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The Walking Dead

Red shirts need loving too, and that's what this episode was about. Focusing on the Alexandrian red shirts who are mostly going to die in the episodes to come. So instead of seeing the fallout between Carol and Morgan's way of handling the Wolves, instead of Michonne telling Betsy about what David said (Betsy was that Alexandrian that slit her wrists and turned into a walker, by the way) instead of Rick running to immediately check on his children, we get the Alexandrians instead.

Background characters do need development, I'm not faulting that, I just wish this episode would've balanced it better, and shown more of Rick's group along side them. Then maybe it wouldn't have some off as such a failure.

The highlight of the episode was definitely Maggie and Aaron going to look for Glenn. She drops the "bombshell" that she's pregnant, and regrets burning that picture she did in S4. That was nice. Deanna was intense too, and superbly acted, but she also spent the entire episode wandering around.

Spencer acted like a douche. Ron acted like an emo teenager, picking the wussiest fist fight ever with Carl, then passive aggressively approaching Rick on the walls later. 

Tara and Denise got some loving, that I'm find with too as Tara is one of my favorites and I'm enjoying Denise so far. Their kiss wasn't the most annoying one of the episode though, for me, that was Rick and Jessie. Their lustful moment made sense in the comics, but in the show they're building it like an actual romance. It makes both of them look terrible. Rick just shot her husband, her son visibly hates him and Jessie herself told Rick to stay away from him. Then Jessie, who she could focusing on her children right now is instead making out with Rick in her garage? When her youngest son is refusing to come down stairs? I haven't been this annoyed with the direction Rick has been taken since Farmer Rick in episode for. It's frustrating to see my favorite character go through something like this. Jessie is his Lori proxy, which he needs to move on, but there shouldn't be romantic strings attached. That just makes it feel cheap.

Next week is all Daryl, Sasha, and Abe. Norman Reedus said there's a nice nod for Caryl shippers on the episode, so clearly I'm looking forward to that. 


I want to punch Peggy in the face. There has to be a reason for her stupidity, right? I feel like I should've been rooting for her during her colleague's "No man should be able to tell you what to do" speech, but in this case, yeah. You should listen to your husband. He's actually thinking logically, in terms of financial security, where you want to waste money on a seminar that's probably bullshit. I can't even get behind Peggy from a feminist stand point. She's an idiot. 

The Gerhardts are declaring "war" which is exciting, and Lou is certainly onto them and the Bloomquists. 

Also how about that after sex scene? I haven't seen someone try so hard to cover up nudity since Jessica Alba's scenes in The Killer Inside Me. Expertly placed sheets, hair bra, man...that's effort. Boobs aren't okay, but talking about sticking your thumb in someone's ass is.

Agents of SHIELD.

Holy FUCK. This episode. I did not see that ending coming.

Let's start with Andrew, I thought he was dead two weeks ago. Well, he isn't. He's alive and talking. My initial reaction was "what a cop out" but that changed later on.

Jemma is starting to bother me with her manipulation of Fitz. She's not required to return his feelings at all, but she doesn't seem to really consider any of this other than "I know it's hard for you." Maybe she needs to be straight forward with her feelings to avoid this instead of acting like she's just saving Fitz in the on deck circle? I'm starting to think they haven't actually had much of a conversation on the matter. Even Hunter was like "Fitz, wtf don't help." Fitz was scene pulling up info on Will, so hopefully he finds something juicy that throws him off.

I loved seeing Bobbi and May kick ass. And I love how Hunter gave no fucks on his mission with Daisy and Mack. It was nice to see them all working together.

Did I actually just feel bad for Rosalind? I did. Ugh.

Powers Boothe makes his return from The Avengers. Remember, he was part of the council Nick Fury was talking to? The one that was totally okay with launching a missile at Manhattan? 

So back to that cop out. I thought having Andrew alive was a terrible idea, until May and Bobbi finally got a hold of Baby Von Strucker and he dropped this bombshell on them: Andrew is Lash, the monster they've been hunting since the beginning of this season. No hint whatsoever, though now it makes absolute sense why Lash never tried to kill Daisy, despite killing other Inhumans. It's going to be interesting to see how the team reacts, if May and Bobbi share this with them.

Law and Order: SVU

I never watch this show, but when I found out they were doing an episode based on the Duggar's scandals. I had to, and oh, it was glorious.

Of course not everything was spot on, they can't be that obvious, I guess. No baby voice from Michelle, and the parents in the end actually stood up for their daughter who had been raped, the real Duggars never would. There's also a part where they say "We don't care about the show" which literally made me LOL because Jim Bob and Michelle would never in a million years say that.

They also had the balls (and I'm assuming this helps them not get sued) to name drop the Duggars. 

Also can we just talk about "purity balls" for a second? They are so. fucking. creepy.


  1. This week's episode was okay but I was expecting a little bit more. I would care about the Alexandrians and their character development if more of them stepped up to the plate. Why was Michonne and Carol completely MIA? That was really out of place and the timeline felt out of sync from the first three episodes.

    1. Exactly. Carol, Morgan, and Michonne in particular came off of really strong episodes and we get zero follow up from them? I'm starting to get a little worried that most of Rick's groups (with the exception of this upcoming episode of Sasha, Abe, and Daryl) will be put on the back burner until the 2nd half of the season.

  2. This episode of TWD was frustrating. What is their plan with zombies at the gates? Did I miss something? Do they have a plan? Or is their plan to just remain silent and hope the zombies disperse? Can't they like home make arrows to shoot at the zombies if they want to be silent and save bullets.

    1. Yeah, they didn't address that at all. I think they're hope is that Sasha, Abe, and Daryl would come back and lead those ones away too? I don't know. It was stupid.

  3. "Boobs aren't okay, but talking about sticking your thumb in someone's ass is." Haha!

    "You surprised me there... at the end."


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