Review: In Time

When you know you'll be running, it's best to wear a dress and five inch heels.

In Time doesn't have the time to tell you how people ended up engineered with green clocks on their arms, how they stop aging at 25, or how time is now the currency. But it does have the time to tell you about Will Salas, (Justin Timberlake) a man from the ghetto who's given extra time by the mysterious Henry Hamilton. Will dares to cross time zones and fraternize with "rich" people like Sylvia. (Amanda Seyfriend, in a bad wig) Soon time keeper Leon (Cillian Murphy) is accusing Will of theft, and he and Sylvia are now on the run, and only have minutes to live.

In Time has an interesting concept, but it's littered with horrible dialogue, bad special effects, obvious stunt doubles, and bland acting. Timberlake and Seyfried have zero chemistry and their performances were completely emotionless. You can't put all the blame on the actors, the screen play doesn't give them much to work with. The gang subplot turns out to be completely pointless and while Cillian Murphy is creepy as the baddie, his character is disposed as quickly as he is introduced. This film has no heart. No soul, and no enjoyment. The funniest part of the movie to me? The fact that Sylvia runs all over the place in platform heels, and when given the opportunity to change, she chooses another dress and platform heels. Did they stop making running shoes in the future?

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: "Unfuckingbelievable." - Will (Justin Timberlake)


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