Weird Horror Wednesday: The Omen IV: Awakening

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*My family actually owned all three of the original Omen movies. So I had already seen them. When I came across this, I was like "Oh man, I wonder if my sister knows about this?" Well she did, and it was avoided for a reason.

*It's like someone who had just got done watching movies like The Exorcist, Bad Seed, and The Poltergeist and was like "little girls are so much scarier than little boys!" "Let's make an Omen movie about a girl!"

*The acting in this is atrocious, especially the girl. I know when children are in sensitive movies, the director sometimes will have them shoot things out of sequence so that they are not exposed to anything bad, or they give them a totally made up story line to follow instead. I felt like they didn't do any of that here. They just told the girl to "go stand over there." and shot.

*Asia Vieira, who plays little Delia was in Flash Forward, if you remember that show.

*I'm still not 100% sure what went on in the jumbled mess that was this movie's ending.

Have you seen The Omen IV: The Awakening? What did you think?

Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, S.H.I.E.L.D, and Big Bang

~Author's note: I think I'm going to change up my format a little. Instead of doing a full blown recap, I think I'll just do a quick over view of the scenes + my thoughts for my main show. I'll stick with the bullet points for the rest of the shows.~

The Walking Dead episode 4.3: Isolation

We start off with Tyreese showing Carol, Rick, and Daryl the burned bodies of Karen and David. Tyreese says that since Rick was a cop, he needs to figure out who did this and bring them to him. Tyreese HAS TOO MANY FEELINGS and goes all Hulk and punches Rick in the face, leading Rick to Hulk up in retaliation and kick Tyreese's ass a little until Daryl breaks them up.
More people are falling sick, the council decides to isolate the children, and Rick puts Carl in charge of keeping and eye on them because if anyone is good at staying put and doing as he's told, it's Carl.
Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and eventually Tyreese go out on a run to a veterinary college that Hershel thinks people may not have raided yet. While Daryl is messing with the radio he hears a voice, and like a genius takes his eyes off the road. They run into a big fucking heard of Zombies and need to bail on foot. When it looks like Tyreese will be overwhelmed, he has his "gym moment" (which he had in the comics) and kills a ton of Walkers and makes it out alive. This may be the only time in history having too many feels and going batshit work to your advantage.
Glenn catches the flu, so Maggie is obviously upset, she's even more upset when she finds out Hershel not only went out into the woods to gather herbs (With Carl, surprisingly not at his post) and that he plans on making tea for all of those infected and helping them since Dr. S is also sick. Hershel says they're always in danger and he needs to help them somehow. Then Dr. S coughs blood in Hershel's face later. You'd think the doctor would know better?
Carol, who's been in an extremely pissy mood during the entire episode sneaks out of the gates to fix their water pump. Rick notices her, and saves her just in time when some walkers start to go after her. Then Carol's behavior dawns on Rick, and he later asks if she killed David and Karen. Carol says yes, drops her imaginary microphone and simply walks away.
I'm a huge Carol fan, so I'm going to stick up for her. I don't think she murdered Karen or David. I think they were already dead before she burned them, at the least, they were very close to it. She obviously had good intentions. Then again, did Lizzie kill them, and Carol just catch her and drag the bodies out? That's an idea. Either way, I'm curious as to what Rick is going to do. From next episode's teaser, he goes out on a run with Carol, so he obviously still trusts her. It also looks like we're going to get a flashback of some sort when it comes to dragging those bodies. Writer Gale Anne Hurd was trying to give some insight on Talking Dead last night, but Marilyn Manson would not shut the fuck up long enough for anyone else to get a word in. I finally turned it off. He was worse than Hayley Williams guest-wise on that show.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.5: Girl in the Flower Dress
I couldn't find a picture I liked for AoS, so here's a Game of Thrones/Mean Girl mash up for you instead.
*Wow, AOS. It's almost like you're trying to make me hate you. This episode had some of the most God awful dialogue I have EVER heard. So clich├ęd and generic. What a disappointment, especially since the plot made quite a few significant points.
*We found out why Skye is so interested in SHIELD, it has to do with her looking for her parents. Skye is a better character when she is serious. When she's trying to make jokes she often comes off as forced. I still don't care for her over all.
*Apparently Ward doesn't care for her either, because you'd think he'd be disappointed that she was a double agent. All his facial expressions are the same, so you can't really tell what he's feeling. He just looks bland.
*They are introducing mutants little by little. There is a character in the Marvelverse called Raina, though she looks nothing like the girl in the comics. I wonder if the girl in the flower dress will have any similarities with her.
Boardwalk Empire episode 4.8: The Old Ship of Zion
*It's about time someone from the outside mentioned Willie's arrest.
*My God, I love Mickey, even if Nucky doesn't. Poor blue balled Mickey.
*Nothing like a good long shot of someone's brains coming out of the back of their head. Yeesh.
*Where the hell are Richard and Van Alden? This every third episode shit is getting on my nerves.
*Eli has so many damn kids that they could be subbing actors in each different episode and I don't think I'd notice.

