Review: It Follows

Worst. STD. Ever.

Jay (Maika Monroe) has what starts off as a normal sexual encounter with a boy, Hugh (Jake Weary) she's been dating. Only after they are finished, he informs her that he has passed something onto her. "It" is going to follow her. It will always be a person walking directly towards her, and it will move slow. She can't let It touch her, or else she's dead, and he's dead too as it will go back to him. Her only hope is to pass it to someone else and to get the chain away from her. Jay is conflicted on giving another person this terrifying death sentence. Then there's the fact that she has to convince her sister, Kelly (Lili Sepe) and her friends Paul (Keir Gilchrist) and Yara (Olivia Luccardi) to believe her. 

The thing that stands out the most in this film is the score. It almost becomes it's own character in the film, the way Susperia's did. It's booming and ominous and adds so much more. I absolutely loved it. This film is very creepy. It's not gory and there's maybe one or two jump scares, but it really builds tension well and you can feel Jay's constant paranoia. It may walk slowly, but damn if that isn't the scariest walk I've seen in awhile.

I thought Monroe was perfect for this role. Jay is very unsure of herself and doesn't make the best decisions, and I thought she portrayed that uneasiness very well. I was a big fan of Gilchrist in It's Kind of a Funny Story, and it was nice to see him in something again. The film suffers from choppy editing at times, but really ends up being one of the better horror movies I've seen in years. I'm glad they went the R rated route as well. This could've easily ended up a PG-13 film and it would not have worked as well.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B+

Memorable Quote: "I should've been nicer to you." - Greg (Daniel Zovatto)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on TWD, Agents of SHIELD, Better Call Saul + more

The Walking Dead

This worked very well as a character driven episode, but not well as a finale.

I loved that Morgan came back, and characters like Glenn, Sasha, and Father Gabriel had great scenes.

I felt like there was too much of Daryl and Aaron in danger. I'm sorry, but Daryl is an invincible character, so any scene of him in danger just makes me roll my eyes. He's not going anywhere.

I have one major complaint, and it's where they are going with Carol. Anyone who has even glanced at my TWD posts know she's my favorite character and I'm fiercely protective of her. I do not understand where the writers are going with her. Why have her lie in front of her own group? What's the point of that? Why is she still undercover at this point? Why is Carol the only one that isn't allowed to grieve? Why is she the only female who doesn't have other female friends? I feel like the writers are missing a grand opportunity for Carol to get the events of The Grove off her chest. She clearly needs to, and frankly, Rick needs to know what she and Tyreese did for Judith. But I'm starting to think they'll gloss over it, and we'll never get to see her properly grieve. She's clearly hurting, yet no one in the group even bothers to ask what's on her mind. Showrunner Scott Gimple recently says he loves writing for Melissa McBride because she can handle anything, so are they giving her shit stories because she'll still turn them to gold? No. Carol needs to talk to someone. She needs a friend. She needs to get rid of those awful outfits, FFS.

Better Call Saul
This episode had spiders and dumpster diving, so it was pretty disgusting. 

But this Case Jimmy and Chuck have started is fascinating. I love those two, even though I live in fear of something bad happening to Chuck because you know something will.

Agents of SHIELD

So this "Real SHIELD" reveal was very underwhelming. No Maria Hill, no Tony Stark. Just a bunch of randoms I don't care about.

Ward was back, so of course he brought down the entire episode.

Fitz finally told off Simmons, which she needed to hear. I love these two, but they need to get this shit off their chest so they can move forward in their relationship.

This was the first episode of SHIELD that I've disliked in awhile. Hopefully it was just a one off thing.

19 Kids and Counting.

Jim Boob in his never ending feat to be "bigger and better" than every other person around him declared he must win this football game against his daughter's future husband because in the end "Ben's getting married." So because Boob can no longer hold on to Jessa's hymen, he has to assert his dominance somewhere. What an asshole. Then of course his piece of married advice is "be fruitful and multiply." There is never a single second when this pervert isn't thinking about sex.

This episode was also titled "All About Jessa" and she must have been a terrible child because the only good thing anyone could say about her is that she's "organized." Michelle wondered who would take Jessa's place when she leaves. I don't know, you? You could raise your own children for once. 

