DVD Review: The Edge of Love

'The Edge of Love' is a British indie starring Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller, Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys. The story revolves around the relationships of these for people.

Rhys is Dylan Thomas, a poet and a childhood friend of Vera (Knightly). When he and his wife Caitlin (Miller) move to London they eventually end up staying with Vera, who has a gig as a singer in the railway station. William (Murphy) is an army captain nearly off to war who meets Vera and eventually convinces her to marry him. With William off to war Dylan, Vera and Caitlin move to Wales. Dylan's poems aren't really selling, and it's often Vera who has to step in and help her friends financially.

The film is an intense study of relationships. First the marriage between Dylan and Caitlin. At first they seem normal, they have a son, but Dylan still has an obvious affection for Vera who was his friend and first love. Then, there is the relationship between Vera and William. He courts her, and at first she's not interested. After they say "I Do" and William returns from war their relationship is tested greatly. The most important relationship in this film however, is the one between Vera and Caitlin. Vera did not know Dylan had a wife at the beginning of the film, it is almost as if the woman forced themselves to start liking each other. Eventually they become best friends and it's their bond that seemingly holds everything together.

When this film was still in production and it was called "The Best Time of our Lives" (a better title in my opinion) Lindsay Lohan was attached to play Caitlin, and she famously dropped out days before filming began. I couldn't see Lindsay in this role at all, and I'm glad they went with Miller. Although her Irish accent in this film comes and goes, she brings a lot of life to this picture. Knightly is wonderful as always, though as many times as she says "come back to me" I wondered if maybe this script took one too many things away from 'Atonement'. Cillian Murphy is not in it nearly enough but is a joy when he is.

Recommended: Yes 3/5 stars.

Memorable Quote: You have a raindrop running down your cheek, just like a tear. - William Killick (Cillian Murphy)

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