dany again. It's not where I thought they'd end it, but I'm actually a little glad they didn't choose this route. I'm going to give out a major Feast For Crows spoiler, so in between the brackets, the text will be white. You can highlight over it if you've read the books or wish to be spoiled. [I assumed that the final scene of season 3 would be the Brotherhood Without Banners finding Catelyn Stark's body, and resurrecting her. Thus her becoming Lady Stoneheart. I'm actually glad they didn't do this. 1) I think it would take away from the Red Wedding a bit. To have such major characters slaughtered, only to find out one comes back. 2) They aren't supposed to find her right away. She is supposed to be dead for awhile, which is the reason she's not really Catelyn when she comes back at all. 3) It has to be Arya, dreaming through Nymeria that pulls her from the river anyways. We haven't had any of Arya's warg dreams yet. As awesome as a final shot that would've been, I can live with it being left out.]

Personally, I would've had the final scene either being Arya saying "Valor Morghulis" or I would've ended with The Night's Watch. I have a feeling the Watch will open up next season. They have some serious shit that's about to go down.

I enjoyed the finale for the most part, but there were a lot of changes that I'm not happy with. I hope they play out better than I think they are, because right now I can't wrap my head around them. This definitely wasn't one of the season's best episodes. It would actually be bottom three for me. What did you think of it?

Indie Gems: The Hottest State

Did she ever love you?
The Hottest State follows William Harding (Mark Webber), a young actor trying to make it big in New York City. He meets singer/songwriter Sarah (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and instantly falls in love with her. She enjoys his company, but doesn't feel as strongly as he does. Yet, she seems quite manic and soon they're in a whirlwind relationship that we know is going to end. They even pretend to break up with each other as a game. We know that can't be good.
Mark Webber caught my attention in For A Good Time Call... Plus there's the fact that he's a Minnesota Twins fan AND dating one of my favorite up and coming actresses, Teresa Palmer, so that makes him instantly interesting in my book. He's good here. Harding is NOT a perfect character. Sarah refers to him as "intense" at one point in the film, and that's a huge understatement. His parents split up when he was a kid and his mother moved them from Texas to New York. He resents his mother for this, but has even more issues with his father, who promised to visit, but never did. Sarah isn't perfect either. She's got plenty of insecurities, but Catalina Sandino Moreno (of Maria Full Of Grace fame) plays her beautifully. Many of the scenes are scored with Sarah singing the songs she writes, and she sounds lovely.
What makes this film interesting to me is the perspective. I don't really care for William or Sarah as characters. But instead of being bored and writing this movie off, I was still intrigued and wanted to see how it ended. It's funny that you can still enjoy a movie, despite not caring for the leads. Rust and Bone had a similar feeling. Michelle Williams and Laura Linney have bit parts, but this is really Webber and Moreno's film) This film is based on a book, though I haven't read it.
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "Your whole life, people are gonna ask you to be weak. They're gonna practically beg you. But all anyone really wants is for you to be strong." - Sarah (Catalina Sandino Moreno)

Review: Mud

This movie made me realize something.
As the parent of a young boy, I'm horrified to think that one day my son is going to ask his friend "Did she have nice titties?" Oh God...
Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) go to an island in the Mississippi river to see s deserted boat in the trees, and instead encounter Mud. (Matthew McConaughey) He's a fugitive, but he tells the boys he did what he did for love. (How very Jaime Lannister of him) They soon start helping him by retrieving parts to get this boat working, and to reunite him with his one true love, Juniper. (Reese Witherspoon) But there is a mini Boardwalk Empire reunion are people hot on his trail, and the boys soon learn that not everything is as simple as it seems.
First off, the two boys in this film were great. Where the hell were the Iron Man 3 casting directors when they were looking for someone to fill their "token precious child" role? Either of these two would've done a much better job. McConaughey continues to impress me, and even Michael Shannon shows up for a short time, (apparently he's director Jeff Nichols' go to guy) though I wish he was in it more. The one that really threw me off was Paul Sparks. At first, I couldn't figure out where I had seen this guy from. Then when it dawned on me that he's Mickey Doyle in Boardwalk Empire, I was kind of floored. He was so different here.
The look and feel to Mud felt really authentic. Much like Nichols' previous film, Take Shelter did. He really understands the tough, small town life that he portrays in his films.  This film makes me look forward to what Jeff Nichols will bring us in the future, and I think both Sheridan and Lofland have bright futures ahead of them.

Rambling TV 5/26-6/2 (The "I'm in a glass case of emotion!" edition)

Alright, I need a cyber cuddle! Who's going to cyber cuddle with me? In order to accurately describe how I feel about this episode of Game of Thrones I'm going to use gifs of the wonderful Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Because how this article gloriously points out, no one cries like Aaron Paul.