Indie Gems: Paradise: Hope

Paradies: Hoffnung

The 3rd part in Austrian director Ulrich Seidl's Paradise trilogy is Hope. This one follows Melanie (Melanie Lenz) a thirteen year old who is sent off to a weight loss camp and finds herself falling for her camp doctor, (Joseph Lorenz) who also seems to have some serious issues understanding his own feelings.

This film is morbidly fascinating. I always find movies where someone feels uncomfortable interesting for whatever reason, but I call this "morbid" because I wanted to sit down pick these character's brains and at the same time shake them and yell "what the fuck are you thinking?"

It's easy to see why a thirteen year old insecure girl would have a crush on an adult. Being a teenage girl is filled with a lot of weird emotions, but the doctor himself wasn't helping. What on Earth could possibly be going through this guy's mind? He should've shut that down immediately. The weird thing is, the film didn't even answer that question, but I wasn't upset about it. I was just happy things didn't go where I was afraid they would. 

I hope to see the reset of the Paradise trilogy, but for some reason Netflix took the other two off Instant stream and only left this one. 

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Why don't you ever answer when I call?" - Melaine (Melanie Lenz)

Thursday Movie Picks: Mother/Daughter Relationships

This week's theme from Wandering Through the Shelves is mother/daughter relationships. The kicker once again is that they have to be biologically related. Here's my favorites:

1) Thirteen

The ongoing battle between Tracy and her mother is one of the most interesting parts of this film. I think every teenage girl should watch this film. Even with their mothers

2) What Maisie Knew

I've never wanted to smack Julianne Moore as much as I did in this film. Poor Maisie. This little gem is a fascinating look on parenting. 

3) Carrie

"Worst. Mother. Ever." - Carrie, probably.

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Cinematic Moments Blogathon (A Fisti Blogathon)

The wonderful Andrew over at A Fistful of Films has a wonderful idea for a blogathon. He ask us to post a collection of moments where the film we were watching really spoke to us. Here are the rules:

1) Pick a number between 1 and 100 (any more than 100 is just gaudy)
2) Choose that many cinematic moments that are either your all time favorites or ones that could, on any given day, be your all time favorites
3) Post them on your blog (or Tumblr or whatever) with the above header (or one you create for yourself)

4) Send me the link by either posting it here in the comments or getting ahold of me on Twitter ( @fististhoughts )

Here's an example of what he's looking for

We all have them in the back of our minds; those moments that make us think "man, this is what the movies are all about". We relive those moments in our mind's eye, remembering them and dissecting them and adoring them. They come in all shapes and sizes, from all types of films, and yet they all share one very important aspect; they define why we love the movies. It could be the way that the moment is cut; the way it's edited together. It could be the way the moment uses it's actors to evoke a powerful emotion from us. It could be the way that music floods the scene and draws us even closer to the moment in question. It could be a grand climax, a breathtaking introduction or a simple interchange. It could be any and all things, because for every film lover, the list is different.

And here is my collection of 20 moments that moved me in no particular order. These are just a few of the reasons I love the movies.

1) The end of Whiplash - This film has one of the best endings I've ever seen. It's editing porn, it's electric, it's SO intense. I felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack on behalf of Andrew Neiman. I've never felt that way before.

2) This line in American Beauty - "It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself." That always sticks with me. I think it's one of the most beautiful things ever written

3) "You're baby loves you, I love you." - This is a quote from Precious. The funny thing about it is that it was actually in the trailer. So I heard it dozens of times before I saw the film. But actually seeing it in context moved me to tears. It was so powerful. 

4) "Imperial March" in the Star Wars movies. There is no score more menacing than that. 

5) The Pencil trick in The Dark Knight. I cheered along with the rest of the crowd at the midnight showing I went to.

6) When 8 year old me saw Susannah of the Mounties and taught myself how to Waltz from this scene. I think I pictured it every time I've ever danced. 

7) The fight scene in the snow in Kill Bill vol 1: It was shot so beautifully. I started to appreciate cinemotography a lot more after seeing that. 

8) Seeing the little girl in the red coat's body in Schindler's List. I watched that film for the first time in my high school history class, and we were all just gutted. It was like I suddenly realized the brilliance of her red coat being the only bit of color in the film. Brilliant and heart wrenching. 

9) The elevator scene in The Departed. I love it when a film truly shocks me, and I did not see that coming. 