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.6 The Romance Renounce

*Howard singing to Bernadette was the cutest thing ever. It's scenes like that where I don't understand why so many people hate this show.
*I also loved Leonard's reaction to Penny keeping things he's given her. Galecki really is underrated as Leonard sometimes. Just the way he delivers his lines are brilliant at times, but he's constantly over shadowed by Parsons because Sheldon is a more complicated character.
*Speaking of Sheldon, how cheap was that dream sequence between him and Amy?

DVD Review: The Place Beyond The Pines

Bad Decisions

David made a good point when I saw I was about to watch The Place Beyond The Pines. He said it's 2/3 of a great movie. That is absolutely correct.

This movie really is split in thirds. The first follows Luke, (Ryan Gosling) a motorcycle stuntman who has turned into a bank robber to try and support the son he just found out he has. The second follows Avery (Bradley Cooper) an honest cop trying to work his way up in an otherwise dishonest police force. The last act follows both Luke and Avery's sons fifteen years later.

I've got to hand it to cinematographer Sean Bobbitt, he really made Schenectady, New York look like a beautiful and mysterious place. The film's title perfectly fits its picture. Back to the thirds, the first two were very interesting. I wish Luke's story with Avery would've crossed over for a little longer. I think this film would've been better if they had completely eliminated the final third following their sons. Who by the way, both look 25 when they're supposed to be in high school. The film spoils us by having two interesting leads to start with, but when the film falls to the shoulders of these kids, that's where it stumbles. It's not entirely the actors' faults, but I do believe they should've cast someone younger. (Or someone that actually looks like a teenager) We know Luke and Avery aren't going to win any father of the year awards, but it's almost laughable how cartoonish Avery's son turned out.

Recommended: Yes, just be aware that is stumbles in the third act.

Grade: C+

Memorable Quote: "I want to give him his first ice cream." - Luke (Ryan Gosling)

Indie Gems: Wish You Were Here

Everyone has a secret.
Alice and Dave Flannery (Felicity Price and Joe Edgerton) go on a last minute holiday to Cambodia with Alice's sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) and her new boyfriend Jeremy (Antony Starr) who's there on business. Jeremy doesn't return. As these three people try to figure out what happened to their missing friend, they uncover plenty of other troubling secrets along the way.
I love Teresa Palmer, she's been one of my favorites ever since I saw her in 2:37. I've been waiting for this film to become available on Netflix for months, and I was not disappointed. Even if Palmer isn't in it as much as I had hoped.
I love Australian movies, there's just something sexy about that accent. I could listen to it for days. Wish You Were Here does not disappoint in the least. There's plenty of questions throughout, but none go un answered and the outcome is surprising and somewhat unexpected. Check this out immediately if you get the chance.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "Have you thought about my situation?" - Steph (Teresa Palmer)

Weird Horror Wednesday: Puppet Master

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*To put it lightly, this movie scared the shit out of me the first time I saw it. I still remember lying to my friend "no, it didn't scare me" after we watched it, then riding my bike home like a bat out of hell.

*I also remember we watched this and Candyman on the same day, but that's legitimately one of my favorite horror movies, so it doesn't get a spot on my bad horror Wednesdays.

*They actually made quite a few more of these, some stream instant on Netflix. I haven't watched the sequels, but the original is almost kind of amusing to me now. Creepy, but amusing.

*Another fun fact? There's actually another movie called The Puppetmaster that was released in 1993, whereas this one was released in 1989. The other is a dub, they seem somewhat similar, but I've never seen the later one.

*Seriously though, puppets are fucking creepy.

Have you see Puppet Master? What did you think?

Review: Captain Phillips

Everything's going to be alright.
Rich Phillips (Tom Hanks) is the captain of a cargo ship sailing not too far off the cost of Somalia. It becomes hijacked by Somali pirates, led by Muse. (Barkhard Abdi) For awhile, the crew out smarts them, but just as they're letting them leave in a life boat, Muse takes Captain Phillips as a hostage, leading to a stand off for days between the pirates and the U.S Navy as they try to head back to the Somali coast.

I don't remember much from this story, so I was legitimately worried for Phillips until the credits started rolling. Director Paul Greengrass knows how to build tension, and the 2nd half of this movie is so intense that I was constantly squirming in my seat.

Tom Hanks, wow. That's all I can say. His performance, particularly the in the film's final moments is outstanding. Abdi, Barkhard Abdiraham, Faysal Ahmed, and Mahat M. Ali were all very convincing as the pirates. Though I think the film's attempt at humanizing what they did at the beginning felt a little forced. Still, I'm glad they included that scene. The first half of the film dragged a little, and the dialogue from the other crew members of the ship was borderline laughable at times, but the 2nd and 3rd act save it. I had zero expectations going in, but after so many recommendations on Twitter, I'm glad I went to see this.

