Indie Gems: Everyone Else

Alle Anderen

Chris (Lars Eidinger) and Gitti (Birgit Minichmayr) are two Germans visiting Sardinia at Chris' parents vacation home. They're a bit of an oddly matched couple and when they encounter other seemingly happy couples on this trip, they're forced to contemplate whether or not they really are a good match for each other.

This is a very quiet film. Most of the scenes are just with Chris and Gitti trying to find balance between them. Gitti is a free spirit, she's quirky and very humorous. Chris is straight laced and very dedicated to his work as an architect. You kind of wonder how they got together in the first place. I liked how the movie made us see both characters in a positive and negative light before we inevitably started picking sides. Gitti comes on too strong at first, but I ended the film feeling incredibly bad for her as Chris was very condescending. And while he seemed very sweet at the beginning, that eventually changed as it seems he might have developed an allergy to laughter.

The film has some amazing shots and uses music in a very interesting way. Without spoiling anything, it makes sense when you watch it. I enjoy these type of films where they take the time to really examine characters like this. It makes you wonder where they ended up even after the credits roll.

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Say it....I hate you." - Gitti (Birgit Minichmayr)

Thursday Movie Picks: School Competitions

This week's theme from Wandering Through the Shelves is school competition. You know, those things we take way too seriously as teens. The only restriction is that it can't be a sporting event.  I couldn't really think of movies I loved that were centered around competitions so here's two that are just okay, and one that's a bit of a cop out on my part. 

1) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

 This film had a great ending but missed on so many other levels. Hermione's pink Yule ball dress, Harry and Ron's hair, "HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE!?!?!??!?!" But hey, it centered around the Tri Wizard tournament, which was a magical competition. This pick stands out from the rest as it actually involves a participant that dies. 

2) Pitch Perfect

When I first saw the trailer for Pitch Perfect, a movie about a college a capella competition, I thought it looked terrible. Turns out, it wasn't that bad. It was actually quite amusing minus Rebel Wilson. She's kind of the worst. 

3) Mean Girls

Here's my cop out. Caty competes in a math competition at the end of the movie. I'm sorry, I tried. I literally could not think of another school competition movie that I liked. I know I can't sit with you today. 

DVD Review: Locke

This commute, man...

Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is a construction manager and a seemingly decent family man with a wife and a son. Only tonight, he's driving two hours away because his mistress is having his baby. Not even a mistress, a one night stand. Ivan has to deal with his job, his angry wife, and his nervous girlfriend.

Movies like this a hard. It's literally just Tom Hardy in a car for 85 minutes talking to people on the phone. We recognize some of those voices, Andrew Scott, Ruth Wilson, but it's Hardy that's tasked with carrying the picture. Luckily he does. This role felt different. I'm used to Tom playing an abrasive asshole or someone that's kind of out there. This was about as grounded as I've ever seen him.

Obviously a film like this has limits. It can't really excel above anything because of the gimmick in place. Luckily we have someone like Hardy guiding us along. Director Steve Knight shoots it as well as he can. I appreciate the experiment. I can't say I had high expectations for this one, but it wasn't bad. At times it was very good, but it just happens to exist and can't be anything more.

Can you tell I'm struggling to write about this?

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote: "How can I hate you, I don't know you." - Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Veep + more

Since this is my first post of the week, I have to talk about Anton Yelchin's tragic death. This guy was a fantastic actor and one I've enjoyed watching since I first saw him in Alpha Dog all those years ago. Watching the new Star Trek movie is going to have an underlying sadness now. RIP.

Game of Thrones

Only two locations to talk about this week, but man did they deliver

Dany has had enough of Tyrion's shit. She meets with the three Slavers as they attack Meereen and tells them she's here to accept their surrender, and that her reign is just beginning. Then Drogon flies in, she hops on his back, and Rhaegal and Viserion break out of their tomb and they destroy the slavers ships. Grey Worm gets the honor of killing two of the Slavers himself, including the extra douchey one. Later, Yara and Theon meet with Dany in the throne room and offer their services to her. She accepts.

The dragon CGI was SO much better than Daznak's Pit last year. I wish it would've looked like this the entire time. It's rare that I nerd out over the dragons, I'm more of a direwolf girl, but this was awesome.

Snowbowl begins! Jon, Davos, Tormund, Sansa, and Lyanna Mormont (glaring at Ramsay the whole time) treat with Ramsay and co at the beginning. Ramsay throws Shaggydog's severed head to prove he has Rickon (seriously, they kept that thing?) Sansa says he's going to die tomorrow. Later, she bitches about not being included in the war planning because she's the only one that knows Ramsay, yet she doesn't tell Jon about the Vale army. Had she done that, perhaps more people would be alive. Jon acts rashly later on, but Sansa was even more reckless, in my opinion. I really hated what she did in this episode until the very end.

Ramsay sends Rickon off running towards Jon while shooting arrows, right as Rickon is about to make it, he's shot through the heart and killed. It was a very tense scene and so sad to see the youngest Stark go out like that. The last time Jon saw him, he was just a little boy fetching his arrows, and now one killed him. Jon charges early.

The battle was tremendous. It starts with this glorious long shot of Jon fighting. It looked like something that belonged on the big screen. This deserves every CGI award out there. Words cannot describe it. At the end, when Sansa's secret Vale army makes the save, Jon races after Ramsay in Winterfell and beats the shit out of him. It was so pleasing.

