Review: The Life Before Her Eyes

Now on DVD. I came across ‘The Life Before Her Eyes’ awhile ago when it went by the working title ‘In Bloom’, and trust me the new title makes A LOT more sense for this film.

The film stars Uma Thurman as Diana, and the always fabulous Evan Rachel Wood as the younger version. Younger Diana goes through a traumatic “Columbine” type incident at her high school, as an adult she cannot forget what happened, and the film shows us how she goes on with her everyday life in the aftermath. Now at first it plays out a little like a Lifetime film, except with better acting. But it’s the ending of this film that throws you, and some people’s initial feeling (like mine) was anger, but then you realize how original that it is, and if it had ended the way you thought it would, it would be just another lifetime movie.

Yes, there is a twist in the end, I won’t tell you because it will literally ruin the entire movie, but what I do advise you to do if you watch this film is to pay close attention to detail, it helps explain the ending more. The acting in the film is top notch. Evan Rachel Wood can do no wrong, she’s absolutely flawless in everything I’ve seen her in (which is literally almost every movie she’s made) Uma Thurman is also great as the elder Diane, but Eva Amurri, who plays Younger Diana’s friend Maureen is the one that steals the show with her sweet innocence.

Recommended: Yes, for a mom and daughter flick, or soothing chick flick. The film’s first half drags a bit, and repeated flashbacks can get a little redundant, but overall it’s a very watchable film.


Memorable Quote: “I don’t believe it, that the heart is the strongest muscle. In my case…it isn’t” - Young Diana (Evan Rachel Wood)


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