On the side: There's a scene in the lifeboat where they hear a load honking noise, and they open the door to see the U.S Navy ship, right after the honking some guy behind me went "Who's there? America, mother fuckers!" I laughed. That was the only time in the entire film that I did.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "You're not just a fisherman." - Captain Phillips (Tom Hanks)

Rambling TV: The Walking Dead recap + other TV thoughts

The Walking Dead episode 4.2: Infected
aww baby Judith!
We open with the sneak peak scene we got last week; someone feeding the walkers through the fences. It's dark, so we don't see who it is. All you can reall see is a white person's hand. My moneys on the older girl (who's name is escaping me at the moment.) The one that named the Walker Nick. She's kind of got sociopath written all over her face.
We got a really sweet scene with Karen and Tyreese. Still rattled from what happened at the grocery store, he sings to her a little. After Karen leaves, she searches through the bathroom after hearing a strange noise, but her flash light dies before she can go further. Lucky for her, because poor Patrick is re-animated and decided to feast upon some poor guy's intestines in the cell block.
Everyone else is starting to wake up. Glenn takes a cute picture of Maggie with a polaroid camera before their watch. Rick gets a little time with Judith, before he and Carl go out to farm. They meet Michonne on the way, she's going out on another Governor hunt. Carl asks when he's going to get his gun back, while Rick struggles to answer, we hear a loud noise. Rick runs towards the prison while Carl tries to let Michonne back in the gates. She's attacked by two walkers and falls back, injuring her ankle. Carl picks up a gun and shoots one of them, Maggie takes care of the others.
By the time Rick and the others get into the cell block, all hell has broken lose. There's walkers feeding on people everywhere. That guy Patrick was eating gets up and lets his insides fall to the floor. That was fucking disgusting. Daryl also saved a small child so all of his fan girls can have a collective ovary explosion.
Carol's ready to chop some guy's arm off when she realizes he's been scratched in the neck. He's the father of the two young blonde girls. We'll call them Sophia 2 and Soci until I can stop being lazy and look up their names. He asks Carol to look after them like their her own. I'm thinking "WHY DID YOU TAKE SOPHIA FROM US!?" Actually, I'm more concerned with Carol being jeopardized. She brings the girls in to say goodbye. Soci says she should be the one to make sure her father doesn't come back, but she breaks down at the last minute while Carol does the deed. I thought those two girls were wonderful here, they looked so distraught.
Rick reluctantly has to kill many of the people that have turned. He and Daryl find Patrick and figure out he wasn't bitten. Dr. S (One of the red shirts that's now getting a name) tells them this seems like a virus, and they are all exposed. We also get a little lesson in why the walkers were bleeding from their eyes. I'm uncomfortable.
Carl is shaken up about having to shoot a walker to save Michonne. I actually think deep down, he's more afraid of what Rick will think. Rick explains they  need to stay separated. The council meets and decides they need to isolate those that were in that cell block. Karen is coughing, so she's at risk. Tyreese doesn't look happy about her having to be split up from them.
Daryl and Carol have a cute little moment. Awww. Rick and Daryl also have a heart to heart while burying the dead. Daryl says Rick deserves his break, but he was glad to have him back helping. Beth wraps Michonne's ankle, and she says that Maggie and Carl shouldn't have risked their lives to help her. Beth says they care about her, and worry comes with caring. Judith is all adorable playing with cups in the cell, then she starts growling and freaking out. That's exactly how babies are. Seriously. Sometimes mine laughs and cries at the same time. Carol is outside talking with Sophia 2 and Soci starts freaking out because Walker Nick is dead. "She's not weak, she just messed up." Sophia 2 tells Carol. Clearly. Graphic Novel spoiler ahead that doesn't really have anything to do with the show at this time - I almost wonder if Soci is going to take the place of Ben in the comics. Ben was kid that kind of turned into a psychopath himself. He slaughters his twin brother Billy because he knows he's going to come back. Carl ends up shooting him to protect everyone else. Will Soci take the place of Ben? Will she go nuts, kill Sophia 2, then Carl will have to go to that dark place and kill her? Just a thought. End spoiler.
There's a group of walkers at the fences and they're starting to push it down. Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and Sasha start stabbing bitches walkers. Sasha notices that someone has been feeding them. (Ah, those girls' names are Lizzie and Mika. I'm still not going to edit this post.) The fence is starting to break, we get to see a walker's face get squished through the chain link.
Carl and Carol argue about whether or not he should tell Rick about what he saw in the library last week. Carol doesn't know if those kids' parents will understand that she's teaching them about survival. Carl doesn't want to lie to his dad. Carol says he doesn't have to, he just shouldn't say anything.
Beth is singing to Judith while Michonne exercises. Judith spits up on Beth, and when she hands her to Michonne, she's reluctant at first. She eventually takes her, holds her close, and cries. We wonder if Michonne lost a child.
Rick and Daryl figure out a way to lure the walkers away from the gate - by cutting up their pigs. and using them as bait. Earlier in the episode, Hershel mentioned that pigs spread disease) God, that scene was hard to watch.
Carol talks with the girls, Soci takes her knife. Carl bitches out and tells Rick about Carol. (Although at least the little jerk mentioned he should LET her do this) Rick is visibly upset, but eventually says he won't stop her. He gives Carl back his gun, and puts his own back on. Then he takes his shirt off. (YES!)
Tyreese brings Karen flowers (seriously, how fucking adorable is he?), but finds a trail of blood instead. It leads him to two burnt bodies, one of them is Karens. dun dun dunnnnn.
Boardwalk Empire episode 4.7: William Wilson

*Seriously, look at Rothstein's face. I about died during that scene.

