DVD Review: Bad Teacher

Missed opportunities.

Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a selfish gold digger, who after being dumped by her rich fiance finds herself going back to her day job of teaching. Her life now consists of raising money to get breast implants, finding a man to look after her, (possibly handsome new sub, Mr. Delacourte (Justin Timberlake) and dodging the come on's of gym teacher Mr. Gettis. (Jason Segal) There's also that feud with super peppy fellow teacher, Amy Squirrel. (Lucy Puch)

Bad Teacher had the raunch factor going, but failed to capitalize on almost every level. The comedic talent of Jason Segal is horribly wasted, Cameron Diaz seemed out of place and Lucy Punch's over dramatic schtick is getting a little old. The main problem exists in the script. Elizabeth is our main character. Therefore, she has to have something the audience can relate to right? Nope. There's nothing likable about Elizabeth. Her priorities are a mess, she's completely inappropriate, when she bests Amy Squirrel, are we supposed to be happy for her? We surely can't sympathize with her.

Recommended: No

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "I'm going to suck your dick like I'm mad at it!" - Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz)


  1. it's jason segel who seemed out of place in this one to me. this film tried to be edgy, but laid flat instead.

  2. My problem was in the casting of Cameron Diaz. Solely in that casting.

  3. Bad Teacher was good, but it wasn’t as good as many of the movies that came out in 2011. Even though this is true, I still liked this movie a lot. Cameron Diaz was her normal insulting self and Jason Segel seemed very out of place like Candice said, but they made the movie funny. Anyway, I watched the movie earlier today by streaming it with my Blockbuster Movie Pass from DISH where I work. The convenience is what is best about the Pass. Not only can I stream movies and shows to my receiver, I can rent DVDs in store and by mail. I did like Bad Teacher and I’ll be thinking if I want to see it again.


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