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Starting around 2018, I started watching Youtube for more than just movie trailers or music videos whenever a new one dropped. Now I'm in full blown subscription mode and don't bat an eyelash at watching a Youtube video that's over an hour long. I watch Youtube for a few different categories of content, but one of them that I love most is movie/TV essays and commentary, and that's what I'm going to talk about today. Below is a list of my favorite movie related Youtube channels. Let me know if you're familiar with them too, or if you have any you'd like to recommend to me. 

Double Toasted - I'm honestly surprised this channel isn't bigger. I first came across Korey and Martin when they reviewed War for the Planet of the Apes a few months before it hit theaters and I thought they were hysterical. While their full length videos stream on Twitch, they often upload their movie reviews and commentary on youtube and they're always hilarious. They've had a few line up changes, I preferred when they were a group of four with Goodwin and Girts, but I like the other people they use too. They're always entertaining.

Be Kind Rewind - This is a channel that focuses mainly on Actresses and Oscars. BKR has a lovely voice that I could listen to for hours and I've learned a lot of interesting tidbits on classic films and actresses from watching this channel. It's also caused my classic watch list to surge because I'm always adding something new she's talking about to it. 

Jaime French - Jaime is mostly a makeup channel, but she has a series called "Makeup and Movie Mondays" where she reviews a (usually bad) movie while getting ready and it's hilarious. She puts an insane amount of effort into these, including editing herself into the movie at times. I think it's a newer thing for her, because she doesn't have a lot of them. but when her Crossroads review came up as a recommendation for me I immediately subscribed and look forward to more.

Sarah Z - Sarah's channel focuses a bit more on TV and fandom tropes, but what I love the most about her are her Tumblr related deep dives. That's a platform I've used since probably around 2013 primarily to look at gifs, so while I didn't actively participate in a lot of the things she talks about, I was aware of their existence and getting more context on these things was wild. Because of Sarah, I have watched two hour and a half long videos on Johnlock and Destial ships (despite having never watched a single episode of The Supernatural) and I am okay with this.

Lindsay Ellis - I love Lindsay Ellis, the algorithm recommended her live action Beauty and the Beast video to me, and I agreed with everything she said in it and became an instant fan. I don't always agree with her takes on certain movies, but she's always interesting to watch and she's easily one of my favorite people on the platform. She also works for PBS on their webshow It's Lit and talks about books with another creator I'll talk about here.

Jenny Nicholson - I'm fairly sure I came across Jenny on Twitter first as she's a big Star Wars fan and that is what landed me on her channel. She's another one that I just enjoy listening to. She tends to favor numbered lists when going through her points about media and I enjoy that format. Plus she watched every Land Before Time movie while in quarantine and that's pretty impressive. 

MelindaPendulum - Princess Weekes is someone I found through Lindsay Ellis' channel. She's her It's Lit co-host and he content is mostly about the fantasy genre across books, anime, TV and film. I enjoy a lot of her takes, especially on race and feminism. I think the first video of hers I watched was her Gone With The Wind one, which I thought highlighted a lot of very valid complaints people have about the film.

Sideways - This account is technically about the music, but he breaks down film scores in a really interesting way that I never considered until landing on his channel. I believe his video on the music in live action Disney remakes is what brought me to his channel initially, but I'm glad I stayed.

Amanda the Jedi - This is the newest film channel I subscribed to. To be honest, she came up on my recommendations a lot but I never clicked her videos because she added the word "Explained" in all her titles and I kind of hate that. I think it sounds pretentious, a lot of content creators do that and none of it ever makes me want to watch their videos, but I finally gave her a go and she's a good channel to watch if you want to listen to a rant about a bad movie. She's funny and consumes a ton of terrible content so you don't have to.

Quinn Curio - She doesn't post a lot of youtube videos. At the time of me writing this, she only has 5 but I really enjoyed all of them. I found her in a moment of butthurt when I just wanted someone to affirm my feelings of Ron being treated poorly in the Harry Potter films, and I found her video on just that. I needed that, and I'm glad it lead me to her content.

Kennie JD - This is another new one for me. Like Jaime French, she's primarily a beauty channel but she has a series called "Bad Movies and a Beat" and she is so funny. I appreciate the detail she goes in to so much curiosity will never get the best of me because she's already painted the full picture.


  1. I just discovered Jaime French. Her videos crack me UP. Her 80's makeup tutorial had me dying. Thanks for the other recommendations!!

    1. Yes! The effort she puts into those movies ones are insane too.

  2. I've seen a bit of Jenny Nicholson and I was so with her on The Rise of Skywalker and The Crimes of Grindelwald.

    I don't watch a lot of channels other than Solomonster's Sound Off for pro wrestling content and a few things involving films and such. I try to find a short film or two to find and watch if I have the urge to.

    1. Those videos of Jenny's were great. I loved her Land Before Time one too, that was fascinating.

  3. Great list, Britanni. I've never really thought to use YouTube for anything except for watching trailers, music videos and interviews. I know my dad watches a few Russian films via it!

    1. I didn't either until the last few years. There's some excellent creators on the platform.

  4. I found Princess Weekes through the Gone with the Wind video to and then binged the rest of her videos. She teased a Darth Vader one that I'm looking forward to.

    Also I know it's not one of her movie videos but if you've never seen the Omegaverse Lawsuit video of Lindsay's (and the Mean Girls follow-up) it's hysterical and a few people from your list do voice-overs!

    1. Princess' GWTW video is a great summary of why it's problematic. Yes, Linday's Omegaverse videos are insane. I knew nothing about that fandom before watching and I shouldn't be surprised at all that author went after here. I'm glad Youtube and Patreon seem to have her back.


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