*J. Edgar is such a world class douche. I felt a little bad for Colliver there.

*More Stephen Root, please.

*I actually loved the scene with drunk Eli lecturing Nucky about family. He brought up Mabel killing herself after their son died. I wonder if Nucky is really regretting killing Jimmy right about now. He's going to have no legacy. This is after all, Eli's family. Not his.

*Speaking of the Darmodys, how the hell did Gillian out live everyone? And where is this storyline with Piggly Wiggly going?

*Al Capone shooting that guy in the face in the opening scene was insane.

*No Richard or Van Alden. This displeases me. They're not in the promo next week either.

*I wondered aloud how Dr. Narciss wasn't as important as I thought he would be. After watching last night's episode, I'm pretty sure he (or someone under his orders) is going to kill Chalky.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode 1.4: Eye Spy

*This has easily been the best episode of AOS so far. Sure, it stumbled with the usual downers, Skye is still an uninteresting spaz and Ward is still a black hole of charisma, but they established a legitimate story that could continue through the rest of the season.

*They should keep Akela (Pascale Armand) around. She is what I expected more SHIELD agents to be like. Itseemed like she fell in the line of Romanov, Hawk Eye, and even agent Hill.

*Speaking of which, they should stop making Fitz and Simmons purely comedic relief. They're supposed to be geniuses, but why do they have to be awkward about it? They would both benefit by a bit of character growth, and I'm really hoping we get that this season.

*They did bring up an interesting point. There are no known telepaths in this Marvel world. Legally, we know they can't exactly talk about The X-Men because Fox owns the rights to them, where as Disney owns the rights to nearly everything else, but this could be a really interesting development. All signs point to Avengers: Age of Ultron bringing in some mutants. Is AOS going to be the place we are first introduced to them? Is Elizabeth Olsen going to cameo as Scarlet Witch here before she hits the big screen? (I know that's an unconfirmed rumor, but you catch my drift) I always assumed the characters in this show might cameo in the Avengers movie, but the show could be an interesting platform to introduce some characters we will see in Ultron.

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.5: The Work Place Proximity
gif via tbbt-faves
*Does anyone else wish Amy would just dump Sheldon? I do. Especially after this episode. Sheldon was a complete jerk to Amy. I think she should dump him, go have crazy wild sex with someone, then Sheldon can try to win her back. I just don't see why Amy puts up with that shit?
*That final scene with the guys popping balloons with lasers instead of talking about their issues totally reminds me of something my husband and his friends would do.

Review: CBGB

All hail the godfather of punk.
CBGB follows a man named Hilly Kristal, (Alan Rickman) a divorcee who's just filed for bankruptcy for the 2nd time. He's hell bent on opening a club. He tries for the 3rd time, purchasing a beat up bar in a shady neighborhood. He names it CBGB (country, blue grass, blues) but that's not the kind of music he featuring. CBGB became the underground place to be for punk music. He gave plenty of bands a chance, and asked that they play original music. Plenty of them went on to be big names. The Ramones, Blondie, Television, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop. Despite the success, Hilly still isn't great about paying his bills, that falls on his daughter Lisa (Ashley Greene, who's face now screams "I've done too much coke!") to keep track of the bills. He also nearly blows everything by trying to manage The Dead Boys. (Justin Bartha, Rupert Grint, and Bronson Adams)
Despite not knowing a whole lot about the actual CBGB, I really enjoyed this film. I think Alan Rickman gave one of the best performances I've seen all year. The film's soundtrack was wonderful. (a lot of these bands lent them their music for free) I also really enjoyed the cast. Bartha and Grint were insane, and Malin Ackerman, Freddy Rodriguez, Johnny Galecki, Kyle Gellner, and Ahna O'Reilly all show up for bit parts as well.
While I enjoyed the film, I can see why the editing would throw people off. Scenes cut away into pages of a comic book, (a side story is the birth of Punk magazine) complete with word bubbles and some animation. I thought it worked well with the tone of the film, but I could tell some other people in the theater were visibly annoyed with it.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "There's something there..." - Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman)

Indie Gems: Into The White

Can't we all just get along?
I must have a soft spot for WWII movies. They've been done time and time again, yet I always find myself checking out a new one.
Into The White is based on a true story. Three German soldiers, Lt. Horst Schopis, (Florian Lukas) Ut. Josef Schwartz,(David Kross) and Feldwebel Wolfgang Strunk (Stig Henrik Hoff) are shot down over Norway. With Schwartz wounded and no civilization in sight, they take refuge at an abandoned cabin. Soon, they run into two British pilots who were also shot down, Captain Charles Davenport (Lachlan Nieboer) and Gunner Robert Smith. (Rupert Grint) Though they start off on the wrong foot, these men need to put their differences aside to survive.
The German soldiers came off far more sympathetic than their British counterparts, which is a different approach than what we usually see. I also love the fact that this movie avoided any bad CGI with the planes being shot down, and only showed a shadow in the snow. With the exception of Nieboer, all of the actors are standouts, and their characters are interesting. Though I didn't care much for Nieboer's performance at all, it's not bad enough to ruin the film.
I sought out this film for Rupert Grint's performance, and he did not disappoint. I really hope he has more visible roles post Potter.
Grade: B-
Memorable Quote: "....Did you just speak?" - Robert Smith (Rupert Grint)

Weird Horror Wednesday: Troll

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*Most people talk about Troll 2 as being one of the worst movies they've ever seen. I've actually never seen Troll 2. (Though I did see the documentary Best Worst Movie) I always remember the original.

