Rambling TV: Thoughts of Westworld, Agents of SHIELD + more


Another fascinating episode here. I was surprised to see Steven Ogg again. He also has a bit part on The Walking Dead right now, but it was worth it to watch Dolores kill him.

I liked that we learned a bit more about Bernard this week. We saw that his son died and I loved the line "this pain is all I have left of him." We also saw through Bernard that Dr. Ford might be the shadiest person in this show. (The Man in Black was absent from this episode) He talked about an old partner, Arnold. The name some of the hosts are talking about and he says he died. I'm guessing Ford killed him. (And maybe turned him into a host? Perhaps that piano player is him?)

Dolores wants to be free, but Teddy hasn't caught up to her new way of thinking yet. Elsie and Stubbs also went after a stray host (and we hilariously learn the legalities of which hosts are allowed to touch weapons) when they find him, he bashes his own head in right in front of them. Wow.

Agents of SHIELD

This episode was better because Daisy was barely in it, but it also highlighted one of the biggest problems this show has: It consistently forces its audience to ask "where the hell are the Avengers?" Even in a post Civil War world, if Inhumans caused massive blackouts across the world, Iron Man and Vision would be dispatched to take care of it. Black Panther would likely do something about it on his side too. The Netflix shows have threats that are quiet enough to where we know the Avengers wouldn't get involved, this show hasn't mastered that. I really wish they would.

Fitz got to kick some ass in this episode, I'm glad they've stopped making him so afraid to do so. That was the best part, besides May waking up and being completely pissed. 


Man, this was not funny this week. I love Emily Blunt and I was so looking forward to her hosting but I only laughed during Weekend Update. Bruno Mars put on a good show, at least. The funniest part is Donald Trump is now calling SNL part of a media conspiracy against him. I guess he missed the part where he hosted the show and they barely touched him, and how they've been making fun of Hillary Clinton weekly for well over a year now. 

Other TV thoughts

I'm actually a bit nervous for the next presidential debate on Wednesday. I'm afraid the moderator (who's from Fox News) is just going to be screaming "what about Benghazi?!?!?" the entire time. The Walking Dead comes back next week. I already know who dies, *spoiler* Abe, then Glenn *spoiler* but I'm so invested in some of the characters at this point, I can't stop no matter how shitty the show gets. Funny enough, AMC already switched episodes 2 and 3 around, probably to milk something that I'll talk about in my review a bit more. Pray for me. All I want is Carol to have nice things. 

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  1. I think this episode of Westworld fried my brain, what was up with that dude bashing his head? And all the memories for Dolores altering? What is going on on that show? :lol:

    1. All I could think of was "if you wanted to commit suicide, you should've just let Stubbs keep cutting" lol

  2. Westworld as usual was awesome as the moments for me that was fun are the scenes with Elsie and Stubbs.

    1. Elsie is definitely one of my favorites. I love her.

  3. I so wish I could see Westworld but I hope it will show up on Bravo one day:) I didn't watch SNL but I did watch the spoof of Clinton and stumpy. He really is such an idiot.

    1. Yes, yes he is. lol. You should invest in HBO Now, it's worth it.


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