Can dubbing hurt the quality of a film?

What do you think? Can dubbing a film from a foreign language into your native language hurt the quality of the picture?

Recently I watched the original Oldboy on Netflix. It's an English dub, not the subtitled version I was hoping for. As a personal preference, I like to watch foreign films in their respective languages. I just think it feels a little more natural, but I've never experienced anything quite like the Oldboy dub. It was fucking horrible.

Needless to say, it was so horrible that I think it hurt the quality of the film for me. This film is very interesting and very violent, yet I found myself distracted by the fact that the lead character's speaking voice and his narrating voice sounded totally different. None of the other voices seemed to fit their characters, and it was an overall disappointment on a film I was really looking forward to.

Not all dubs are bad. Life is Beautiful is a film that I've watched the dub more times than the Italian version, and that's okay because everything seems like it fits. Even in anime, I tend to prefer the dubs just because those are the voices I'm used to. But I don't think I've come across a dub as terrible as Oldboy.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on dubbing, and some good and bad dubbing experiences you've had. Please share.

5 Cinematic Examples of When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse keeping it real in This Is The End, and Michael Cera making it go wrong.

I caught an episode of the cancelled too soon Chapelle's Show the other day, and it inspired this list. SPOILER ALERT

1) Detective David Mills in Se7en: Mills and Somerset have a murderer out in the middle of the open, and suddenly a mystery box gets delivered to him. Somerset opens it, looks towards David, and says that John Doe has the upper hand. David is trying to keep it real, but when he starts yelling "What's in the fucking box?!" and proceeds to lose his shit and John Doe in the head. This is a perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

2) Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest: In the middle of the night, Joan decides to go for a little stroll in her sleeping kids' closet. She finds one of her daughter's nice dresses on a wire hanger. We know that wire hangers aren't that great for fabric. Joan tries to keep it real, but the she throws a tangent about said wire hanger and incidentally scars her children for life. Way to go, Mom. This is a perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

3) Robb Stark in Game of Thrones: Robb's just having a nice conversation with an attractive field medic. Robb's trying to keep it real, he knows he has to marry a Frey girl, but he doesn't want to. So he bangs said field medic and marries her, directly resulting in the downfall of his army and his (and many other important people's) eventual deaths. Robb thinking with his dick is a perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

4) Damian Cockburn in Tropic Thunder: Damian can't control his cast on his big budget film, Tropic Thunder. He decides to throw them out in the forest, and shoot it "guerrilla style" with hidden cameras planted everywhere. In an attempt to keep it real, Damian gives one last speech to his crew...then promptly steps on an actual land mine. Bonus points could also go to Kirk Lazarus who tries to "keep it real" by staying in character the whole time, and offending his black co-star. These are both perfect examples of when keeping it real goes wrong.

5) The Driver in Drive: The Driver shares a sweet kiss with Irene in an elevator. He senses immediate danger and tries to keep it real for her sake. Instead of disarming the man, and simply knocking him out, The Driver proceeds to violently stomp this guy's head in while poor Irene just stands there and watches. Want to date this guy? This is perfect example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

Rambling TV True Blood episode 6.7: In The Evening

Plus a few things we learned from The Newsroom episode 2.3: Willie Pete
there is no reason for this gif other than the fact that Stannis is the man.

True Blood started off with Eric escaping the vamp camp with Nora, and telling Willa to warn Pam about the Hep-V tainted Tru Blood. Pam tells Willa to only tell Tara and Jessica, if all of the vampires refuse the Tru Blood, they'll know something is up.
Eric brings Nora to Bill's house, and sincerely asks Bill to heal her since he's "God" now. I felt really bad for Eric here, Alexander Skarsgard was killing it. Bill confides in Eric that he's been using Warlow's blood to walk in the sun. He tells him about his vision of the white room, and that they need Warlow's blood to help stop it.
Cut to Warlow and Sookie lying naked in Faery graveyard land. Warlow thinks that because Sookie slept with him that she accepted his marriage proposal. Sookie's like "LOL This is 2013 I can fuck whenever I want and that doesn't mean I'm marrying you!" Okay, she didn't exactly say that, but it's what she meant. Sookie senses Arlene crying in the cemetery and goes to comfort her about Terry. This was probably my favorite scene in this episode. Carrie Preston was the MVP of this episode. She made me nearly cry and one point and laugh out loud later. Arlene tells Sookie how Terry died, and how she got a glimpse of what life would be like without Terry's problems, then it was taken away. It was heartbreaking.
Sookie takes Arlene back to the Belflour household so she can break the news to her kids. Arlene is angry and yells at Lafayette about what's in Terry's security box. Later they find out it's a huge life insurance policy taken out 3 days prior.
necrophilia is illegal.
Sarah Newlin finds the governor's head in his backyard, and has a super creepy moment where she kisses him and swears his death will not be in vain. She calls the senator and advises him that the public cannot know about his death. They will get rid of his body Breaking Bad style and say he is in hiding. I cannot wait until someone totally fucks up Sarah's little plan. Her character is deliciously evil.
Lafayette called Sam to tell him about Terry, so he's on his way to Bon Temps. He and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About have goodbye shower sex, and her mother comes to pick her up. Just when I think this pointless storyline is going to be over.....
Alcide's stupid pack intercepts them and confronts Alcide when he lies about it. Oh my God, GO AWAY WEREWOLVES! There were so many pointless Alcide filler moments in this episode. Everything else was perfect except for them! Alcide is sexy, I get it, but he shouldn't be on the main cast. They should've left him as an occasionally re-occurring character. His storylines are never interesting unless they directly involve Sookie or Eric. Plus they're dragging poor Sam down with them.
Bill shows up at the Belflour household in the day time and everyone is obviously shocked. Arlene, who's had a lot to drink at this point was like "I'm wasted...oh shit....this shit's real, idn't it?" I loved that. Bill also apologized to Andy for Jessica killing 3/4 of his children. As if that is supposed to be enough. Bill could've at least said he would see that Jessica is punished for it. Bill takes Sookie outside and tells her that he needs Warlow to save Eric, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and the rest of the vampires. He says if she doesn't get him, the blood of her friends will also be on her hands. Good, get rid of Warlow and go back to fucking Eric.
Speaking of Jessica, Jason managed to get her alone in a conference room to help set her free. He just wants to do her right. Instead, Jessica gets Jason to go grab James (The vampire from her copulation test last episode) so she can fuck a vampire before she dies. Jessica, that was a shitty thing to do to Jason. Even though I hated the Jessica/Jason relationship, that was all very shady. Sarah finds Jason, tells him the governor is dead, cuts him, and promptly throws him into gen pop. Tara tries to protect him, but the old Vampire we saw a few episodes back claims him as hers.
We also had a hysterical scene with Pam teasing her psychiatrist with her insatiable sexual appetite. Pam is the best, seriously.
why does Bill have this old school nightie in his house?
The episode ended with Eric and Nora. Taking Bill's blood didn't heal her, and we got a flashback about how Nora was made. I was disappointed that there was no Godric in it. Nora tells Eric that he still has Pam and Willa to walk beside him in this world, and that she had lived fully, like he promised her. Then the Hep V ran it's course, and Nora died in a steaming, bloody mess in Eric's arms. As he was crying, he turns to look at the doorway where Bill is standing. I'm glad Nora is gone, I seriously hated her character, but I felt terrible for Eric.  Ladies and Gentleman, Eric Northman is going to be really, fucking pissed when we see him again. Hopefully this means he kicks a few asses while he's at it.
The Newsroom
Here are a few things I learned from this episode of The Newsroom:
1) I still don't want Will and Mac to ever get back together. They are better without the romance.
2) Malaria medicine sounds really fucked up.
3) Aaron Sorkin writes great dialogue, but he doesn't really write great female characters. He should take a lesson from Jason Reitman. His female characters always stand out in my mind.
4) Last week's episode was probably one of the best of the entire series, this week's felt slow and boring.
5) I don't really care about Reese.
6) OF COURSE someone would be live tweeting about a town getting dosed with White Phosphorus.
7) Everyone on the Romney bus is still an asshole, including Meryl Streep's smug daughter. Jim, get back to the newsroom.
8) Booking agents beat their wives.
9) Nina
10) Sloan and Don are a little closer to fucking. 