*Whenever I see a Hardees, I just keep thinking of this little girl running around screaming "WORKS BURGER!!!"

*The lead character's name is Harry Potter, how fucking perfect is that?

*Wendy Anne apparently only owned overalls.

*Julia Louise Dreyfus is in this, and she is only wearing a plant. That's pretty funny.

*I actually taped this movie when it came on TV once, and labeled it A Troll In Central Park after that stupid cartoon so my parents wouldn't know I taped it. That was all for nothing because when they did find out, they didn't even give a shit.

Have you seen Troll? What did you think?

DVD Review: The Impossible

There is good in people.
The Impossible is based on a true story of a family of tourists effected by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. Maria and Henry Bennett (Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor) are vacationing in Thailand with their three sons, Lucas, Thomas, and Simon (Tom Holland, Samuel Joslin and Oaklee Pendergast) They're poolside at their resort when the tsunami hits with no warning. Henry grabs hold of Thomas and Simon, but Lucas and Maria are too far away. They find each other washing away in the waves. Maria is gravely injured, with the help of strangers, she and Lucas eventually make their way to a local hospital. We know by the trailer that this family is eventually reunited, but this film is to show us their ordeal, and the good in the people that helped them.
Performance wise, Naomi Watts blew me away. I was rooting for Jennifer Lawrence all during Oscar season because I loved Silver Linings Playbook so much, but after finally catching The Impossible, I daresay that Naomi's performance was stronger, more devastating, and easily more vulnerable. Perhaps she should've been the one with that golden statue? Ewan McGregor was fantastic as well, especially during a scene where he's speaking with a family member on the phone. The children were wonderful as well, particularly Holland, who we spend the most time with.
I think this movie gets an unfair amount of hate. Some hate that the actors weren't Spanish, like the real family. Some hate that they were "flown away on a private jet" at the end of the movie, despite it obviously being a medical plane to another hospital and your basic travel insurance would get you that. Some hate that this one family was singled out when so many other families did not have such a lucky outcome. Well you know what? None of that is the point. The point is that even in the event of a disaster like this, there's still hope. People, even complete strangers will come together and help each other because that is what humans should be doing. Telling this one story doesn't take away from the horrors thousands of have suffered, but this one story gives us hope. It's like some people are offended by a happy ending.
If I had to be critical of one thing about this movie, it would be that the score is completely melodramatic at times. That's my one complaint.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "I saw Daniel again..he was so happy." - Lucas (Tom Holland)

Rambling TV: The Walking Dead recap + other TV thoughts.

