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Hey all, I recently took a trip to Minneapolis, MN to see some great flicks and the always wonderful Indie Lagoon theaters. Enjoy, and comment please

“Choke” is a film based on a novel of the same name written by Chuck Palahnuik, who also wrote ‘Fight Club’. “Choke” follows Victor (Sam Rockwall). He’s a sex addict, he attends meetings with his fellow addict/co worker/best friend Denny (Brad William Henke). In the morning he works at an 18th century tourist spot where he and Denny constantly are getting in trouble for breaking character. By night, he fakes choking at up-scale restaurants so that people can ’save’ him. Once they’ve done that they feel responsible for Victor’s life and send him money, which he uses to keep his Alzheimer’s inflicted mother Ida(Angelica Huston) in a fancy nursing home. As his mother gets worse, he forms a relationship with a doctor, Paige (Kelly MacDonald) who thinks she can save her. Their whirlwind journey starts there as Victor attempts to help save his mother, and also learn more about his past, which is shown in flashbacks throughout the film.

I went to “Choke” with absolutely no expectations. I liked ‘Fight Club’ but I didn’t know too much about ‘Choke’ and I was presently surprised. ‘Choke’ was funny, witty, and never boring. Choke is rated R, and does have a lot of sexual content throughout. Sam Rockwall was very entertaining as the lead, and Kelly MacDonald continues to impress me. I must admit I only recognized her form ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’, but she’s truly an amazing actress and I look forward to seeing more of her work. I definitely recommend this film. Its a great comedy, and to be honest I’d look out for it during awards season this year.

4/5 Stars
Memorable Quote - “You, you are going to ruin everything. But of course, I don’t know that yet” - Victor. (Sam Rockwall)

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