Rambling TV: Thoughts on Boardwalk Empire, SHIELD, and Big Bang Theory.

I'll be back to writing full recaps when The Walking Dead premieres on October 13th. Until then, here's some thoughts on the shows I watched this week.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

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*They brought in Fury! I figured they would have to sneak some cameos in early. Although it did seem kind of petty that he's bitching about how much fixing that plane is going to cost. Well, I suppose them fixing their entire headquarters after Loki blew it up would put them in a tight spot budget wise.
 her storyline already looks predictable. Is she a double agent? Who will she choose? Can SHIELD trust her? She saves their lives. Of course they can trust her! She's one of them now! (I really hope I'm wrong about all of that)
*Fitz is still my favorite of all the agents. Did anyone see The Fades? Ian De Caestecker is a hell of an actor. I hope he gets more material to work with besides standard comic relief.
*I've watched way too many episodes of Seconds from Disaster to know that if your plane is in a dive, you would point the nose down to correct it, not pull up like they did.
*I should stop being so hard on this show, the plot really was interesting. I just want it to stop being so damn campy.
The Big Bang Theory

*Another solid episode from them. Only the theme of the episode was how dumb Penny is compared to everyone else. That's a shame.
*But Seriously, none of them noticed they had a huge coin in their pockets?
Boardwalk Empire
Yes, I know Jimmy is dead. But I thought of him during this episode
*I really liked the conversation between Nucky and Willy. Nucky doesn't talk about Mabel very often. I also imagine he had a very similar conversation with Jimmy at one point or another. Actually, I felt like that entire conversation subtly showed how in denial Nucky is over killing Jimmy.
*Overkill. You know what I'm talking about.
*Van Alden is the last dude on this show who needs to be on coke right now.
*WHERE THE FUCK IS RICHARD!? (at least he's in next week's preview)
*I can't believe they framed Willy's little poindexter room mate.
*that ending!

It's been one week ABB (After Breaking Bad) I still can't quite cope.


  1. I really liked new Big Bang, Penny was actually funny with that whole 'Run. Run to India' thing :)

    1. I loved that too. I loved how pissed they all were at the end of the game.


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