Indie Gems: The Extra Man

Louis Ives is having a bad day.

Louis Ives (Paul Dano) has a comfortable job teaching English Lit at a prep school when a his boss walks in on him in a rather uncompromising position. He loses his job, and decides to move to Manhattan to be a writer. He ends up renting a room from a play write named Henry (Kevin Kline) who is eccentric to put it lightly. Actually, he's borderline bat shit crazy, but he moonlights as an "extra man" for rich old ladies in the city, something that Louis becomes interested in. Katie Holmes also stars as a bitchy chick that Louis works with in New York, and John C. Reilly (complete with a baby voice) as a friend of Henry's.

I remember this film getting shit reviews when it first premiered at Sundance, but I actually really liked it. Louis and Henry both speak like they're thespians, which should fail in a modern setting, but really manages to work here. Kline and Dano have good chemistry and even though Reilly's part is small, it's worth it when he finally pops up. The Extra Man is a charming little film. It's one of Dano's more unique films for sure.

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "So you're saying sex is the cause for all of the world's problems?" - Louis (Paul Dano)


  1. Wow, I haven't seen Kevin Kline forever. Good to know he's still working. Like the indy gem.

  2. Haven't seen this one, but it certainly sounds interesting. Paul Dano is way underrated. Sad, but he'd probably be a much bigger star if he had classic Hollywood looks. He brings it every time he's on the screen.

    1. He IS underrated. It drives me nuts because he's so good, and I think people realize that, but you're right, the looks probably play into it. (Even though I don't think he's a bad looking dude at all.)

  3. I see Paul Dano so often in your reviews, I had no idea he's been so busy. :D Great review, I'll put this somewhere in my watchlist!

  4. And yet another one to add to my watchlist because I'm crazy for Paul Dano, too. I love it when you share these indie gems Brit, it's really great :D


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