The Walking Dead
gif via erasemydreams
We're back at the prison, and things look a little different. They've rebuilt the fences, they have a little farm, animals, and plenty more red shirts people. It seems everyone has their part. Rick's been farming and trying to be a better parent. There's a council that makes decisions consisting of Sasha, Daryl, Herchsel, Carol, Glenn and Maggie. Carol and Daryl look like they grew a little closer (which I fucking love, by the way) Carl and Michonne are comic book pals when she's not off searching for The Governor. Things seems to be going status quo.
We learn Rick hasn't been carrying a gun, yet the others want him too. Especially when he goes beyond the fences to check the snares they have set up. When Rick was out there, I was half expecting him to see Ghost Lori again. (He didn't, Thank God) but he did meet another shady looking loner. Despite the collection of people they've acquired, he's obviously still skeptical about letting just anyone in. He says he has three questions she and her spouse need to answer.
Daryl and Sasha lead a run out go an old grocery store. They take a few newbies along with them. One of them ponders taking a bottle of booze, he decides against it, but when he sets it back down on the shelf, the whole thing tips over, making a loud enough noise for the walkers on the roof to hear. Too bad that roof is starting to rot through, so it's literally raining walkers on top of everybody. That's gruesome. (awesome) Poor Kyle Gallner didn't make it.
Shady bitch turned out to be just that. When she and Rick arrive at her camp, she tries to stab him. Turns out this husband she was talking about has already passed. Distraught, she stabs herself instead. Rick asks her the three questions while she dies. 1) How many walkers have you killed? 2) How many people have you killed? 3) Why?
Carol is reading the children stories, when the other adult leaves the room, she turns it into knife lessons in stead. Carl catches her, and she asks him not to tell Rick. I fucking love Carol, she keeps it real.
When Rick gets back, he notices a pig that he and Carl were talking about early on has died. I had flash back of Contagion watching that.
Karen and Tyrese are an item, and Tyrese is still a giant teddy bear who hates killing walkers. Glenn and Maggie had a pregnancy scare. Maggie says she doesn't want to be afraid of living, Glenn doesn't see how she could even consider wanting to have a child.
Daryl goes to tell Beth that he boyfriend (played by Kyle Gallner) is dead. She gives zero fucks anymore. She has a little work place sign in her room that says "30 days since an accident." she changes it to zero.
The final scene is another one of the survivors wondering around through the showers. He looks ill and collapses. Apparently illness is going to be a major thing this season, so here's the beginning of it.
Overall, a good start to the season in my opinion. The "raining walkers" bit looked awesome, and it looks like we're going to see a lot of character development this season. I look forward to it.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
*I think I am officially the only person that didn't like this episode. All other reviews seem to be pretty positive. Look, I appreciate them bringing the tesseract into play, and acknowledging that SHIELD, even though it has great intentions, can be a pretty damn shady organization, but this show really needs to kick the corny factor. The Avengers, and all of the other Marvel movies have always been funny, but they've never been as corny as this.
*Brett Dalton continues to be the black hole of charisma.. I can't even sympathize with his charactor's tough past, he's just so boring.
*Skye needs to die at the end of this season. If her pathetic punches on that punching bag weren't enough, I'm sick of the moral dilemmas her character is having. It's so predictable. Let her save the rest of her team and go out in a blaze of glory for all I care, just get her off this show. I can't even get on board with the theory that she could secretly be this marvel character, as much as I would love for them to include more characters from the comics.
*I find Fitz and Simmons to be among the most interesting characters, yet they're strictly used for comic relief. That should change.
*I really just wish this series was a little bit darker. I know that's apparently asking a lot, but I want this show to succeed. I look forward to viewing this show every week, then when I actually do, I feel like I'm forcing myself to watch.
Boardwalk Empire
*This week's episode was easily one of my favorites.
*Margaret finally made an appearance. I know most people hate her, I don't. I hated her story line last season, but I always thought she was an interesting character. It was nice to see her have an awkward conversation with Nucky. Especially because we got this gem:
Margaret: This isn't some creature is it? (after excepting a box for Teddy's birthday, which is that dead lizard that Nucky picked up in Florida)
Nucky: I wouldn't put anything alive in a box...

And the winner for Poorest Choice of Words Ever is Nucky Thompson.

*Mickey Doyle is such a dick, but I love him for it. He and Eli had some great scenes this episode.

*Richard is FINALLY back. They should never go more than one episode without him. I really hope he gets to stay with Julia and Tommy and have the family he's always dreamed of having. I also hope he comes face to face with Gillian again at some point because that would be awesome. I loved that last scene of him and Tommy walking on the dock, and the camera cut up to the stars. It's like maybe Jimmy and Angela were looking down on them.

*Chalky White has a gigantic stick up his ass. We're talking a Burj Khalifa sized stick.

*I could not believe Nucky actually punched Sally back in the face. I about died. Then they had crazy awkward Steve Bucemi sex. Kind of like Chalky White would do later on.

*Aww Eli really does care about his children above anything else. That's sweet. Meanwhile Mickey Doyle will be killing rats with Eddie's cane.

 The Daily Show
Did anyone catch this interview Jon Stewart did with Malala Yousafzai? I can't believe how emotional it made me. You could tell it made Stewart feel that way as well. This girl is going to do a lot of good. Check out her interview if you missed it.


Indie Gems: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Robert Downey Jr: The Movie
I kid, I kid. Actually, I quite like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. (Obviously, because it's one of my Indie Gems.) It occurred to me while I was re-watching this yesterday that if someone who's only familiar with the last few years of RDJ's work, they'd be like "oh, he's just playing himself again." But this movie was at the beginning of his mini come back, so to speak. And it's one of his best.
Harry Lockert (Robert Downey Jr.) is a small time thief who stumbles into a movie audition while running from the cops. The scene he's reading is awfully similar to the one he's currently fleeing from, so he nails it. Now he's being prepped for said film by a private eye, Perry (Val Kilmer) all while running into his childhood crush, Harmony. (Michelle Monaghan) Then a bunch of other crazy shit happens.
My husband always gives me grief about this film, because he practically dragged me to the theater to see it. I don't know why I was so against it, but I was happy to be proved wrong and entertained throughout. There's not many films I actually enjoy Val Kilmer in, but this is one of them, and RDJ is at his best. Harry makes for an interesting narrator, and I liked how the movie itself was treated like an actual movie from his point of view. (That might not make sense now, but if you've seen it, you know what I mean.)
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "I'm retired. I invented dice as a kid." - Harry Lockhart (Robert Downey Jr.)

Weird Horror Wednesday: Daddy's Deadly Darling

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*This movie wasn't called 'Daddy's Deadly Darling' when I watched it. It was called 'Pigs." I'm still unsure which title is more widely used nowadays.

*For a long time, I swear no one believed me when I told them this movie existing. (Probably because of the title change) I always referred to it as 'Pigs' and I was pretty thrown off by the thought of little Wilburs and Porkys eating people.

