My Top 10 Films of 2022 + the 5 worst

Better later than never! I'm always a few months late with my Top 10 lists because inevitably one of my must see movies takes FOREVER to be released in theaters. I'm going to do something slightly different this year, and actually rank my favorites. So before we start, here are a few honorable mentions that would've rounded out a top 20 had I gone in that direction.

Honorable Mentions: The Quiet Girl, Fire of Love, Tar, Barbarian, Babylon, Fresh, Women Talking, Glass Onion, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Bullet Train
This was a movie I did not expect to stay in my Top 10. I'll admit some of my honorable mentions are arguably better made films, but I had so much fun watching this that it felt wrong not to include it here. The cast was phenomenal, it had plenty of laughs and great action sequences. It's just so fun.

All Quiet on the Western Front
While I'm generally over war movies, this German offering was just so well done. I have not seen the English version from the 30's and I can't image thinking its as well made as this one.

The Northman
Robert Eggers continues to make very interesting films. Here, he doesn't shy away from the Vikings' brutality, but doesn't take it into exploitative territory either. Beautifully shot, and brutal.

The Woman King
I will never forgive the Academy for ignore this film. It should've had acting, picture, director, and costumes nominations AT LEAST. There's not enough main stream films about African stories and I hope more get made. Especially if they're as good as this.

Jordan Peele's Nope had everything. An interesting story, great actors, expert comedic timing and still managed to creep you at out times. It was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, and I'm glad it lived up to my high expectations.

Top Gun: Maverick
If you would've told me the Top Gun sequel, which I deemed "so unnecessary" when it was announced would end up on my Top 10, I would've laughed at you. But here I am, eating crow and acknowledging that this was a damn good time at the theater.

Everything Everywhere All At Once
I love it when a movie just swings for the fences and succeeds. There is so much going on in this film and it still holds up on the second viewing. I'm happy this wacky sci-fi film is getting so much love.

The Batman
My love of super hero movies is still going strong and The Batman was the best one we got in 2022. I was very nervous about Pattinson as Batman, and while I still think he's the weakest link in the cast, even being the weakest in this movie is better than most. I can't wait for the sequel.

The Menu
Everything about Mark Mylod's foodie film worked for me. I wanted to re-watch this film immediately after leaving (and eating, because damn did I need a burger after watching this)

The Banshees of Inisherin
And here it is! The Banshees of Inisherin is my favorite movie of the year. The plot is so simple yet everything in the film is so sharp. I love it, and it's easily been the film I've recommended the most to my real life friends and family 

And now for the worst! These were the 5 movies I hated the most last year. Yes, it pains me to put an Adam Driver movie here, but I said what I said.

The Silent Twins
White Noise


  1. No one is more shocked than I am that I have seen seven of your top-10. For someone as perpetually behind as I am, that's a significant accomplishment for me.

    Marcel the Shell is my favorite from 2022 so far, even if it is technically listed as a 2021 movie.

    1. That's awesome! I really should've put Marcel in my honorable mentions. Oversight on my part, I thought it was adorable.

  2. I need to see The Menu and Bullet Train plus Viola Davis in anything! You know what I think of the Banshees but my husband loved it. I just can't get around the stupidity of taking his fingers off. My mind is just too practical that I found that extremely stupid. I have seen the original All's Quiet and I have it in DVD. You have to remember that it is an early sound film and wad made 12 yrs after WW1 ended. The rawness a d pain of it is evident. It won't have the same feel as this new one which I want to see but you can't compare it. The brutality of the original was so well done that I gave seen clips of the fighting in documentaries about the war.

    1. I will eventually watch the old All Quiet, and I know there will be differences but this one was just SO good. Highly recommend it. That, Woman King, and Bullet Train are all on Netflix right now.

  3. Good Stuff!

    I think we share four Top 10 picks. Two of you Top 10 movies just missed mine (love them too). One of your Honorable Mentions made my Top 10 and I really like four other listed. One of my Top 10 movies also made your Worst list (lol).

    So...Your lists combine include SIX of my Top 10 picks. Woo Hoo!!! Representin' !!!! LOL

    1. lol bless White Noise ,I'm really glad it worked for others. This was a good year for movies!

  4. From your top 10, I've only seen 4 of those films in that list though it will become 6 probably at the end of the month as a couple of them are now available on Netflix in The Woman King and All Quiet on the Western Front. In your honorable mentions, I've seen only 3 as I hope to check out the rest. Sorry you didn't like Blonde while I am going to watch White Noise later this coming week.

    1. I really hope a ton of people watch The Woman King on Netflix because it deserves it. All Quiet is fantastic as well, I really hop you enjoy both! I hope White Noise works better for you too because....god.

  5. I was wondering when you were going to post this, lol. Nice to see Nope on here, and agreed on Top Gun. Similarly didn't exactly find it necessary beforehand, but damn did it deliver in a big way.

    1. My city took FOREVER to get Women Talking, and I was waiting on that just in case. It sure did. Never in a million years would think I would like that as much as I did.


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