Indie Gems: Bobby

He was going to change everything.
I know I'm probably in the minority over this film. When it first came out many critics hated it because it didn't focus enough on Robert F. Kennedy. After reading all those reviews, by the time I actually got around to seeing it I knew what not to expect.
Bobby is an ensemble drama about roughly 20 people who's lives are somewhat connected to the Ambassador Hotel. Some are staying there, others work there, we meet a slew of people and see what their lives are like on that fateful day in June.
The cast ranges from William H. Macy, Shia LaBeouf, Elijah Wood, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ashton Kutcher, Freddy Rodriguiz and Christian Slater. Not all are great actors, nor are all the story lines interesting, but they come together nicely. You could really feel the faith some of them at put into Kennedy, and how devastated everything was when he was murdered.
Recommended: Yes
Grade: B-
Memorable Quote: "Now that Dr. King is gone, nobody left but Bobby. Nobody." - Dwayne (Nick Cannon)

*Yes, I chose a quote coming from Nick Cannon's mouth. It's a rare moment of serenity from this guy.*


  1. I think this is such an underrated movie. People wanted it to be a story about Bobby Kennedy, but Estevez tried something a little out there, and I enjoyed that about the film.

  2. I didn't know what to expect when I first watched Bobby. The movie has stuck with me. Not in the sense that I have nightmares about the assassination or that I am always thinking about certain scenes. I was just moved by the movie enough to get enjoyment from its many plotlines and how well interwoven they were.

  3. i actually really like this movie. i thought it was severely underrated. it wasn't your typical biopic, which is what i liked about it. it didn't follow Bobby's life, per se. but rather followed his influence on those around him. i thought that was a smart move.


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