Indie Gems: I've Loved You So Long

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
I love French movies. This is one I've been meaning to watch for awhile. I've read reviews by many of my fellow bloggers. I also remember Roger Ebert making a big deal out of Kristin Scott Thomas not getting an Oscar nomination for this. This is a peculiar film. I loved it, up until the very end. The last 5 minutes of the film made me go "wait a minute.." but they didn't ruin the movie for me. I'm going to explain why at the end of my review. I'll use a spoiler warning.
Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas) has just gotten out of prison. She served 15 years for killing her 6 year old son. She's moved in with her younger sister Lea (Elsa Zlyberstein) who was only a child herself when Juliette was sent away. She has a hard time adjusting, but Lea's family is kind for the most part. We see her navigate her way through her new found freedom and eventually learn the truth about why she killed her precious child.
I think as a parent you automatically want to judge someone for killing their own child but in a strange way, I didn't judge Juliette. I patiently waited for her explanation, because I knew she had one. (Or she was going to be a psychopath and I was going to be very surprised) Kristin Scott Thomas did give one hell of a performance, as did Zlyberstein. Everyone in Lea's family and circle of friends felt perfect. Her children love their auntie unconditionally, even when she's not exactly kind to them at first. When Lea finally asks Juliette "why?" the outcome is devastating. My first reaction was to cry, but after Juliette gives her full explanation, it was like I sucked up all of my tears and went "wait..."
Why am I including a film like this in my Indie Gems if I didn't like the ending? The truth is, there are movies I enjoy where the endings aren't satisfying. (The Butterfly Effect immediately comes to mind) This film is a wonderful, and the performances are strong, and even though I thought the ending was border lining on cop out territory, I still liked the film, and I still think you should see it.
Grade: B
Memorable Quote: "The worst prison is the death of one's child. You never get out of it." - Juliette (Kristin Scott Thomas)
**************SPOILER ALERT*************************************
Now on to that ending. We find out that the reason Juliette killed her son was because he had some terminal illness that they never name. She never spoke during her trial, so no one else knew about it. I find that very hard to believe. She was a doctor, she caught the warning signs early, and did all of the tests herself. (Without her colleagues noticing, I guess) and it was debilitating enough for her to take him away, throw him a little party, and mention "at that point, he could barely move." All of this without the boy's father noticing. She euthanizes him to put him out of his misery. Did the authorities not do an autopsy on this kid? Could they not tell that A) she euthanized him and B) He was suffering from some kind of terminal illness that apparently caused him to be immobile? An autopsy would show all of that, and I assume that would all be in her trial. So if she remained silent, wouldn't those two facts put together kind of give you an idea as to why she did it? Her family was clueless to her motive. That could explain her light sentence of 15 years, but that doesn't explain everyone in her family not knowing why she did it and completely disowning her. Perhaps the parents knew and just chose not to explain it to Lea? Was this story not in the news? I don't know how the judicial system works in France, but while all of this was a very devastating story, I just can't see it flying in real life without people at least "understanding" (not accepting) why she did what she did. I can't see anyone being completely in the dark to her motive.

DVD Review: Silent Hill: Revelation

When 3D suddenly makes your film worse.
I'm not really sure how they talked Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell into reprising their roles. Or how they managed to get someone like Carrie-Anne Moss. This film was littered with problems and you probably already know how this review is going to go.
Harry (Sean Bean) and his daughter Heather (Adelaide Clemens) have just moved to another town. They've done this quite often, trying to escape their past. She makes one new friend at her high school, Vincent (Kit Harington) who seems to somewhat understand her. She's been plagued by visions of a place called Silent Hill since her childhood. When her father is suddenly taken, she's forced to go there to save him.
Let's be real here. There is no fucking way Clemens or Harington are in high school. They're both in their mid twenties and they look it. Putting them in a high school setting was just embarrassing. The thing that made the original Silent Hill so damn creepy was the aspects from the games. (which were pretty damn creepy as well) but the effects they used for 3D actually cheapen the look. Even Pyramid Head isn't as menacing as he once seemed. As much as I loved seeing Sean Bean and Kit Harington on screen again, and waited for a "The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother." or a "you must be Ned Stark's bastard!" this movie was awful. I feel bad for mostly everyone involved.
The ending you can see a mile away, and I only hope that Vincent showed Heather the lord's kiss to make everything better.*
Recommended: No
Grade: D-
Memorable Quote: "My mother... She's kind of intimidating, my mother." Vincent (Kit Harington)
*Did anyone here really think I could go through this review without making Game of Thrones jokes?