*I wanted to cry when I saw The Twins on our opening credits map.

*Sam and Gilly finally reach the Wall, and still manage to not do a whole lot. (Though they will actually do something meaningful here soon.)

*Jon Snow finally escaped the Wildlings, and managed to kill a few on the way out. I actually really liked this scene, it's sad to know that Bran and Rickon were so close to Jon. ("So close" is apparently the theme of this episode.)

*Walder Frey was actually pretty funny, and I hate myself for laughing. Where the hell is Professor McGonagall? Filch needs to be put in his place!

*Osha was killing it this episode. Natalia Tena has done wonders with Osha. She's 100 times more interesting in the show.

*Then Bran and Rickon say their goodbyes.
*"Keep this one safe. He means the world to me" Osha says to the Reeds.
*We get a shot of Grey Wind (Robb's dire wolf) leading the Starks into the Twins. Which for me, was a really, REALLY sad scene. Everyone else will know why later.

*Then poor Jorah gets SUPER FRIEND ZONED by Dany in favor of Daario. That's a tragedy in itself. I hate Daario. Wtf, Danaerys!
*I loved Arya and The Hound's scenes. Lots of subtle foreshadowing on Arya's part.
Alright, let's talk about The Red Wedding. This scene was hard to read in the book, but damn, it was even harder to watch.
*One minor gripe aside. Roose Bolton was in on this whole thing, yet he totally lets Blackfish LEAVE the hall to go piss? Wouldn't you want to make sure that guy gets killed and not just assume one of your guards will get him on the way out?
*Honestly, the scene that got me the most was Grey Wind's death. I hate watching any type of dog die, and with Arya watching made it even worse. Arya being outside the Twins was handled a little differently in the book, but this was even more heartbreaking. She was so close to seeing her family again, and now she gets them taken from her again.

*Stabbing Talisa was actually kind of welcomed in a weird way. It added another heartbreaking element. (Her being with child, Robb watching her die, and subsequently giving up knowing his wife and child are gone.) It also kills a bullshit theory that I will not spoil here. I'll address it when they address it.
*The Red Wedding was always Catelyn's moment, but I think Richard Madden may have stole it away from her. The look on his face was devastating. Michelle Fairley was still top notch. We understand her grief. She lost her husband, she's lost most of her children (remember, the only one she knows for sure is alive besides Robb is Sansa.) Reading her point of view in the book was hard. Especially knowing her final thoughts were about her family.
*Let's talk about the score in this scene. I thought it was perfect, though I'm a little sad they didn't have the "boom....boom...boom" of the drums like the book noted, it still set the tone. Hearing The Rains of Castamere is haunting enough on it's own, and it's probably best that they toned down the music to focus more on the actors themselves. Rolling the credits with no music was smart too. It leaves us in shock from what what we just witnessed.
*Every book reader (Sullied) has been hyping this episode, so I hope every non book reader (Unsullied) got what they were expecting. This is truly the most shocking thing in the series for me. Even more so than Ned Stark, because I thought GRRM was going to leave the fucking Starks alone.
*I look forward to the reactions of the King's Lading characters in the next episode. I hope they show Tyrion and Sansa's, because I know Dinklage and Turner will kill it.
*I hope all of you are ready for the Boltons, they're the worst fucking family in this entire series. (Although the Freys and the majority of the Lannisters are not far behind) It seriously just goes downhill from here.
*Also prepare to get stabbed in the heart again, because I have a feeling they are going to open next week's episode with something really, really disturbing.
*I've spent most of tonight crying because of this episode, but this Q&A from Entertainment Weekly with show runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss kind of made me laugh. In one of the questions, EW casually compares what they did with this episode to an episode of The Walking Dead where they killed two main characters. Spoilers for The Walking Dead - This makes me laugh because in no way can you really compare Catelyn and Robb Stark to Lori and T-Dog. T-Dog was the very definition of the "token black guy"  and they didn't start giving him lines until he was about to be killed. Lori is also one of the most hated characters in that show. Most of the fans were begging for her death. I guess Catelyn is pretty hated by some Game of Thrones fans, but she does what she does for her family. For her children. Lori cheated on her husband with his best friend and got knocked up because she's kind of a dumb bitch. I know I'm taking that comparison too seriously, but it made me giggle a little. Robb Stark made some dumb decisions, but he did it for love, not lust. (As opposed to the book where he did it for a stupid tradition involving honor)
Trouble With The Curve
*I watched this on HBO and it was one of the worst films I've seen in a long time. Holy shit I feel bad for Amy Adams.
*I was too devastated from Game of Thrones to fully enjoy Veep. I only laughed once.
I'm kind of amazed that I finished this post with how drunk I am right now. Drunk and sad. I'm going to bed.