DVD Review: Wasted

Pretend like nothing is wrong.

I had to watch this movie for my Addiction Studies class in college, I never got to see the ending. So when it randomly came on TV the other day, I had to see where the story went.

This made for TV movie was loosely based off of the huge heroin bust in Plato, TX. Sam, (Summer Phoenix) Owen, (Aaron Paul) and Chris (Nick Stahl) are inseparable best friends who get caught up in the drug scene. Owen's a full blown addict, Sam has low self esteem, and Chris is the track star that no one suspects to be addicted.

The production value is incredibly low, but in a way it works for the tone of the film. The movie is a great example of people who are battling addiction. The subject matter (i.e swearing, sex) is kept light, unless it's talking about the drugs. Then they go all out. That's why I think it's a good film for younger teens to watch. It's a great learning tool.

A film lover's opinion? Besides the lesson it teaches I found Summer Phoenix a terrible lead, that's probably why she left the acting to her older brothers. Nick Stahl and Aaron Paul have proved themselves to be great actors today, so it was a little interesting to see how they started out. I don't think they quite received the direction they needed.

Recommended Yes: for teens or young adults that need a lesson on addiction. No for anyone that's just looking for a good movie. (Go See Trainspotting instead)

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "I tried to pretend that Chris had just stayed up late or had a cold. But I knew."  - Sam (Summer Phoenix)


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