Review: Only God Forgives

Is Nicolas Winding Refn the next M. Night Shyamalan?
Julian (Ryan Gosling) is a drug dealer hiding behind the guise of a boxing club. His older brother is murdered. Julian knows why, and lets the man who did it go. Well Julian's peach of a mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) shows up, creeps on her son and demands she give him her older son's murderer's head.
This film is littered with long takes and stunning lighting. As a film fan, I can appreciate a point. Cinematography one of the most important parts of film. It helps enhance the story and makes us feel like we're really there. But here's the thing, when you are being to obvious about it, you're not enhancing it, you're being pretentious. I know some will interpret that differently, but here's my stance on it: When you wade into some Lars Von Trier douche territory and start filming certain things "just because they look arty." It's overkill. Gus Van Sant perfected the "long take" because his characters are actually accomplishing something while he's doing it. Sam Mendes can shoot a fight scene against a beautiful Shanghai back drop, and it works because the it enhances the scene, not overwhelms it.  Ang Lee can give us sweeping views of the mountains in Brokeback Mountain, and it means something because that is where his characters fell in love.
Refn shoots long takes of his actors just standing there, staring at each other. Then will pan back and forth between the two again. It gets long and unnecessary. The film drags because of this. I liked the darkly lit hallways he used. I liked him shooting a scene through beaded curtains, but they go on for several minutes too long. How long do I need to see Ryan Gosling and a prostitute starting at each other? About 5 seconds. Not 5 minutes. Would the film have been better if he would've laid off this technique? Yes, but not by much. The plot itself is thin and we don't get enough back story as to why Julian does what he does. How can I feel for him if the only thing I know is that he fucked up in America, fled, and has a terrible mother? I've read a lot of complaints that the film is "ultraviolent" but I have to disagree here. It was violent, yes, but not more than I expected it to be.
I hope Nicolas Winding Refn isn't the next M. Night. I really hope this isn't the case of Refn having one hit (Drive) then subsequently getting full control of a movie and ruining it. (Like M. Night has done on everything after the Sixth Sense) But to be perfectly honest, Cliff Martinez's excellent score is the only reason I'm not giving this movie a big fat F.
Recommended: No
Grade: D-
Memorable Quote: "Wanna fight?" - Julian (Ryan Gosling)


Rambling TV: True Blood ep 6.6 Don't You Feel Me

Plus things we learned from The Newsroom ep 2.1 The Genoa Tip
"Sookie! The only man you should be with is Eric. Then maybe Sam! What are you thinking?"
Well, I've got to hand it to the writers of True Blood. They sure know how to stir up the pot. I'll get to that in a minute.
We pick up right where we left off with possessed Lafayette drowning Sookie. Bill sensed it, and sent Warlow off to rescue her. He blasts Lala with his faery light to get Sookie's father's spirit out of him. Sookie essentially tells her dad to fuck off. He cries and leaves. That actually made me feel really bad! Bill is trying to summon Warlow, so Sookie takes him to the safe faery version of Bom Temps' graveyard. Because apparently she can go there willingly, and not just by accident now. (I'm a little slow on the fact checking, but she never did that on her own before, right?)
Bill makes that professor he kidnapped drain his blood so he goes comatose to speak with Lillith, she speaks and riddles and proves to be a little useless. Bill is going to have to take things into his own hands. He drinks Warlow's blood so he can day walk.
Same and Girl I Don't Give a Fuck About give Emma back to Martha. Alcide tells Sam that he's not allowed back in Shreveport, Bon Temps, or anywhere his pack can find him. At which point Sam should've pointed out "That's total bullshit, I OWN TWO BUSINESSES IN BON TEMPS!" But Sam just took it. What the fuck?
Andy gives his fairy daughter four names. Adalynn Braylynn Charlaine (ha!) Danica. Or something like that. Cute.
Jason is busy getting recruited into the vamp police when he TELLS SARAH NEWLIN HIS PLAN! I know Jason isn't that bright, but come on. That was stupid. She tests him later by trying to get Jessica to fuck another vampire in front of him. They don't go through with it, but something tells me we're going to see more of that vampire again.
Eric and Pam don't kill each other, thank God, they kill a few guards and piss the governor off even more. Later, Eric is in a cage, and they bring Nora in strapped to a gurney. They're giving her a poison they've created called "Hepatitis V." It's going to kill her. I really dislike Nora's character, but I loved her line "I'll be with Godric again, and I'll get to look into his beautiful blue eyes." I love Godric, more visions with him please. Eric summons Willa who is able to trick a guard into letting her see Eric. Because why have smart people guard a bunch of vampires? They break free and on their way to try to find Pam, Eric finds out that they are putting this Hep V in all of the Tru Blood they're making. "Fuck me." Eric says.
I miss Godric
I should start by saying I'm not the biggest fan of Bill, but I totally loved him in this scene: He shows up, in broad daylight to speak with the Governor. When he doesn't get the answers he wants, he has all of the guards kill each other than rips the Governor's fucking head off. He was on a Tywin Lannister level of bossery here. Loved that scene, even though he probably should've made the Governor lead him to his vamp camp.
I know I've been recapping a little out of order, but that's because there's two storylines that really bothered me this episode. Sookie's and Terry's.
Will start with Terry. Earlier in the episode, he shows up to Lafayette's to drop off a safety deposit key. Lafayette knows something is off, so he calls Arlene. Convinced that he's trying to commit suicide, Holly and Arlene decide to have a vampire glamour Terry into forgetting his past. Which is all very well, but remember last episode when Terry asked that dude to kill him? When Arlene sat down on Terry's lap, I was on the edge of my seat. I thought a bullet was going to come through that window and hit Arlene instead. Later at Merlotte's Terry gets shot in the neck and dies. He dies with Arlene singing to him.
I like Terry, I do. He was sweet, and even though I hate the ifrit storyline SO MUCH, I felt like his death was an after thought in this episode. I'm sure Terry's death will be the catalyst to bring everyone together, back to Bon Temps, but I felt like he deserved better. I'm not saying he should've been the main focal point of this episode, but the fact that he got shot at work, and no one even yelled "call 911" or made a half ass attempt to save him was total bullshit.
Speaking of total bullshit, let's get to Sookie and Warlow. In faery land, Sookie had to bind Warlow's hands because despite being with him at night time before, he can't control himself. (sure) They talk a little about how much Warlow has longed for Sookie, then for some reason, Sookie decides to let him feed on her, then fuck her. Yes, the same Sookie that rescinded Eric's invitation to her house because she wanted to be "that girl in the white dress again" lets a vampire feed on her, then creates a blood bond with him. THEN FUCKS HIM! What!? Where did that come from? Anna Paquin just had twins, and she looks like that good!? Can someone just kill Warlow? The only dude Sookie should be fucking is Eric.
Despite that, this was actually one hell of an episode, and it sets the stage for something big. I can't wait for next week's episode.
The Newsroom
So this is the start of season 2's big story: The Genoa tip. (The first "fake" news story that Aaron Sorkin has introduced as a main plot point.
What we learned:
1) Genoa is going to be a big fucking deal.
2) Don is heart broken over a man put to death for a crime he didn't commit (and Thomas Sadoski really killed it with his pain. I'm assuming he's going to need those skills again when Maggie is in Africa)
3) Everyone on the Romney bus is a total douche bag, and Jim is getting real tired of Maggie's shit.
4) So is Lisa.
5) Will's first broadcast was on 9/11 and it was very emotional. Also he used to be a prosecutor, and he bailed Neal out of jail by throwing a well worded bitch fit.
6) MacKenzie gives Maggie permission to go to Africa. Uh oh.
7) Foursquare is super creepy.
8) Sloan had the best lines in this episode and no you can not fucking say Charlotte.
9) Sloan and Don are going to bone.

