Rambling TV: True Blood recap

pretty much dead already

Only three more episodes of True Blood left! There were quite a few things I liked about tonight's episode. Of course most of the things I didn't involved Bill. Am I the only one that keeps pausing next week's preview to see if it looks like Eric's Hep V veins are gone? They'd better be. Click those gifs to be redirected to their makers.

Eric and Pam interrogate Amber, who has done a complete 180 since being cured and won't give her sister up. She lets is slip that Sarah is now the cure for Hep V, and Eric stakes her because he hallucinates Sarah in her place. Mr. Gus makes Pam and Eric an offer. He'll track down Sarah with them, and he wants to synthesize her blood and distribute it as 'New Blood' And he needs Eric to be the spokesperson since no one trusts their company anymore. It's a lot of money, so eventually he goes along with the idea.

Sarah runs to the abandoned Light of Day church and hallucinates a shirtless Jason, who tells her she's going to die. Then she hallucinates Steve Newlin (who berates her for "fornicating with two people") and that Buddhist Yoga guy she was banging when we first saw her this season. They try to make her choose between Buddhism and Christianity, she says she chooses herself because she's the Messiah and the cure. Mr. Gus and crew close on in her as her time in this episode comes to an end. 

Forced baddie Violet leads Adilynn and Wade to her house/sex dungeon and tells them to go at it. I don't care about any of these people. Adilynn and Wade are idiots for falling for this and Violet's anger seems so forced. She ties up Adilynn at the end, causing Jason to feel her fear. Holly and Andy meanwhile, drove all the way to Oklahoma looking for them because she thought they ran of to his dad's lake cabin.

Arlene spent the majority of her time in Merlotte's Bellfleaur's tonight. First she had sex on the pool table with Keith, a la Sam and Daphne in season 2, but it ended up being a sex dream. I guess Carrie Preston had a sex scene claus in her contract she had to use up. Still, I didn't even realize it was a dream at first, and usually those are very noticeable. Keith does come back to dance with her later on. She also has a pep talk with Sam about staying in Bon Temps to fight, or going with Nicole and their baby. Personally, I hate Nicole so much I just want Sam to stay. I don't even care that his kid will miss out on him, that's how worthless I think Nicole is. Hoyt and his new girlfriend also come back to town to claim Maxine's body. Jason is completely torn over seeing Hoyt in this situation, and he's also eye fucking his new girlfriend, of course. 

Sookie is still with Bill and Jessica and she refuses to except that Bill is dying. She calls Dr. Ludwig, who saved Sookie in S2, and Pam in S4 to see if she can help Bill, but she bolts when she finds out Sookie is part of Niall's Fae bloodline. Because in true True Blood Fairy fashion, they pulled some "faes killed dwarfs" logic out of their ass to fit the story. Niall shows up to tell Sookie Bill isn't right for her, and that magic can't solve everything. Thanks for reminding me how much this show fucked up the Fae story.

We're also "treated" to more pointless Bill flashbacks. This better lead up to his death, because if he lives AND I still had to sit through those, there is no justice. Sookie runs to Bill's and they have sex, because of course they do. I was hoping he'd orgasm and die right after, but that didn't happen. It's so hard for me to get behind Bill and Sookie after S3. I feel like the only reason they're still entertaining it is because Paquin and Moyer are married. If Sookie needed that one last night with Bill before she moves on to Eric, fine, but I bet Alcide is rolling in his grave somewhere. I did like the nod to S1 in this scene though. With Sookie running out of her house, and them having sex in front of the fire place like they did during their first time. I can appreciate that.


  1. Oh man, Bill and Sookie are back together? He is such a boring character :/ Wow it got to the point even Arlene is getting laid.

    Everyone is getting laid on HBO except for Stannis. Oh, sorry.
    Everyone is getting laid naked on HBO except for Stannis.

    1. Poor Stannis, his time has to be coming! Everyone is horny at the Wall.


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