*When I eventually came across this movie again when I was older, I realized there was a ton of sexual references that went way over my head. The entire plot is basically about a woman escaped her sexually abusive father. I don't know how I missed all of that.

*I don't know if I would call Pigs "campy," I'd surely call it "gross." It's definitely not something I'd ever watch again out of curiosity, but the two times I did watch it stay with me well enough.

Have you seen Pigs? What did you think?

Review: Gravity

You're not afraid of heights? You are now...
I kept telling myself the entire time I was watching Gravity, "thank God I'm not an astronaut." Free floating in space and hanging off the side of a satellite looks fucking terrifying.
Astronaut Matt (George Clooney) and medical engineer Ryan (Sandra Bullock) are in space on a mission. They're fixing part of a telescope on Hubble when they get word that debris from nearby satellite, shot down by the Russians will be coming their way. When it does, they're hit. Ryan is knocked away from the others and finds herself spinning further and further away.
I daresay that Gravity might be the most visually stunning movie I've ever seen. I complain about 3D quite often, I don't need shit jumping out at me, but as much as I hate to admit it, it DID contribute to how marvelous everything looked during this film. I can hardly describe the way it was filmed, It almost felt a little too real. I suddenly got nervous about heights, or gasped when things would crash on screen. It really is a surreal experience. Even the reflections of certain things off of the character's helmets were breathtaking.
Honestly, Gravity is damn near perfect for what it's trying to accomplish. My biggest gripe was that it was Sandra Bullock we had to watch most of the time, and not George Clooney. I had hoped it would've been the other way around. That's seriously the only downfall. I don't care much for her as an actress, and she's definitely not bad in this film, I would've rather had hers and Clooney's roles switched around. But that's a personal opinion, and I won't stop me from experiencing this film again. (Because that was what this film really was. Not a viewing, but an experience.)
Recommended: Yes
Grade: A-
Memorable Quote: "I hate space." - Ryan (Sandra Bullock)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, SHIELD, and Big Bang Theory.

I'll be back to writing full recaps when The Walking Dead premieres on October 13th. Until then, here's some thoughts on the shows I watched this week.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

gif via kdelario
*They brought in Fury! I figured they would have to sneak some cameos in early. Although it did seem kind of petty that he's bitching about how much fixing that plane is going to cost. Well, I suppose them fixing their entire headquarters after Loki blew it up would put them in a tight spot budget wise.
 her storyline already looks predictable. Is she a double agent? Who will she choose? Can SHIELD trust her? She saves their lives. Of course they can trust her! She's one of them now! (I really hope I'm wrong about all of that)
*Fitz is still my favorite of all the agents. Did anyone see The Fades? Ian De Caestecker is a hell of an actor. I hope he gets more material to work with besides standard comic relief.
*I've watched way too many episodes of Seconds from Disaster to know that if your plane is in a dive, you would point the nose down to correct it, not pull up like they did.
*I should stop being so hard on this show, the plot really was interesting. I just want it to stop being so damn campy.
The Big Bang Theory

*Another solid episode from them. Only the theme of the episode was how dumb Penny is compared to everyone else. That's a shame.
*But Seriously, none of them noticed they had a huge coin in their pockets?
Boardwalk Empire
Yes, I know Jimmy is dead. But I thought of him during this episode
*I really liked the conversation between Nucky and Willy. Nucky doesn't talk about Mabel very often. I also imagine he had a very similar conversation with Jimmy at one point or another. Actually, I felt like that entire conversation subtly showed how in denial Nucky is over killing Jimmy.
*Overkill. You know what I'm talking about.
*Van Alden is the last dude on this show who needs to be on coke right now.
*WHERE THE FUCK IS RICHARD!? (at least he's in next week's preview)
*I can't believe they framed Willy's little poindexter room mate.
*that ending!

It's been one week ABB (After Breaking Bad) I still can't quite cope.

Review: Don Jon

Nothing beats a good ol' porno.
Don't watch this movie if sex makes you uncomfortable. I'm assuming that's how this little old couple felt that rushed out of the theater I was in about 5 minutes into this movie.
Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is your stereotypical New Jersey meat head who has it all. He's good with the ladies, he loves his family and friends, he regularly attends church, and he's also addicted to pornography. He says it many times, real sex is great, but nothing beats porn. When he meets the perfect woman, Barbara, (Scarlett Johansson) he doesn't tell her about porn. And in some ways, Barbara is also living in a little fantasy world. One that's just like the romantic comedies we see, where the man drops everything to be with the girl of his dreams.
Don Jon definitely stretched it's R rating to the limits. Repetition is a big thing in this movie, there's plenty of shots intertwined with scenes from porn and multiple scenes of Jon's routines. (and his hilarious confessions at church) But Don Jon is more than just T&A. It brings up good points about a lot of double standards there are out there. JGL, in his directorial debut pokes fun a lot of these standards. Not to mention he and Scarlett Johansson nail those thick Jersey accents. Tony Danza, Julianne Moore, Brie Larson, and Glenne Headly also offer great performances for their supporting characters. Brie only has one line, but it's one of the most important in the entire film.
I can see where a lot of those clips in Don Jon could make people uncomfortable, but I urge everyone to look past it. This is definitely a gem of a film, and I look forward to Joseph Gordon-Levitt directing again. Plus, how nice was it to finally see 'Hit Record Productions' on the big screen? I've followed that website for a long time, and it's growth is impressive.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "I want to lose myself." - Jon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Indie Gems: Wreckers