Indie Gems: The Brass Teapot

Admit it. You would probably do the same thing.
A poor young couple Alice (Juno Temple) and John (Michael Angarano) are "two steps away from white trash" as they put it. One day, while browsing through a roadside antique store, Alice sees a brass teapot and is immediately mesmerized with it. She steals it, and her and John high tail it out of there. Soon, they discover that this teapot dispenses cash whenever they feel pain. They must find that fine line between controlling themselves, or letting it go too far.
I can't judge these characters. If this teapot landed in my lap, and shot out $100 bills for every scratch, cut, or burn, I'd probably take advantage. The lengths these two go are quite comical. It starts out with a simple burn from a curling iron, and escalates to Brazilian waxes, dentistry work without Novocain, and bar fights with people twice their size. The film is quite predictable when you think about it, but even though you can see the ending a mile away, it's still a fun ride to see where John and Alice go next, and when they will get their much needed reality check.
I loved the cast. I've been a big fan of Juno Temple since I saw her in Atonement and Notes on a Scandal. Small parts, but I knew she just had something special about her. Michael Angarano is always reliable as well, and Alia Shawkat, Alexis Bledel, Bobby Moynihan and Jack McBrayer all pop up in small, but interesting roles.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "I can't do this without you." - Alice (Juno Temple)

2013 Emmy Nominees + My Thoughts

Here's a short list of some of the 2013 Emmy nominees. Oh Emmys, you and your weird rules never cease to amaze me. My thoughts, as always will follow in green.

The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family
30 Rock

I still don't see how Girls gets so much praise. Not my cup of tea I guess. No Office for their final season. I expect 30 Rock will win for it's final. I just started watching Veep, and I'm glad to see it here. That show is hilarious.

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game Of Thrones
House Of Cards
Mad Men

Breaking Bad! Game of Thrones! That's really all I care about in this category. I guess this answered the question I had about House of Cards being eligible since it belongs to Netflix.

Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad
Hugh Bonneville - Downton Abbey
Damian Lewis - Homeland
Kevin Spacey - House of Cards
Jon Hamm - Mad Men
Jeff Daniels - The Newsroom
Bryan Cranston, FTW!

Vera Farmiga - Bates Motel
Michelle Dockery - Downton Abbey
Claire Danes - Homeland
Robin Wright - House of Cards
Elisabeth Moss - Mad Men
Connie Britton - Nashville
Kerry Washington - Scandal
Despite not watching Scandal, I'm happy for Kerry Washington. She's a great actress, and she's criminally underrated. I have to laugh at Nashville getting a nomination though. That show is insanely cheesy.

Jason Bateman - Arrested Development
Jim Parsons - The Big Bang Theory
Matt LeBlanc - Episodes
Don Cheadle - House of Lies
Louis C.K. - Louie
Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock
Do any of you actually watch Episodes? I don't think I know a single person that does.

Laura Dern - Enlightened
Lena Dunham - Girls
Edie Falco - Nurse Jackie
Amy Poehler as- Parks and Recreation
Tina Fey - 30 Rock
Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Veep
JLD deserves this nom just for the line "It means I have the bigger dick, which means he can suck it." I wonder what the nominees in this category will do this year. They always do something fun.

American Horror Story: Asylum
Behind The Candelabra
The Bible
Phil Spector
Political Animals
Top Of The Lake

I lol every time I see American Horry Story in the mini series category. I have nothing against the show, I just find it funny. It's nice to see Top of the Lake get some recognition. You don't see a lot of the things on the Sundance channel at the Emmys.

Bobby Cannavale - Boardwalk Empire
Jonathan Banks - Breaking Bad
Aaron Paul as- Breaking Bad
Jim Carter - Downton Abbey
Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones
Mandy Patinkin - Homeland
I think the Emmys made a HUGE mistake in not nominating Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for Game of Thrones. I'm happy for Dinklage, I am, but this wasn't Tyrion's season. This was Jaime's and NCW did a fantastic job. It's a shame he wasn't honored. It's cool that Jonathan Banks got in. I wasn't sure if he would or not. I'm also happy to see Cannavale get his very deserving nomination. If I wasn't such a Breaking Bad lover, I'd think he should win.

Anna Gunn - Breaking Bad
Maggie Smith - Downton Abbey
Emilia Clarke - Game of Thrones
Christine Baranski - The Good Wife
Morena Baccarin as- Homeland
Christina Hendricks - Mad Men
Emilia Clarke over Michelle Fairley for Game of Thrones is a joke. Clarke has improved drastically since season 2, and she was a complete and utter badass in And Now His Watch Has Ended, but you can't tell me that was more powerful than Michelle Fairley's grieving Catelyn in The Rains of Castamere. You can't.

Adam Driver - Girls
Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Modern Family
Ed O’Neill - Modern Family
Ty Burrell - Modern Family
Bill Hader - Saturday Night Live
Tony Hale - Veep
I bet other actors can't wait until Modern Family goes off the air.