10) Tracy's breakdown in Thirteen. The scene starts to lose its color. Everything just gets grayer and grayer as she just loses everything. That technique was perfect. 

11) WALL-E in space. That is the first time I've ever looked at an animated film and really thought about how far animators have come. It was just gorgeous.

12) The Quaaludes scene in The Wolf of Wall Street was a nice reminder that even serious dramatic actors like Leonardo DiCaprio can make me laugh so hard that I nearly cry. 

13) "Jack, I swear.." Those three little words in Brokeback Mountain crushed me. 

14) The bath house fight in Eastern Promises. How brilliant was that scene? Nikolai is as vulnerable as one can be, yet he kicks some major ass there. I think I gawked at that scene. I've ever seen anything like it. 

15) The "there's a storm coming" scene in Take Shelter. No one flips shit quite like Michael Shannon. I froze when watching that. Then to see how the film ended, wow...just wow.

16) The use of the typewriter in the score of Atonement. Genius.

17) Her. All of it. The idea that people could fall in love with their operating systems. It really doesn't seem so crazy to me. I could not stop thinking about this film after watching it. That was a perfect screenplay. 

18) Regan getting thrown around on her bed in The Exorcist. I was 8 when I saw that movie for the first time, and I've never been more terrified of anything on my screen then I was when I saw that moment. The amount of fear I got out of that scene, mind you, it was before she even had a cut up face or scary voice was intense. 

19) "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" in The Piano. It's such a beautiful piece of music and it's perfect in that film. I think I listened to that piece over and over after watching it. 

20) The dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. This movie made me and a million other kids interested in them, and when a movie makes you want to learn more about something, what's better than that?

Thanks for hosting, Fisti! I hope this was coherent enough!

Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

My week in TV, brought to you by insomnia and too much wine..

The Walking Dead

Rick completely lost his shit and he's lusting HARD over Jessie. Damn

Little Sam runs to Carol during Rick and Pete's fight, aww.

Glenn telling Nicholas he's "saving him" is interesting. I think they're going to get in one hell of a brawl, and Glenn will kill him. His first human kill, by the way.

I loved seeing the women together on this show. Rosita, Michonne and Sasha were my favorite part.

I'm so nervous for the finale though. I need Carol to survive. Seriously, take someone else but her. I will rage. RAGE!

Better Call Saul
We got to see Mike in his sneaky action again, that was grand. We also got the batshit Kettlemans back in the episode. There's only three episodes left. I'm sad already, this season flew by.

Agents of SHIELD

Okay, Kyle MacLauhlan is fucking TERRIBLE. He is so over the top and campy and not even in a good way, and omg can someone please kill this guy and get him off my screen?

FitzSimmons were breaking my heart in this episode. When they were talking about May and her ex husband (loved seeing a different side of her by the way) They were really talking about themselves. It hurts, these two need to talk everything out.

So we find out Bobbi and Mack are working for "the real SHIELD." Personally, I think it's Maria Hill and Tony Stark, but there's so many questions. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

19 Kids and Counting

Josie is officially the most disgusting kid ever and watching her like all her pizza toppings then stick them on (as she sat on the counter with dirty feet) is just awful. 

That's what happened in this episode. People made pizza and got a marriage license. RIVETING TV. JB and J'Chelle did a radio interview this week where they said they trust their daughters online because "girls don't get turned on by pictures of men with little clothing." LOL I hope both Jana and Jinger have a spank bank full of pictures of Abercrombie models. They also had to take away smart phone from their sons because of temptations of looking at pictures, so they get flip phones of shame.

Indie Gems: Hunger

What extreme are you willing to go to get your point across?

Hunger follows the lives of prisoners in Northern Ireland in the 1981. Specifically around the IRA Hunger Strike. The main focus is on Bobby Sands (Michael Fassbender) who goes through the hunger strike. Though we start the film with a guard played by Stuart Graham and another prisoner, Davey (Brian Milligan) before we get to Bobby himself.

After seeing both Shame and 12 Years a Slave, I knew I had to check out director Steve McQueen's first feature film. His honest style is still there. He never shies away from showing us something graphic if it's necessary to see. Admittedly, I don't know a lot about the IRA hunger strike. So even though this film is very bleak, I found it to be very interesting.

Saying that Fassbender is great almost feels repetitive at this point because I don't think I've ever seen him give a bad performance. He works well with McQueen and it's easy to see why they did it two more times after this.