Dysfunctional family dramas
Awhile ago I was complaining that Netflix Instant made a suggestions list for me and titled it "Dysfunctional Family Dramas." I was all "psshh my taste isn't THAT depressing." Well, after Wreckers I can totally see why the compiled that list for me, this was pretty damn dysfunctional.
Dawn (Claire Foy) and David (Benedict Cumberbatch) are newly-weds that move back into David's child hood town. They are fixing up a farm house, and are trying to start a family. One day, David's brother Nick (Shaun Evans) shows up, and Dawn questions why she's never met him before. He and David seem awfully close.
Ambiguous is another word that comes to mind when thinking of this movie, there's quite a bit of things that are left for you to decide. In fact, it's ambiguous to the point of almost being lazy, but I still found this little gem very interesting. Especially for Cumberbatch, like 95% of the internet, I'm oddly fascinated by this man*, frighteningly subtle. He's loving and caring, but you know he's capable of completely losing his shit. The look on his face in the final scene of this movie is perfection, and once you've seen it, you will know what I'm talking about.
I didn't read any reviews of Wreckers prior, but I saw a lot of complaints on Netflix of the movie being slow, I didn't think that was an issue. 
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "'s me." - David (Benedict Cumberbatch)
*I'm continually surprised with how much I like Cumberbatch when I consider that HE WAS SO FUCKING CREEPY IN ATONEMENT!

DVD Review: The Company You Keep

"Look how many people I got in this movie!"
Nick Sloan (Robert Redford) was a former activist that has been living undercover as a lawyer with his 11 year old daughter, Isabelle. (Jackie Evancho, who despite singing like an angel has zero acting talent.) He was involved in a robbery that resulted in a death of a security guard years back, and one of his cohorts, Sharon (Susan Sarandon) has just been arrested. A local newspaper reporter, Ben (Shia LaBeouf) acting off of a tip by a former girlfriend that works for the FBI (Anna Kendrick) exposes Nick, and now he's on the run. He needs to find ANOTHER former activist, Mimi (Julie Christie) to clear his name so he can get his daughter back.
There's a lot of great actors in this movie. Stanley Tucci, Stephen Root, Chris Cooper, Brit Marling, Brenden Gleeson, Richard Jenkins, the list goes on and on. I feel like a lot of that talent was wasted. This was an ambitious movie, and it was never boring, but I felt like they played it way too safe. The ending was predictable, and not want I wanted to see. I guess I just wanted something different.
I know I'll get heat for his, but Robert Redford really is not that great of an actor. He's a better director, his performance felt awkward, especially his scenes with Nick Nolte and Julie Christie. His scenes with his daughter were just painful when they should've been sweet. This really is Shia's movie, he's an actor I enjoy, despite 80% of the planet having the opposing feeling. I just hated the decision his character made in the end. It was typical, even though it was technically the "right thing to do" I wanted him to do the wrong thing just to be different.
Recommended: No
Grade: C
Memorable Quote: "Don't ever ask me for anything ever again." - Diana (Anna Kendrick)

Weird Horror Wednesday: Orca

Rupert Pupkin has been posting many other film fan's favorite underrated horror movies. Some of the titles brought me back to a time when I was around 13-14 and my friends and I would rent crappy horror VHS tapes from the video store. There are 5 Wednesdays this October, and every Wednesday I'm going to post musings on a different horror movie. These are by no means great movies, in fact, all of them are pretty terrible, but they stick with me for one reason or another.

*The documentary Blackfish actually used a short scene from Orca in part of their film. It's probably two seconds in length, but it's the only part of that movie where I actually laughed.

*Orca was like Luciano Vincenzoni's answer to Jaws. Some boaters kill an orca's pregnant mate, and that orca understandably loses his shit and starts terrorizing said boaters.

*When you think about just how intelligent orcas really are,  I can kind of almost see this happening. Not in the over the top murderous way this movie played it out, but when young orcas are captured in the wild, it was common for the rest of the orca's pod to swim after them, even once they were on the ground, they followed in the sea as the trucks carrying them drove down the road.

*I don't want to make this an anti orca captivity rant, I already did that in my Blackfish review, (although admit it. You could totally see Tilikum going on a rampage like this, right?) so let's get back to this crazy ass movie.

*The first time I saw it was actually on TV, and it was right on the part where the baby orca fetus falls out of its slain mother. (ew) I was kind of flabbergasted, because seriously, who thinks of this shit?

*Orca vs Jaws actually became an ongoing debate between my friends and I. We watched our tapes of these movies back to back many times and mused on who would win in a fight. (I always said Jaws, but in reality, an Orca would probably win.)

Have you seen Orca? What are your thoughts?