Review: Changeling

Angelina Jolie is such a tabloid target. She’s in every magazine you read, people constantly talk about her private life (her loads of kids), her humanitarian work (complete globe trotter) that people forget the reason we all know who she is. Her ACTING. And by all means, shes fantastic at it.

Jolie has done a lot of great action movies where the effects and cool angles are focused on more than the actors themselves. (i.e Tomb Raider, Wanted) “Changeling” is a perfect example of why Jolie is such a capable actress. It allows her to dive deep into a troubled character, and really lets us feel said character’s emotions. Jolie has shown us this before, her Oscar winning turn in ‘Girl Interupted” and also in “A Mighty Heart”.

“Changeling” is set in the 1920’s and is about a woman named Christine Collins, who’s 9 year old son goes missing after she leaves him home alone. Months later the LAPD returns the boy to her, only Christine knows its not her son. There are obvious signs, this boy is shorter and not cirumsized, she pleads to the LAPD to admit their mistake. The deem her crazy, and one of the few people to come to her aid is Gustav Briegelb (John Malkovich), a reverend and activist.

Clint Eastood is an amazing director in my opinion, and what he’s done with this film is great. The costumes are spot on with the time era and the acting is great all around. (Especially a bit part played by uber-talented Oscar Nominee Amy Ryan) The ending is interesting, and doesn’t disappoint. This film is based on a true story, so some people may already know how it ends, but if you can, put off reading about it until after seeing the film, then check it out. It’s a remarkable and sad story. I see this as a serious Oscar contender, and I’m campaigning Eddie Alderson (Sanford) for best supporting actor for sure. That young lad had some heavy stuff to do in this film, and he (and the entire cast) were amazing. The first 45 minutes of this film are truly frustrating due to the bogus answers the police give Christine, but it’s so compelling. It draws you in,

Recommended: Yes


Memorable Quote: Stop calling me that! I’m not your mother! I want my son back! - Christine (Angelina Jolie)

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