Mayim Bialik - The Big Bang Theory
Jane Lynch - Glee
Sofia Vergara - Modern Family
Julie Bowen - Modern Family
Merritt Wever - Nurse Jackie
Jane Krakowski - 30 Rock
Anna Chlumsky - Veep
Yay for Anna Chlumsky!! My Girl is all grown up. As much as I love the Big Bang Theory, I can't even be happy for Bialik here. Her off screen persona has unfortunately soured me. I hate it when that happens.

James Cromwell - American Horror Story: Asylum
Zachary Quinto - Aerican Horror Story: Asylum
Scott Bakula - Behind The Candelabra

John Benjamin Hickey - The Big C: Hereafter
Peter Mullan - Top of the Lake
So the final season of The Big C gets to be a mini series now? Or did it actually air separately from the final season?

Sarah Paulson - American Horror Story: Asylum
Imelda Staunton - The Girl
Ellen Burstyn - Political Animals
Charlotte Rampling - Restless
Alfre Woodard - Steel Magnolias.
I'm kind of surprised this is the only nomination The Girl got.

The Colbert Report
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Real Time With Bill Maher
Saturday Night Live

Will The Daily Show keep its winning streak?

Nathan Lane  - The Good Wife
Michael J. Fox - The Good Wife

Rupert Friend  - Homeland

Robert Morse - Downton Abbey
Harry Hamlin - Mad Men

Dan Bucatinsky - Scandal

I know the Emmys want nothing to do with The Walking Dead outside of the make up category, but come on. No Lennie James? Rupert Friend got nominated, but not Lennie James? Fail.

Margo Martindale - The Americans
Diana Rigg - Game of Thrones

Carrie Preston - The Good Wife

Linda Cardellini - Mad Men
Jane Fonda - The Newsroom

Joan Cusack - Shameless

Diana Rigg! Carrie Preston! Linda Cardellini! Yay!

Bob Newhart - The Big Bang Theory
Nathan Lane - Modern Family

Bobby Cannavale  Nurse Jackie

Louis C.K. - Saturday Night Live

Justin Timberlake - Saturday Night Live

Will Forte - 30 Rock
This is a great group of guest stars. (Though I would've included Bruno Mars for hosting SNL. He was so much better than I expected) Cannavale and Louis CK are double nominees. I figured Justin Timberlake would get a lot of love for hosting since it was so publicized. I can't blame them, I was totally captivated when I heard him sing 'Mirrors' for the first time. That song is great. Will Forte is hilarious and I feel like he's kind of been forgotten lately.

Molly Shannon - Enlightened

Dot-Marie Jones - Glee

Melissa Leo - Louie

Melissa McCarthy - Saturday Night Live
Kristen Wiig - Saturday Night Live

Elaine Stritch - 30 Rock

I don't think Wiig or McCarthy are worthy for their hosted episodes. McCarthy had one memorable sketch. (The college basketball coach one) and Wiig was just bringing back her tired characters from her original run on SNL.

Bob’s Burgers
Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness:
Regular Show
The Simpsons
South Park

I love South Park, but I cannot believe Regular Show got nominated. Have you seen that? It's so fucking ridiculous. My husband thinks it's hilarious. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear this.

DVD Review: Gangster Squad

Secret Heroes
Remember when the studio forced the film makers of Gangster Squad to re-shoot their ending because it featured a shoot up in a movie theater not too long after some asshole actually shot innocent people in one? Yeah, that didn't do this film any favors.
Sergeant John O'Mara (Josh Brolin) is told to put together a band of cops (Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie, Michael Pena, etc.) to bring down notorious gangster Mickey Cohen. (Sean Penn) They will remain anonymous and not reveal themselves as police officers. Eventually, Mickey catches on to them.
I'm not really sure what to think of this movie. At times, the editing is really distracting. It's like they tried to do those stylish slow motion shots that directors like Zack Snyder are famous for, but failed miserably. I'm not sure if this was just my dvd, but the sound was really inconsistent as well. I found myself constantly having to turn up the volume when the characters were talking, only to turn it down a couple of notches during the many shoot out scenes. The performances were nothing special. In fact, this film actually managed to make Ryan Gosling NOT sexy. What was with that voice? I'm surprised my ears didn't bleed.

I also find it kind of funny the way the film re-wrote history. I wasn't expecting this to be a character study on Cohen, but when you put words on the screen at the end of the film to tell us what happened afterwards, shouldn't you tell us the truth? It felt a bit unnecessary. This entire film felt like a missed opportunity.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "Are you going to take me away from all of this and make a honest woman out of me? - Grace (Emma Stone)

Rambling TV: True Blood ep 6.5 - Fuck The Pain Away/The Newsroom ep 2.1 First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers

I truly believe that God wants me to fuck you.
We pick up right where we left off last week with Sookie aiming her vampire killing light right at Warlow. He says he means her no harm, he loves her, and he's wondered through life for years thinking only of her. So she drop the bomb: "Why did you kill my parents."
Of course after the opening credits we cut to a totally different scene, Jessica still freaking out about killing Andy's fairy children. There's also a little problem with her being high/horny as fuck.
Back to Sookie and Warlow, he tells her that the night her parent's died, they were trying to kill her. Immediately I'm a little confused by this revelation as I'm fairly sure Sookie mentioned being at home with her Grandma and Jason when her parents died. Maybe they'll elaborate. She zaps him, Bill feels it, and shows up to Sookie's house to take Warlow. He drops an "as your maker, I command you." and Warlow has to go with him.
Tara tells Eric the vampire cops got Pam, so his plan was for them to surrender. I love how Eric didn't put another shirt on, or button up the one he was wearing. He should be shirtless all of the time. Or they should put him back in those sexy tight black tank tops he wore in the earlier seasons.
The Governor is on his way to the camp as well, to take Willa there. Sarah Newlin tells him they should get married and have babies. He's upset she even suggested it. As he's walking away, Sarah screams "When a woman shows up in black lingerie you unwrap her!"
Bill took Warlow back to his underground research lab and was taking Warlow's blood. He commanded him not to escape or try to kill him, and he explains how he drank Lillith's blood so he is part of her and has her memories. We then flash back to 3500BC when Warlow is in a small village. He leaves to get water in broad day light, but when we arrives at the river, it's pitch black. That's where Lillith sees him, and I shit you know, casually walks up to him, rips his loin cloth off and fucks him right where he stands. Then she scratches him, smells his blood, and proceeds to turn him. Later, Warlow is trying to threatening to kill the professor that Bill locks up. He tells Bill Lillith turned him into something he hates. It's because of her that he massacred his entire village (except for young Niall)
Now we get to my favorite part of this episode - Sarah is sitting outside of Jason's house. She tells him that she failed him, she's never felt holier than when she is with him, and she tells him "I think God wants me to fuck you." Cut to Jason and Sarah having wildly rough sex. "How's God feeling now?" "Righteous!" Oh my God, I laughed so far.
Here's a quick filler wrap up. Andy had gone to Bill's house earlier to find his dead daughters, but one of them was still breathing. He takes her back to his station and has her drink some vampire blood he had in the world's shittiest evidence room. Later, Holly talks Andy out of going back to Bill's to confront him and Jessica, because he's weaker and he'll lose. Common sense! Alcide and his dad argue in a bar. Sam and Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About wake up in the hotel, she tries to call someone, Sam stops her. Alcide's dad happens to be staying at the same hotel and sees all of this happen. Terry is still talking about his marine buddies, because this stupid storyline will not fucking die, and he wants one of his former friends to kill him. The friend agrees. Honestly, I love Terry, but I'm so fucking sick of this storyline that I would welcome it if they killed him.
Jessica shows up at Jason's freaking out. She thinks Bill might be the devil and she is having sinful thoughts. She asks Jason if he ever loved her, which he says yes. She asks what he loved about her, and as he's talking Sarah walks out of the bedroom. "I didn't know you had a vampire girlfriend." Jessica is pissed. She threatens Sarah and starts molesting her (when she should be killing her) Sarah rescinds the invitation to Jason's house, and the vampire police are out front waiting for her. Sarah called them. She then tells Jason that her body is a temple and he's defiled it with his vampire loving pecker. God, her lines were great this episode.
We go back to the vampire camp and we see Eric going through a test, and Pam is speaking with a psychiatrist. She's not having it at first, but when she's offered a human doner over watered down Tru Blood, she spills the beans. She tells him everything about vampire nests and their makers, etc. Then she says that while she was angry at her maker for releasing her, she's over it, because that's what vampires do. Immediately I knew that was a huge mistake for her to say that. I'm a little weary about these camp scenes. They are starting to remind me of the AVL scenes from last season, and that was boring as hell.
We cut to a quick scene of Jessica and Tara in the generate population at the
camp. I'm kind of surprised Jessica didn't start dry humping someone, she's still high on fairy blood. No sign of Nora. She was captured, but we have yet to see her.
Later, The Governor and Sarah go to a viewing room where Steve Newlin and some of the doctors are waiting. "Oh, your gay ex." The Governor casually says to Sarah. She's getting real tired of this shit. Eric is behind the glass, he and the Governor exchange a few fuck you's. You can tell Eric is shocked that The Governor actually brought Willa here. Eric tells him to give him something to kill, and out comes...Pam! No! I will seriously freak the fuck out if Pam or Eric dies. I hope at the last minute they throw Nora in there too, and Eric chooses to kill her over Pam, and they will be spared? Is that stretching it a bit?
Sookie visits Lafayette at work, and he remarks "Now what is you doin’ here at your place of work because I know it ain’t work." HA! Sookie never works anymore. I miss the Merlotte's scenes. I hope we get more of them as the season goes on. Anyways, Sookie wants Lafayette's help because he's a medium. He calls the spirits of her parents, and her dad posses him quite like so many others did in season 4/5. Great acting by Nelson Ellis here. He's really underrated, he's always top notch and the Emmys have never recognized him. Somehow Lafayette/Sookie's Dad ties her up and throws her in the trunk of his car. Why didn't she zap him with her fairy light? Who the fuck knows. He takes her to the river and tries to drown her.
This episode felt like it was full of continuity errors to me, but it was still a good one. (Seriously, who wrote the vampire bible anyways? How did the Authority get her blood if Warlow fried her alone?) Rumor has it that "the big death" is supposed to happen in the next episode. It Pam dies, yet Tara lives, I don't know what I'll do.
What happened to Maggie?
gif via starbuckara
The Newsroom started up last night. And they changed their awful intro into something a little less awful.
If you recall, Will McAvoy called the Tea Party the 'American Taliban' at the end of a newscast last season. That didn't go over well, and while season 2 picks up right where season 1 left off, it's doing so in a series of flashbacks.
Will is speaking to ACN's lawyer, who's trying to get answers out of him on why News Night aired a story on operation Genoa. Apparently, they had to retract it. They don't give us a lot of info so far, but Maggie walks in with the worst hair cut ever, and when the lawyer inquired about what happened to her, and throws a picture on the table of what she looked like 23 months ago. Will said she chased a story to Uganda and things got real, and she came back very messed up. That's instantly intriguing to me. One of my favorite parts of The Newsroom is Maggie and Jim's relationship, even though Maggie is a complete spaz.
 Will is being pulled off of the 9/11 anniversary coverage, much to his (and MacKenzie's) dislike.
Neal pitches an idea about covering Occupy Wall Street, which is in it's early stages. MacKenzie declines his pitch, but encourages him to go to their meeting anyways. Of course he gets a coffee with a hipster looking girl that was leading the meeting, who tells him they don't want the media to cover them yet or else they'll get it all wrong.
Maggie approaches Jim in the office and asks if they can go back to how they used to be. Jim points out that it's only awkward because she wants it to be, and she is still staff, and this conversation is highly inappropriate. THANK YOU, JIM! One of the things that drove me nuts about this show, was the way Maggie acted at the office. It was unprofessional, and I'm glad Jim pointed that out. Sloan makes a quip later in the show about no HR department ever handling this office. That's the truth. Jim wants to get away from having to see Maggie and Don's relationship blossom, so he offers to go out on the road to cover the Romney campaign as the ACN staffer doing it before broke his foot.
Later, we get a scene with Sloan apologizing to Don for asking him why he never dated her. She thought it was her last day, and it sounded like a good line. He forgives her, and goes on his way back to Maggie because he's at nearly two weeks of being a good boyfriend. Too bad when he arrives home, he's packing a bag while Maggie is sleeping. She wakes up, and he shows her a youtube video of her rant at the Sex in the City tour bus last season. He knows she was talking about Jim. Don is obviously annoyed that he felt guilty for not loving her, when she really was in love with Jim. Maggie offers to leave, but Don does first. I guess Jim didn't have to go cover the Romney campaign after all.
 A man named Jerry Dantana from Washington, DC is going to cover for Jim while he's away. Will isn't too fond of him. After a heated debate live on the air, Will throws to commercial 41 seconds early. We cut back to MacKenzie talking with the lawyers, listing a chain of events that had they not happened, they wouldn't be here right now.
Cut to Will and Maggie sitting out in the hallway.
The Newsroom is a little awkward for me to recap it the way I do the other shows. Maybe it's because while I enjoy it, I'm not as passionate about it as I am other shows? I know this was more a summary than a recap, but I'll try to get more detailed as the episodes go on. I wasn't expecting this to be so awkward to write.

