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Indie Gems: Two Girls and a Guy

If there was an award for "Most Unjustified NC-17 rating" this one would win it.     Carla (Heather Graham) and Lou (Natasha Gregson Wagner) meet on the street in New York City. They are both waiting for their boyfriends. Eventually, they realize they are waiting for the same guy and they decide to confront him about it together. That man is Blake. (Robert Downey Jr.) He's been leading a double life, and is having a hard time coping with the fact that his mother is sick.   This is always an interesting film to revisit. It's a very good showcase of Robert Downey Jr.'s talent. Especially the ending. This film has one of the most heartbreaking yet beautiful endings I've ever seen. The commentary on the DVD is also very interesting, and that' why I brought up the NC-17 rating. There are plenty of films that unjustly get an NC-17 rating (Mysterious Skin comes to mind) but this one has got to be the most ridiculous. There is one sex scene in this fi

Guilty Pleasure Review: White Chicks

Making my way down town. Walking fast, faces pass and I'm home bound.     I have a valid reason for even going to see this film in the first place: Because I was a stupid teenager. My friends decided that we were going to spend our day mixing Everclear and pink lemonade, going down the water slides at our hotel about 100 times, then capping our night off with going to this little gem at the movie theater. My thought process was "I'm going to get drunk, and therefore this movie will be funny." Well, turns out I think this movie is hilarious stone cold sober as well.   Brothers and FBI agents Kevin and Marcus Copeland (Shawn and Marlon Waynes) botch a job, and end up working undercover as private security for two rich Hilton sister knockoffs. Long story short, they refuse to leave their hotel room, so Kevin and Marcus are forced to dress up as them to continue their undercover operation.   I'm not even ashamed that I love this movie. (Ok, maybe a li

Rambling TV (the "Behind The Candelabra" edition)

Behind The Candelabra.   Scott Thorson (Matt Damon) didn't expect to catch the famous Liberace's (Michael Douglas) eye when he goes to see him in concert. What follows next is a recounting of their six year relationship. Ups and downs included, of course.   This movie was Ritzy to say the least. Everything was so pristine and beautiful and I actually thought to myself: "So HBO apparently gave this film a huge budget, but the producers of Game of Thrones had to beg for more money to make Blackwater?" I felt a little bad for thinking that afterwards, but it's true. This movie was like watching the ridiculously wealthy's life in a snow globe. (Made out of Austrian crystal and solid gold, of course)   I have to say, I didn't know much about Liberace going in to this. I was watching this with my mother, who was apparently shocked when she heard Rock Hudson was gay, but even more shocked when she realized people actually thought Liberace was strai

Some fun Game of Thrones things to tide us over.

AKA I didn't get to see any new movies this week. Since HBO feels like torturing us and making us wait a week for what is probably going to be the most explosive episode in GoT History, here's a collection of some fun GoT things I've found around the net. (Although it's actually a good move on HBO's part because they want ALL of their viewers for this episode) via Cinematic Corner via Raphmike via Screamamyfire via Red Riding Hoodie via Stannis Baratheon via Yuneun via Sapphires of Tarth via Darling Fetch Me My Battle Axe via Unignorable via Vorobey008 via Thrones Meme via Brienne of Tarth and I'm Doing Stuff Lori Things for the Walking Dead picture via Rocket Propelled Donkey via Lady Tyrell via Thrones Meme via Highway to the 7 hells. via Thrones Meme via Juliable via Aegon Targaryen via Gameofhronesrj via Thrones Meme via Thrones Meme http:

Indie Gems: Lucky Number Slevin

Worst case of mistaken identity ever.   Despite the name of the title, Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is not having a very good day. He goes to his friend's empty home to visit, and instead gets mistaken for said friend by a couple of thugs. They bring him to The Boss. (Morgan Freeman) He's a powerful crime lord that Slevin's friend apparently owes money. He wants him to kill the son of another powerful man, The Rabbi. (Ben Kingsley) With the help of his new friend Lindsey, (Lucy Liu) Slevin tries to get one up on everyone before they can kill him. He's also got a detective (Staney Tucci) and an assassin (Bruce Willis) up his ass.   Crime movies aren't usually my thing. They all tend to be very similar, but this one is an exception. The story is fun, there's a few twists here and there, and the stellar cast looks like they're having fun making it. That may be kind of an odd thing to say. When you watch an actor in a film, you're supposed to be thinkin