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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Trailer

Here's the new theatrical trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. I didn't think it was possible for me to like a trailer more than I liked the last DH trailer. Then I saw this one. I'm so excited for this! On the side: The clip of the "Seven Potters", I love it. In the book Harry feels embarassed because they all change into clothes to match Harry's in front of everybody. I like Harry in Fluer's outfit. That's hilarious. Also enjoyed the hint of Ron/Hermione we get in the trailer as well. Ralph Fiennes, what can I say...I LOVE him as Voldemort. via

True Blood Round up

Season 3 of True Blood has come and gone. Awhile ago, I did a post about what I wanted to see in Rescue Me next season, I won't do the same for this show since it's loosely based on a series of books, so we kind of already have an idea to where it's going. Here are my likes and dislikes. *****Spoiler Alert.***** Likes: 1) Eric naked in the season opener . Yes, I realize how fangirl-ish that sounds, but you've got to appreciate the wonder that is Alexander Skarsgard. Eric is one of my favorite characters in the show, and seeing more of him is a plus. Not to mention the situation he was in was pretty creepy/hilarious. Only Eric would get caught having sex with another girl, then have the balls to flirt with Sookie who just walked in on them. 2) The fine acting of Rutina Wesley. A lot of people could say Tara was pretty whiny this season. I justify it completely. If you thought her character went through the ringer last season, then she's surely in hell here. We got t

DVD Review: December Boys

I remember when this film was a really big deal.. You know, back in 2006 when it was shot and Harry Potter fans everywhere just wanted to see Daniel Radcliffe in a sex scene. I'm not kidding, that was literally the most talked about aspect of the film back then. December Boys follows four orphans (all born in December..hence the name) that are given a holiday in a seaside town in Australia. They spend their Christmas there, and learn that a family is going to adopt just one of them. It's your typical coming of age story about a summer that changed your life. Nothing about this movie is original. Even the soundtrack is reused from several different films. It does capture the beauty of Australia and both Daniel Radcliffe and Teresa Palmer give promising performances. Their part of the story was the most interesting, even though Radcliffe's Aussie accent faded in and out throughout the film. Nice try though, A for effort because I'm bias about anything invo

Review: Machete

Leave your brain at home, sit back, and enjoy the ride That's the attitude you have to have going into Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete', which is based on his faux-trailer from 'Grindhouse.' When we first meet Machete (Danny Trejo) he's being betrayed by his boss and ends up watching his wife get murdered by a drug kingpin, Torrez. (Steven Seagal) We fast forward three years. Machete is in the US, and is hired to assassinate a senator, and get's set up..again. Now he's pissed and is going after all those who have wronged him. He enlists help from Sartana,(Jessica Alba) an Immigrations officer. And Luz, (Michelle Rodriguez) a Resistance fighter who helps illegal immigrants cross the border and find better lives. Now this movie has it's obvious flaws in the acting department. Alba proves once again that she has limited range, and Lindsay Lohan shows up briefly to play herself. But that doesn't matter because the film is so outrageous. It&#

Review: Winter's Bone

This is a lesson in not giving into the hype My friend and I were having a tough time deciding whether or not we should see Get Low or Winter's Bone. I was for the former, he was for the latter. I eventually agreed with him after hearing such wonderful things about Jennifer Lawrence's performance. Normally this isn't the kind of movie I'd be in to, but if people are calling in "Oscar worthy" I tend to always give it a shot. I love to nerd out on the Oscars, and I need to be fair and see every actor performance that I possibly can. Winter's Bone follows Ree, (Jennifer Lawrence) a teenager that is basically the head of household. She takes care of her younger siblings, her mother, cooks, cleans, hunts, etc. Her father is a meth head, and after he's arrested for it, he skips out on his court date. Thus, putting their house up as collateral for his bail money. Unless of course, he shows up for his next hearing. He goes missing, and Ree tries to find him. E

It's Evan Rachel Wood's Birthday!

Image of my all time favorite actresses. When she was on Once and Again everyone used to say I looked like her. I hated that back then. Then I saw her in Thirteen and I didn't mind being categorized with someone of her talent. She's extremely underrated in my opinion. She's made tons of beautiful indies, and it's only time until everyone else realizes the talent she possesses. My Favorite Film: Thirteen Thirteen is one of my all time favorite movies, I can't say enough good things about it. It feel so real. They way these girls act, the trouble they get into, the lesson learned at the end. Nearly everything in this film was relateable to me as a teenager. I think it's an important film for teenage girls to see. Maybe even with their moms. The mother/daughter relationship in this film is the most important aspect. Also the way it was shot was lovely, listen to the commentary on the DVD. There's a lot of interesting info in it. She was robbed of an Oscar n

Review: The Last Exorcism

Most true horror fans are wary of PG-13 horror films Luckily for us Gore Extraordinaire Eli Roth serves as a producer, and he wouldn't associate his name with something that isn't creepy. The Last Exorcism is creepy alright, and the documentary style in which it was shot helps. We follow Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) a priest who doesn't believe in demons and exorcisms. He's letting a film maker, Iris (Iris Bahr) film his last exorcism. He opens the first letter he receives and leads Iris and her extremely tolerant Camera Man to the Sweetzer farm to Exorcise young Nell. (Ashley Bell) They didn't expect what happens next. Ashley Bell gives one hell of a performance, and her stare alone is responsible for most of the unsettling scenes in this film. It's all shot from a hand held camera. It feels raw and grainy, but it's not shaky and mostly stays in focus. I call the Camera Man tolerant because if I were him, I would've high-tailed it about 50

What I want from Rescue Me's final season.

This is what I want to see.. Rescue Me has been one of my favorite shows since it's debut. I've always stuck by it, even when it started to change. I always defended it because I love the cast (most of them) and think they have great chemistry. But I have to admit Season 6's finale left me wanting a little more..and not in a good way. A lot of people say that Season 6 should've ended 1 episode early with *spoiler* Damian getting hurt on the job. Personally, I'm glad that didn't happen, because I would not have wanted to wait a full year to find out. I like cliffhangers, but that was too much. I always liked his character. I didn't think they would kill him, I thought he would be paralyzed. I was half right, I wasn't expecting him to be brain dead. That was legitimately sad. When the camera slowly panned to him in the chair, my heart did break a little. I wanted more emotion out of the finale. I wanted to see Lieu show some remorse for Damian's inju