Review: Gran Torino.

Clint Eastwood is at his best directing and staring in this film about racism, gangs, and live after war.

Gran Torino

Eastwood stars as Walt Kowalski, a Korean war vet who recently lost his wife. He doesn’t get along with his sons (or anyone else for that matter) and refuses to move out of his old neighborhood which is now mainly occupied by people of different races, and is on a bad side of town. He gets new Hmoung neighbors, and after ignoring them for the most part until the boy, Thao (Bee Vang) tries to steal his prized 73′ Gran Torino under pressure of his cousin’s gang. Thao’s family pushes him to make it up to Walt, and Walt befriends Thao’s younger sister, Sue (Ahney Her). Walt becomes interested in the Hmoung culture, feels drawn to protect them when a pushy gang starts to mess with them.

For those of you familiar with ‘The Good, The Bad, The Ugly’ or the “Dirty Harry” series it’s great to see a badass Eastwood back. The film is full of racial slurs against everyone, but most come off as a joke from our main character. The acting on the teenager’s parts is not great but is not terrible either. Both Her and Vang, in their first film roles look promising. and I hope to see them in the future. Especially Het as our lead female who plays Sue as a strong, yet lovable smartass, and who we really feel pain for towards the end of the film.

The film is shot wonderfully, and gives us a good look at the gang scene in present day Detroit. Eastwood gives a wonderful performance and the film gives an interesting message. A very good script indeed.

Recommended: Yes 4.5/5

Memorable Quote: “Get off my lawn!” - Walk Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) His facial expression is what makes this quote.

Also if you are bored, you can make a drinking game out of this film. Take a drink every time someone in this movie says a racial slur. Trust gets interesting. :)

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