The battle wasn't without it's casualties. Wun Wun died. Tormund went all Rick Grimes on Smalljon Umber which was fantastic. Davos found out about Shireen's death right before it happened. It ends with Sansa watching Ramsay being eaten alive by his hounds. It was a fitting moment, and even though she pissed me off at the beginning of the episode, I'm glad she was there for that. Her walk away from him reminded me of when she walked out of the throne room in King's Landing after she found out she no longer had to marry Joffrey. 

Next week's episode has a lot of ground to cover. I can't wait.


Did anyone else feel terrible for Mike in this episode? I didn't realize everyone hated him so much. This was different as it was shot through Catherine's documentary. It was an interesting touch. So Tom James is going to be the President. Will Selena be his Veep? I think she will.

Memorable Quotes: 

"That's the least reassuring sentence I've heard since it's okay, it's just the tip." 

"Is it weird going hallway to hallway with your mom's twin?"

"Why would I want to stand next to that twig when I can stand next to you.

"Alabama, first in the alphabet, last in everything else."

The Path
I started watching The Path because I love Aaron Paul and have a fascination with religious cults. Turns out Hulu isn't free anymore. Like at all, even the wants you to sign up for something. So instead, I'm watching a very filtered version on youtube where the voices are lowered dramatically to get around copyright infringement. Even with all that, it's interesting so far. Hugh Dancy is a creep.

Orange is the New Black
I've watched the first two episodes so far, and saw a massive spoiler later on that's breaking my heart, but I won't talk about it until I get there.

OINTB is always brilliant with their song choices, but hearing Last Resort by Papa Roach as Alex and Lully are literally cutting up the CO that tried to kill Alex last season was priceless. I usually never enjoy Alex, but I loved her in that first episode.

Piper of course is an insufferable bitch. It's interesting to see how far Red has fallen too. Season 1 Red would've had the girl that snores moved out of her bunk, but not anymore. 

Rambling TV is a weekly series where I ramble semi-coherently about the things I watch on television, mostly under the influence of wine. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. 

Review: The Lobster

What kind of animal would you be?

In a society where there are no single people allowed, David (Colin Farrell) goes to a hotel where if he doesn't find a partner within 45 days, he will be transformed into an animal of his choosing. He travels with his pet dog, who is actually his brother that didn't make it through. 

The Lobster might be one of the weirdest fucking movies I've ever seen. I love that about it. There's a lot of deadpan, most of the relationships feel cold because of the way the movie flows from scene to scene, and that's okay. The story itself is so interesting. Especially when the characters venture out into the city and you see people being stopped for marriage certificates by the police.

I really liked director Yorgos Lanthimos' other film, Dogtooth. This one also had some quietly shocking images like that did. (Though I personally could've done without the dead dog) It's not without its issues though. Since the film is very irrelevant in a way, as it moves from scene to scene it begins to feel very slow. The pacing suffers drastically in the 2nd half. 

I liked seeing Colin Farrell in this role. This is the type of film where you can't really get dynamic performances from, but they were always interesting, and that's good enough.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "I would later learn that she had no heart." - David (Colin Farrell)

Indie Gems: The We And The I

"You're not supposed to put "fuckin'" in a poem."

It's the last day of school and this is the longest bus ride ever in the Bronx. We see several different groups of students board and sit with their friends. They share their drama, whether it be planing a sweet sixteen party or watching a viral video of another boy slipping and falling on their phone. The "story" is told to us in three parts, Bullies, The Chaos, and The I.

I put "story" in quotations because there really isn't one, and that's okay. If there's such a thing as a normal avant garde movie, this is probably it. I became intrigued with it after reading Dell's review. This film feels so natural. I was often reminded of my niece. She's 15, and when she comes to visit she loves to fill me in on her high school drama. I imagine several of her daily conversations play out like this.

All of the actors come from The Point, a Bronx based community center. Most are acting under their own names and some of these stories are based on their real experiences. It's another reason why the film feels so authentic. Teresa Lynn was the big stand out to me, playing a girl trying hard to fit in with the boys at the back of the bus even though they treat her badly. Laidychen Carrasco and Meghan Murphy are also great as two snippy girls trying to plan a sweet sixteen party.

This movie won't be for everyone. It lacks structure, while most of it is on the bus, director Michael Gondry sprinkles a few flashback scenes outside of it. I think it works. It does a good job of showing how teenagers act in a group versus how they act alone or with one other person.

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "You're not my girlfriend, don't send me an ecard - Michael (Michael Brodie)

Thursday Movie Picks: Store/Supermarket/Mall Movies

This week's theme from Wandering Through the Shelves is movies centered around stores. Your favorite place to kill time, or your worst nightmare. Here are three of my favorites.

1) Mallrats

I imagine I'll see Clerks somewhere this week, but I prefer Mallrats. I worked in a mall when I was a teenager, and this film captures the essence of that well. The boredom, the drama, the weird shit. This film has it all.

2) Empire Records

This film is very nostalgic for me. It's been ages since I've seen it, but my friends and I used to watch it in high school all the time. I still wish I could buy Renee Zellweger's version of SugarHigh on iTunes.

3) Dawn of the Dead

One of my favorite horror movies, and easily one of the best zombie movies takes place in mall. It's the perfect setting for humor and gore.