Indie Gems: Lost in Translation

We're all trying to find our place in life.
I get that feeling every now and then. Wondering what I should be doing in life. Wondering if I took the right career path and made the right choices. I'm happy, and I like to think everything worked out the way I wanted. (Except for me being rich. Yeah, that would be nice.) All kidding aside, I felt like I could really relate with the characters in this film, despite being in a "different place" so to speak in my life.
Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is an actor who's star is fading. He's in Tokyo doing a whiskey commercial when he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) a young woman who follows her photographer husband on his assignment. She's not exactly sure what to do with herself at this point. Her husband doesn't pay a lot of attention to her, but by chance she meets Bob, and they help each other.
The thing I liked about this, was that it wasn't necessarily an affair that Bob and Charlotte were having. At the most, it was an emotional one, but so many other stories could've gone in a different direction than this one did. That kiss at the end? The film would've worked without it. I appreciate it for being so unique and honest. It's obvious to me that Sofia Coppola wrote this character with Bill Murray in mind, he's perfect as Bob. Normally, Scarlett Johansson doesn't impress me much. I'd say she's mediocre at best. (but she's so hot, it almost doesn't matter) This is her best work. It's amazing to think she was only 17 when she shot this. She seems so beyond her years.
It's probably due to The Bling Ring being in theaters, but I felt like so many people have been talking about Lost in Translation over the past few weeks, that this was just a perfect time to revisit it. I'm glad I did.
Grade: A
Memorable Quote: "I hope you've had enough to drink. It's going to take courage." - Bob Harris (Bill Murray)

DVD Review: End of Watch

Just another day at the office.
You know, busting up human trafficking rings, getting shot at, running into drug dealers. Being an inner city Los Angeles police officer looks tough.
End of Watch follows two police officers, Brian Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike Zavala (Michael Pena) as they go about their days. Taylor is initially taping his every day life on the job for a class, but the entire film is shot documentary style. It's always done with a hand held camera, and our characters speak to the camera plenty of times. Eventually, the men bust the wrong cartel and will have to endure some serious consequences.
What sets End of Watch apart from other cop movies was the way it was shot.  It felt deeper and more realistic as we continue to see what Taylor and Zavala's every day lives are like. We meet their wives, their co-workers, we get to know them so well that when the film ends, I was actually left disappointed.
Granted, I'm no police officer. I don't know what protocol is, but I found that them running out into the open (and stepping over a few spare guns along the way) during an ambush seemed really risky. They already had called back up, wouldn't you just wait for back up to arrive and try to barricade yourself in? It just makes me sad. I invested into these two guys, and I felt like the ending was just trying to be edgy and just ended up being a bit questionable.
Recommended: Yes (despite the ending, I still think this is a good cop movie to watch. It's very different)
Grade: B-
Memorable Quote: "Did you check to see if it's unlocked first?" - Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal)

Rambling TV: True Blood episode 6.4 - At Last

We start the episode with Sookie and Ben trying to help Jason, who passed out at the end of the last episode. As she runs into another room to call 911, Ben whips out his fangs and gives him his blood. That's right, Ben is a fae/vampire hybrid, and it's very obvious at this point that he is Warlow. I always kind of wondered what would happen if a vampire turned someone with fae blood. Well, apparently we now have our answer.

Sam, Girl I Don't Give A Fuck About, and Emma (who really should be in wolf form from now on so I don't have to hear that kid try to deliver lines) have escaped the wolves and made it to a waiting car driven by Lafayette. Lala thinks they should ditch the girl, but Sam needs a new girlfriend this season, but of course, Sam keeps her around and sends Lafayette off. There was not enough Lafayette in this episode at all. Later on, they kiss in a motel room. Sam gets his heart broken too much. Give this guy a break.

There was some stupid filler with Alcide and his pack. Seriously, that's exactly what happened.

Poor Ginger gets sent to vampire camp since the LAVFT showed up and the vampires weren't there. We also saw Nora getting captured by them after a brief conversation with Niall at the beginning of he episode.

Eric and Pam finally catch up with Tara. When Tara won't tell them where she hid Willa, Eric forces it out of her, Pam is not pleased. I'm really annoyed with how they are having Pam and Eric treat each other this season. The Pam/Eric dynamic was one of the best things about this show, and we got a little hint of it in last week's episode. Not in this one. After Eric takes off, and Tara walks away, Pam is captured by the LAVFT. Someone on EW mentioned that they think Pam is going to die at the camps, and Eric is going to feel bad about it because of their fights. Please don't let that happen! I know we're losing a major character this season, and it better not be fucking Pam. I still think it's Jessica.

Andy's stupid fairy children keep bringing up the Patrick story line that should've just died last season. They age again into stupid teenagers, and take Andy's car for a joy ride. They to go the gas station from the pilot episode, and the same clerk refuses to sell them booze. I loved that scene, it was cool of them to use the same person. I also miss how awesome the first season of True Blood was. Jessica shows up to buy their liquor, she talks the girls into coming to her house, where Bill sweet talks a few of them out of their blood to give to the scientist he has locked up in his basement trying to synthesize it. He's having a hard time since the blood keeps changing. Meanwhile, upstairs, Jess loses her cool and drinks from all of the girls. We don't know if they're dead or not. scene ended with her crying and apologizing to Bill for drinking from them, right as Andy shows up at their front door looking for his kids, once Jason tells him that Vampires can smell Fae.

Eric's ultimate revenge against the governor is to turn his daughter into a vampire. I'm torn on this. On one hand, that's a very clever plan, but on the other, Eric has only turned Pam in his 1000 years. That's supposed to be special! Now he's got another progeny. Willa goes home to show her father that even though she's a vampire, she is still the same. Her dad is sleeping with Sarah Newlin, who is present when Willa returns. He looks like he's buying it, but then baby vamp Willa loses her cool when she smells her father's bloody hand, and tries to attack. Sarah intervenes, and now Willa is off to camp. You would think Eric would've commanded her ahead of time not to freak out and try to drink blood in front of him?