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "I don't think I can see you again, Bobby.) - Father Moran (Liam Cunningham)

Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Adapted from Young Adult Novels

Happy Thursday! This week's theme from Wandering Through the Shelves is YA adaptations. I'm cheating this week. 

1) The Harry Potter franchise
My all time favorite YA novels. I'm not sure if I'll love anything quite as much as I love Harry Potter. I've never queued up at midnight for a release of another book.

2) The Hunger Games franchise
This was very unexpected. Even thought Mockingjay Part 1 was a let down (kind of like the book) the other two were so good that they're easily on my favorites list.

3) To Kill A Mockingbird
Whenever people bitch about YA novels, I remind them that technically this one is too. This is an important book to read when you're a kid. That's why so many schools assign it to them.

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DVD Review: Laggies

Quarter life crisis

Megan (Keira Knightley) is 28 years old and still not sure what she wants to do with her life. She went to college, got a degree, and ended up not liking her field. She's been with her boyfriend, Anthony (Mark Webber) since they were in high school. After he proposes to her, she flakes and crosses paths with Annika (Chloe Grace Moretz) a teenager she buys alcohol for on a whim. She decides to lay low with Annika and her divorced father, Craig. (Sam Rockwell)

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this movie. I can't fully relate to Megan, though I think it's natural that we all sort of regress a little here and there. I could never befriend Annika the way she did, but at the same time the movie really hammers in the fact that Megan's adult friends are the worst. It's easy to see why she would be attracted to a man that looks like Sam Rockwell. I would be, but I ended up feeling bad for her actual boyfriend who seemed like a pretty stellar and caring guy.

I adore director Lynn Shelton, and I wish I could've enjoyed this a little more. The actors do a great job. Knightley, Rockwell, and Webber are always wonderful, and her American accent is on point. This is the first time I didn't hate Moretz in something, and Kaitlyn Denver makes a small appearance as well. It's definitely not a bad movie. I wouldn't even call it a mediocre movie, I just had trouble connecting to it. 

Recommended: Yes, maybe it will work better for you then it did for me.

Grade: B-

Memorable Quote: "Now that I'm actually doing this, I feel like going to throw up." - Megan (Keira Knightley)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul + more

The Walking Dead

RIP Noah. How ironic that you died in a revolving door, much like the revolving door of black men on this show. So who goes next season? Father Gabriel or Morgan? There can only be one.

I actually though Noah's death was very powerful and gory, which is something the last few deaths (aside from Tyreese) as lacked. Steven Yeun's (Glenn) performance made it 100 times more powerful too. He was just incredible here.

Carol is trying to hard not to get close to another child and they just gravitate towards her. Melissa McBride was great tonight as well, but now that she knows about Pete? I'm excited for her and Rick to be gathering more evidence on this next week. (Assuming that's what they get to do)

Eugene getting his hero moment was awesome. I love that guy. Now please let Tara survive, because I love her too!

Also Father Gabriel, you fucking weasel.


Better Call Saul
This episode was really Better Call Mike. We got insight on what happened in Pennsylvania and why he left for Albuquerque. It was fascinating and Jonathan Banks was wonderful. This was easily his Emmy submission.

Agents of SHIELD.

Another great episode that saw the return of Lady Sif from Asgard. 

Melinda May is wonderful, isn't she? Whenever she's beating someone's ass, it just makes me smile. Now I need to see her and Fitz spar.

Speaking of Fitz, Skye's secret was blown out of the water during this episode, and he was the only one defending her. Everyone else, particularly Simmons was mad that he hid it from them. But Fitz threw it back in her face and pointed out the way she treated him after his accident. Ugh. My heart.

Also what the fuck are Bobbi and Mack up to? They're not Hydra, but they're clearly working for someone else on the side. My guess is Maria Hill since she now works for Stark industries. That could play into Age of Ultron and eventually Civil War. 

19 Kids and Counting
Michelle went to her high school reunion and talked about an eating disorder she had. Her friends say they never knew about it. I still think it's something Jim Bob made up and got it stuck in her head as another way to control her. Just like the lawn mowing story. What's that you say? Well Michelle apparently used to mow her lawn in a bikini, which now is defrauding according to their standards. But the story has progressed to "Michelle's neighbor saw her in a bikini, lusted after her, and divorced his wife." This can't be true. This has to be another one of Jim Bob's controlling moves.

