Review: Role Models

You know when you see previews of some comedies and you wonder if they put all the funny parts in the previews? That was my first impression of ‘Role Models’ when I saw it’s trailer, but nonetheless I was a fan of many of the actors in the film so I gave it a shot. I’m happy to admit that I was totally off and this is probably one of the funniest movies I have seen all year.

‘Role Models’ is about two energy drink salesmen, Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) who end up with community service after disturbing the peace and damaging school property…all in a fit of rage by Danny after his girlfriend Beth (Elizabeth Banks) breaks up with him. They are sent to a “Big brother little brother” type center run by Gayle (the absolutely hilarious Jane Lynch) Danny is paired with Augie Farks (Christoper Mintz-Plasse) a socially awkward teenager obsessed with medieval role play, but ignored by his not-so-loving parents. and Wheeler is paired with Ronny(Bobbe’e J. Thompson), an out of control ten year old with a vulgar vocabulary. Can they survive the community service? Or will they mess up and be sent to jail?

‘Role Models’ manages to be more then just one liners and actually be a touching film. Sure, it has plenty of hilarious jokes, mostly from Thompson and Scott but it has a touching center. Mintz-Plasse could’ve easily took a page from ‘Superbad’ co-star Michael Cera’s book and played a different variation of the same character. But he doesn’t, I didn’t sense a single bit of McLovin in Augie Farks, sure they were both nerds, but Mintz-Plasses makes Augie a genuine kid, and not smooth nerd-extraordinaire like McLovin. Scott and Rudd have great chemistry together as our leads, and Rudd who co-wrote the film is definitely a staple in the future of comedy. This is what I love about this “Apatow related” films. They’re R-rated dialogue seems more real, they’re never short on the laughs, yet the characters could easily be real people you work with or went to school with. This is what makes ‘Role Models’ one of the best comedies of the year, it’s funny and sincere.

Considering I saw this and the arguably disastrous ‘Twilight’ (yes, I didn’t like it. True to the story, yet I never realized how ridiculous some of the scenes were until they played out on screen) in the same weekend. I definitely know which one I’d recommend first, and it’s not Stephanie Meyer’s novel we all love.

Recommended: Yes


Memorable Quote: “Basically what I’m asking is if I can hang out with your 10 year old boy after I get out of prison?” - Wheeler (Seann William Scott)

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