Tuesday Trailer Breakdown: 50/50

What might work: Joseph Gordon-Levitt of course. You could call me incredibly bias but hey, it's my blog isn't it? I love me some JGL. In all honesty, he's one of the best actors out there and he proved that by carrying the anti-romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer last year. There's no doubt he'll be fantastic in this.

Seth Rogan is hilarious when given the right material. I think Rogan will benefit from having a fantastic actor like JGL to bounce off of.

It's rated R. R-rated comedies are not stuck with same boundaries that PG13 ones are. This one looks like it could deliver a lot of laughs and a lot of heart.

What might not: Weak supporting cast. I don't have a ton of faith in Anna Kendrick or Bryce Dallas Howard, but hopefully the movie will focus mostly on Rogan and Gordon-Levitt's character.

Marketing: It's hard to market a movie about the main character suffering from cancer. It could turn a lot of people off, they may want a laugh and will expect a downer.

When to see it: Opening weekend for me, as it should be for any JGL fan.

Random Thought: I loved Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air, but have yet to love her in anything else.

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  1. I agree with you on the weak supporting cast, but I don't think they'll have much screen time, if compared to JGL and Rogen's. I also agree on the fact that few people would like to see the story about cancer. Oh, it's so hard to disagree with you actually!


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