Jason has a wet dream about Ben due to the vampire blood, and he and Sookie separately put two and two together to figure out Ben is Warlow. Jason and Niall attempt to kill him, but Warlow zaps Niall with his fairy light, and glamours Jason into thinking he wasn't there. We see that Warlow can't drink blood, he spits it out as he's drinking from Niall. Later, he sends Niall back into the abyss that Claudine sent him 20 years ago.

Sookie is making a home cooked meal laced with silver, when it has no affect on him, she goes with plan B - making out with him on her coach, and telling him to "get the fuck off me or die, Warlow." As she has her fairy light above him. She really just should've zapped his ass right there without saying anything. Since they kind of need Warlow to destroy Billith, I don't see Sookie killing him in the next episode, no matter how much I want it.

The next episode is called "Fuck The Pain Away" which I'm guessing is directed more towards Sam and Girl I Don't Give a Fuck About. I was hoping for a random Eric and Sookie fuck. I can dream, right?

Indie Gems: Shotgun Stories

Worst. Dad. Ever.

Shotgun Stories starts with a set of brother; Son Hayes, (Michael Shannon) Boy Hayes (Douglas Ligon) and Kid Hayes. (Barlow Jacobs) Yes, those are seriously their names. Obviously a lot of love going on from their parents. Anyways, their father ran out on them when they were kids, got remarried, became a born again Christian and led a seemingly pretty normal life with his replacement wife and kids. Then he dies, Son makes an impromptu speech at his funeral saying what a shitty man their father was. This pisses off their half brothers, and suddenly a "war" is started between these two families that share the same name.

With a title like "Shotgun Stories" one would expect a big shoot out between these brothers, right? Wrong. That's one of the things I love about this film. In the hands of anyone else, this would just be another southern revenge movie. Jeff Nichols makes it a little more intimate. We can see the pain across Son Hayes' face as he tries to do his best to protect his brothers, like he always has. And how angry he gets when someone threatens them.

I'm glad this was on Netflix Instant. After seeing the wonderful Mud this year, and loving Take Shelter two years ago, I can't wait to see what Jeff Nichols does next. Whatever that is, I hope he casts Michael Shannon again.

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "He's already been shot protecting us before." - Boy Hayes (Douglas Ligon)

Emmy Nominees I'm hoping for.

There's plenty of actors on plenty of shows that deserve to be nominated for an Emmy award. These are just a few standouts I've noticed on my favorite shows. I also tried to pick the episode I thought they were the best in. You may wonder why I'm leaving certain people out (Say Charles Dance or Jack Gleeson for Game of Thrones for example) that's because they were not submitted for consideration. Though they should've been. Emmy nominees are announced on July 15th

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Bobby Canavale - Boardwalk Empire episode 3.5: You'd Be Surprised
Bobby Canavale's baddie Gyp Rosetti was the best part of Boardwalk Empire's 3rd season. We've already seen Rosetti do some messed up things at this point. But when he's in the middle a little erotic asphyxiation, someone shoots up his house, and kills plenty of his men. He takes a long walk down the hallway, naked, and covered in blood. His face in this scene is terrifying.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Michael Shannon - Boardwalk Empire episode 3.8: The Pony
Nelson Van Alden is a character with a short temper. We know this. But when he finally loses his shit on his colleagues, and puts a hot iron to the face of one of them, we know he means business. Shannon was barely used this past season, but this scene almost makes up for it. 

Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series - Lennie James - The Walking Dead episode 3.12: Clear

I know, The Walking Dead isn't really a show that comes to mind when you think about Emmys. (Unless we're talking make up) But let's look at guest actor Lennie James. We haven't seen his character, Morgan, since season one. When Rick and co come across him again, he's very different. He's terrified, paranoid, and so, so sad. His speech he gives Rick about how the weak people are the ones that survive was heart breaking. All I could think of the entire time was "Damn, this guy is a good actor."

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - Game of Thrones episode 3.5 Kissed By Fire

Kissed By Fire is my new favorite episode of Game of Thrones, and a big part of it had to do with Jaime's scene with Brienne in the baths at Harranhal. When he explains why he really killed King Aerys, you can just see how emotional this makes him. He was doing what he truly thought was right, yet he was breaking the vows he swore. When he asks Brienne to call him "Jaime" instead of "Kingslayer" we know he's had enough.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - Michelle Fairley - Game of Thrones episode 3.9: The Rains of Castamere
Although Richard Madden may have stolen some of her thunder (he wasn't submitted for whatever reason) The Red Wedding was really about Catelyn's feelings. Fairley did a great job of showing just how broken Cat is. In her last moment, when she slits the throat of an innocent, she knows what's coming. Her husband is dead. Her son just got murdered before her eyes. She belives her other children (except Sansa) to be dead as well. She really has lost everything.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad episode 5.5: Dead Freight
Watching this episode of Breaking Bad literally made me nervous. I was on the edge of my seat, I'm sure my heart was beating fast. God, I get way too into this show. Anyways. Once Jesse thinks they've pull off this elaborate scheme without any casualties, only to see an innocent boy murdered just for seeing them, he just loses it. That last shot of him screaming "NO!" then absorbing what happens is powerful. Paul is one hell of an actor. I did have a hard time choosing between this and the dinner scene with Walt and Skylar. That was fucking hilarious, but I went with this one because of how the episode as a whole made me feel.

Best Actor in a Drama Series - Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad episode 5.7: Say My Name (hard to pick)
To be honest, it's hard to narrow down which episode I think Bryan Cranston is the best in, because he kills every one. I think Bryan Cranston as Walter White will go down in history as one of the best performances in TV history. In this episode, it's just more proof that. There's a scene in episode 1 or 2 where he's kissing Skylar's arm as he lies next to her in bed. Just the way he was talking to her was creepy as hell. Walt has officially gone too far.

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones episode 3.8 Second Sons or episode 3.19 Mhysa

I'm really torn between these two episodes. Dinklage was easily the star of Second Sons, but his meeting with the Small Council in Mhysa was a hell of a scene as well.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Anna Gunn - Breaking Bad episode 5.4: Fifty-One

I should point out that I HATE Skylar's character. I've hated her ever since season 3 when she decided to get into "money laundering." But this season was the first time I legitimately felt bad for her. Everything really does come crashing down, and you can tell how uncomfortable she is around Walt. Skylar's changed this season. You didn't see her losing her shit on Marie before.