The rest of the episode was so boring I don't even remember what happened.

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Indie Gems: White Bird in a Blizzard

She's just gone and she's never coming back.

In the fall of 1988, seventeen year old Kat's (Shailene Woodley) mother, Eve (Eva Green) disappears without a trace. Her soft spoken father (Christopher Meloni) clams up over this. Eve had been acting strange lately, and the police think she may have just left on her own.

I had kind of a visceral reaction to this film. It has it's flaws. Eva Green's American accent is extremely shaky, you have to suffer through Shiloh Fernandez's "acting," but damn did I enjoy this. 

Director Gregg Araki just makes interesting films, though they're not everyone's cup of tea. I liked the flow of this one. I liked that the dialogue wasn't overly stylized and that Kat's narration actually sounded like it was from a teenager. Woodley is a very capable actress when she's given good material, and she was very good here. She got a lot of press for doing nude scenes in the film, but her performance speaks strongly enough on it's own. Green and Meloni were also perfect for their roles. I worried at first because Green is way too young to look like she could be a seventeen year old's mother, but she pulled it off. Then there's the costume design. I thought it was superb in recreating the late 80's/early 90's fashion. 

This film is based on a book, and Araki drastically changed the ending. Apparently that didn't sit well with everyone. I never read it.

Grade: A-

Memorable Quote: "We told you that. You just didn't want to hear it." - Beth (Gabourey Sidibe)

Thursday Movie Picks: Live Action Fairy Tales

This week's theme from Wandering Through the Shelves is live action fairy tales. This was another tough one for me. Luckily I gave it more time and realized there's some great live action fairy tale type movies out there when only mediocre ones just came to mind.

1) Pan's Labyrinth

This is one of my favorite movies period. So dark and beautiful.

2) Finding Neverland

Oh Johnny Depp, what happened to you? 

3) Alice in Wonderland

Okay, so I know a lot of people hated this, but I liked. Even more so when I saw it a second time. I love the cast and Burton is very right for Wonderland. (Or Underland)

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2015 Blind Spot Series: The Elephant Man

What I knew going in: The basic story.

Dr. Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins) comes across a side show act centered around a "freak" known as the Elephant Man. This man is actually John Merrick (John Hurt) who suffers from a mysterious illness. Treves attempts to take him away from his abusive life to study him further, only to find out that John is actually a very articulate and gentle soul.

It's only March, but this is my favorite one so far. It was shot in 1980, but it's shot in black and white and it makes it feel much older. The story was fascinating, and aggravating at times. Seriously, I wanted to punch that Night Porter so badly. Both Hopkins and Hurt were wonderful. Hurt especially gives a great performance under all that make up.

I've had quite a few people tell me this isn't of of Lynch's bests, but honestly, this is fantastic. The only film of his I've seen in full is Eraserhead, and this one felt so different. He's on my Blind Spot list one more time with Mulholland Drive. My only real complaint with it is the final scene being a little weird in comparison to the rest of the film.

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "My life is full because I know I am loved." - John Merrick (John Hurt)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD + more

The Walking Dead

I wasn't crazy about a lot of this episode, so it had a few bright spots. Carol and Rick being on the same page. Drunk Abe, lots of Aaron, but since TWD fandom is one of the most dramatic, a lot of that bullshit weighs the episode down. Whatever. Carol on. 

Better Call Saul
This show really knows how to build, don't they? I can't wait for next week's episode. I love that they're getting more into Saul/Jimmy and Mike's relationship now. And that advertisement with the jello was genious

Agents of SHIELD

Raina turned into this crazy porcupine, and that makes her face more bearable for me. (She's gorgeous, but Raina is so smug)

I loved Fitz being there for Skye, at first I thought he was really angry, but him protecting her like that was wonderful. Now get him and Simmons back together in the lab please.


May is such a badass. I love her more and more with each episode.

And oh my God, Kyle McLachlan is one of the worst actors I've ever seen. Someone kill his character now.

The Last Man On Earth
Will Forte takes Tom Hanks' volleyball from Cast Away and brings it to a whole other level. He has an army of balls he talks to. This show was kind of amusing, and I would probably do some of the things he was doing if I was the last person on earth.

