DVD Review: Revolutionary Road

Everyone was excited for Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's first film together since 1997's 'Titanic'. Who can blame them? Winslet and DiCaprio radiate chemistry. That gives this film a little something extra and separates it from the somber downer this film could've become.

Frank and April Wheeler are the ideal couple. They are beautiful, have beautiful children, live in a beautiful house on a beautiful street. On the outside of course. On the inside we see a failing marriage with April having big ideas and dreams of becoming an actress and Frank working in an office job he hates. April proposes a pipe dream of moving the family to Paris and starting over. Frank, while reluctant at first goes along, then begins to realize how impossible this scenario has become.

DiCaprio (snubbed by the Academy) and Winslet give flawless performances. They really bring out the emotions in their characters. Director Sam Mendes (Winslet's husband) does a great job telling their story, shooting the elements and really making it feel like the 1950's suburbs.

The supporting cast is pleasant. Michael Shannon (the sole acting nominee for the film at the Oscars, though he didn't win. It sort of reminds me of this year's Stanley Tucci in 'The Lovely Bones') plays a neighbor's fresh out of the Psyche ward son, who helps Frank and April come back to reality in a twisted sort of way. Their friends, Milly (Kathryn Hahn) who plays an unhappy housewife (quite like she did in 'Step Brother's only not as funny) and her husband Shep (David Horbour) who is secretly infatuated with April.

It's not meant to be a feel good movie, although it's not a complete downer either. It shows us the bad parts of marriages, but doesn't discourage us. The movie has a fine lesson in following your dreams. Don't let anything get in the way, it could be too late.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "It's ok, if I had kids I wouldn't want them around either" - John Givings (Michael Shannon)


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