Rambling TV: True Blood recap

This episode stuck true to the show runners words when they said they wanted to keep this season about the people of Bon Temps. While we were treated with a couple revelations this episode, it did end up feeling about 2 hours long.Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers. 

Eric opens the episode with a pretty badass fight scene with the remaining Yakuza. Eventually he and Pam are captured and meet with the president of the company that produced True Blood. He too wants Sarah Newlin dead for what she did to his empire. Eric isn't going to give up Sarah's location because HE wants to be the one to kill her, but Pam eventually makes them work out their differences. 

Meanwhile, Sarah shows up at her sister Amber's house and finds out she's sick. She goes off on a tangent on how she is a "new me" and everything happened for a reason. This leaves Amber to deliver the line of the night - "You can't just dye your hair and blow a guru and absolve yourself of all the horrific shit that you have done in your life!" Sarah says she can, because they made a cure for Hep V in V camp last season, and she drank it all. Amber drinks her blood and is cured. The episode ends with Eric grabbing her by the neck and demanding to know what happened.

So THAT'S why Sarah Newlin is being kept around. 

As far as the various things going on in Bon Temps...

Jessica overhears Bill calling his lawyer and telling him he's Hep V positive and needs to get his affairs in order. Bill leaves to said lawyer's office and ends up killing her after she tries to embezzle money from him on a bribe. Bill's hep V is also spreading faster because of Sookie's fae blood.

Jessica calls Jason to tell her to bring over Sookie, which he does. Sookie and Jason have a few sweet moments before she finds out that she is Hep V positive. Blood from the sick vamps got in her open wound from episode three. 

Violet overhears Jason's phone call with Jess and trashes his house and leaves him a break up note, which Jason is weirdly not bothered by. 

Earlier, Andy caught Adilynn and Wade in bed and he and Holly got into a fight over the whole thing. Violet finds Adilynn and Wade after they've run away and says she has a safe place for them. Because of course the woman scorned has to be the baddie. 

Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About is leaving Sam, and I still don't care. Even if Sam's unborn daughter is going with her. Just get the fuck off of my screen.

James convinces Lafayette to let Lettie Mae trip out on V because maybe Tara IS trying to tell her something. They trip together and release Tara from this cross she was tied to. Tara then takes them to an old house they lived at and stars digging, then the Reverend interrupts. He gives Lettie Mae an ultimatum, and she chooses finding out what's going on with Tara over going with him.

Am I the only one that notices that NONE of these vampires have the bleeds, even when they're awake during the day time? Did they just throw that out the window this season?

I'm hoping this is the last slow episode of the season. There's only three episodes left, and they need to go out on a memorable note. I don't want True Blood to be remembered by the shit it turned into, I want it to be remembered for how great it was in the beginning. 


  1. I'm so glad I decided not to watch the show anymore. It's just gotten stupid and I could care less about everyone at this point.

    Besides, last night's episode of Masters of Sex was fucking great! Why the fuck did Michael Sheen not get an Emmy nomination? He and Lizzy Caplan really gave their best performances last night.

    1. I really want to see that show. I hope Showtime puts it on Netflix soon.

  2. Tara is alive?! My God this show....:) That gif of Andy is hilarious!

    1. No, she's still dead, it seems like she's in some kind of purgatory or something.


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