Bowling balls into lamps, I mean. Not cutting a hole in a diving board and using a pool as a giant toilet. 

19 Kids and Counting

My favorite part about this episode was them pretending that John David is an actual cop. He isn't. He was elected constable, so he basically does the easy stuff while the rest of the real police do the real job. Still, I guess TLC thinks this is "comedy" with Jim Bob totally disrespecting his son by not listening, buying donuts (har har har GET IT!??!!) then acting like a total douche. Then he practically whores him out by saying "he's single and not courting." What's the matter boob, not getting a lot of courtship applications?

Indie Gems: The One I Love

And you thought your marriage counseling was weird.

Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elizabeth Moss) are having marital problems. They're seeing a therapist (Ted Danson) who recommends they go to a secluded house to work on their issues. When they get there, everything is beautiful. It's big, there's lots to do. There's a guest house across the lawn, and that's when the mysterious things start happening. 

Moss and Duplass are great here. The entire film rests on their shoulders and they run with it. It's very different from anything else I've seen on this subject, and that just makes me love it even more. The further we get into the film, the more questions arise, and it's just fascinating to see what these characters do.

This film is on Netflix Instant, and don't let anyone spoil the twist for you. It's a fun experience. 

Grade: A

Memorable Quote: "Why did you do it?" - Sophie (Elizabeth Moss)

Thursday Movie Picks: Black and White Movies After 1970

This week's theme from Wandering Through The Shelves is black and white movies made after 1970. I almost skipped this one because I had trouble finding movies that were entirely in black and white that I liked, so I kind of cheated a little.

1) Sin City
A few colors here and there, but mostly black and white so I think it counts. It's one of my all time favorites and is stunning to watch.

2) Clerks
This might not be everyone's type of film, but it's a good laugh.

3) Schindler's List

There was one red coat, this counts, right? This film is a masterpiece, but one I probably wouldn't want to watch again anytime soon. It's so sad. 

DVD Review: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them

"You must really hate the Beatles."

When we first meet Eleanor (Jessica Chastain) and Conor (James McAvoy) they're happy and laughing and seemingly on their way to a long, happy love life. Fast forward a bit and they are separated and Eleanor is throwing herself of a bridge. After he failed suicide attempt, we watch her try to navigate life along while he attempts to get her back. After he finds her, of course.

There's a lot of really lovely things about this film. The cast being the best. McAvoy and Chastain have so much chemistry. This film was always going to be ambitious. It was shot in two different segments, "Him" and "Her" showing their different points of view. But apparently that's not for everyone, because we get the sloppy cut of "Them" together. Knowing how it was supposed to go, Them feels like it's just missing something. I'm not one to advocate for longer films very often, but I would've happily watched two different versions of this. Combining their view points just makes this seem like another love story. 

Recommended: Yes. It's still good, I just wish there was more.

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "What are you thinking?" - Eleanor (Jessica Chastain)

Rambling TV: Thoughts on The Walking Dead, Agent Carter + more

I forgot to do this last week because I was in Oscar mode. So here are my jumbled TV thoughts for the past two weeks

The Walking Dead

So the group finally ends up at the Alexandria Safe Zone. Here are some things I love:

Carol is a genius. Acting like she's a meek little housewife, can't hold a gun, and loved Ed. LOL She's the group's secret weapon for sure.

Rick saying they'll take this place if the people are weak. And that shower scene! Why isn't this show on HBO?

Glenn punching douchebags. 

These last few episodes have really picked up after that awful hospital story.

Agent Carter

Please, please, PLEASE renew this for season 2. This show is so intense for something on ABC. They blew someone up last week and ended on one hell of a cliffhanger. 

Then there's the fact that Peggy let Steve's blood go. That's the perfect way to show that this show can exist without dropping Captain America references. Peggy is strong enough to have her own story.

19 Kids and Counting
I know no one except Fisti cares about my Duggar obsession, but you seriously have to watch these people! It's such a train wreck. They're like poison. Then of course there's Jessa telling all of us liberal Christians that we're going to hell on Instagram. This is like the gift that keeps on giving.

Better Call Saul
Does anyone else want to punch this family in the face? I do. 

Also that billboard scene, I'm not afraid of heights, but that scene scared the shit out of me. I couldn't even watch. 

And here's some random Carick, because fuck you, that's why