Review: Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen is back with one of his famous characters of 'Da Ali G Show' fame. This time, with a very flamboyant, very gay Austrian fashionista by the name of Bruno.

Universal Pictures did a good job of marketing this and making everyone remember that this guy is the one that did "Borat" in 2006. Everything from the film's tag line to the TV spots mentioned it's previous film which ended up being a commercial hit and even won Cohen the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a comedy and gave one of the most hilarious exception speeches I've ever heard. While Borat may have been the most amusing of the two, Bruno does not disappoint.

We follow Bruno in this documentary style film as he's booted from fashion week in Italy and decides to go to American to be "a celebrity". We see him as he tries to interview stars (he gets a very awkward one with Paula Abdul) pitches he's tv show and manages to completely freak out Ron Paul. He adopts an African child since many stars before him 'have one', wreaks havoc on a talk show in Dallas and attempts to become straight by seeing a gay exorcist type doctor. Not to mention getting an interview with a real gotta hand it to Baron Cohen.

The thing I love about 'Bruno' is it truly shows you the dark side of America, how homophobic some people are, how ridiculous they are. A cage fight in Arkansas being the perfect example of how one simple act of affection can turn a crowd into a riot.

Bruno is an important film like Borat before it, it's definitely not short on laughs or shock value. However, after 'Borat' it makes you wonder was exactly is staged and what isn't.

Recommended: Yes 4/5 stars

Memorable Quote: "Well I should be strapped to a 6'4 Norwegian with a PhD in sucking dick" - Bruno (Sacha Baron Cohen)

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