Review: The Watchmen

The long wait is finally here for Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen”. and It was definitely worth the wait.

“Watchmen” follows a group of masked vigilantes in an alternate reality. It’s 1985, Richard Nixon is still president. The USA won the Vietnam war, and everyone is paranoid that the US will have a nuclear war with the USSR. The film starts with The Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) being murdered. Rorschach (the great Jackie Earl Haley) thinks someone is attacking all of the “Watchmen” a 2nd generation of masked vigilantes that have been outlawed and shunned by the crowd in the 70’s. The film introduces them to us, gives us their back story, and we watch as it all unfolds.

“Watchmen” is one of the best graphic novels ever written. Many people have been waiting for his movie, and have built up the hype. For me, I didn’t hype it up. “Watchmen” was one long comic, how they were going to include everything was beyond me. I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is nearly 3 hours long, and they still rushed the ending and some of the side stories, instead of ruining the film, I understood. They screenwriters did a great job of trying their best to stay faithful to the novel. The shots of the film were great, and often very close to the novel. The movie focused a bit more on it’s fights then the book did, but that’s cinema for you. They need to keep your attention right? As if Dr. Manhatten’s giant blue dong doesn’t already do that for you.

The acting in very hit and miss. You have Jackie Earl Haley and Patrick Wilson who are phenomenal. Malin Ackerman who needs some obvious work, and Billy Crudup and Matthew Goode were dare I say, boring? The most interesting character to me has always been Rorschach. Both in the novel and in the film, Haley does a great job with him. The special effects were great and even though the film was long it moved at a quick pace. I for one am interested in this director’s cut that is supposed to be coming out. Not to mention it has a killer soundtrack.

One thing I’d like to point out is that this film is rated R for a reason. I was surprised on how many stupid parents brought their small children to this flick. Did the R rating for violence, language and nudity just slip by them? This isn’t a flick for Kids, people. Wait til “Race to Witch Mountain”

Recommended: Yes 4.5/5

Memorable Quote: “I’m not locked in here with you…You’re locked in here with ME” - Rorschach - Jackie Earl Haley

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