Rambling TV: Thoughts on Mr. Robot, Stranger Things and Agents of SHIELD

Another thing I've been slacking on. I haven't done one of these since Game of Thrones ended, but here's some thoughts on what I've been watching on TV lately.

Agents of SHIELD

SHIELD came back for its 4th season this past Tuesday, and they're heavily promoting Ghost Rider. I was a bit worried about how he would look on TV. Agents of SHIELD tends to get really over ambitious with their budget, and sometimes the SFX look awful, but Ghost Rider was not a casualty of that. He looked great, possibly even better than the film version. The move to the 10:00 pm time slot was welcomed too, as we got to see Rider murder a bunch of people. 

Of course, the show still makes the mistake of focusing too much on Daisy. She's still the least interesting character and Chloe Bennett continues to be a very bland actress. It's a bit disappointing she's our eyes to Ghost Rider at this point.

We still don't know who the new director is, only that Simmons has been promoted to his personal staff and currently outranks the rest of her team. May's not too thrilled with that. 

Mr. Robot

The season finale was last week, and it ended on a cliffhanger that makes me wish season 3 started tomorrow. I liked this season, I know it had a lot of critics though.

For the life of me, I can't understand why anyone would bitch about the episodes being longer. It's more story and the story is good. It's not like The Walking Dead where they stretch a very one dimensional story into 90 minutes. 

I was happy to be right about the jail/mental hospital theory. There's so many theories out there about this show. Tyrell finally returned at the end of the season. I personally don't care much about him as a character, even though his wife is deliciously bat shit, but it looks like he's here to stay.

I liked the introduction of Dom and seeing things from the FBI's point of view.

Angela and Elliot FINALLY kissed! That makes me happy.

Stranger Things

Everyone and their mom watched this show, right? It was delightful. I liked the creepy Stephen King vibes it had and they really found a great cast of kids. 

I love seeing David Harbour in something too, I enjoyed him in The Newsroom.

Fuck Nancy though, right? Who the fuck goes back to Steve? Steve's face begs to be punched.

I'm looking forward to season two, but they really need to cut down on the press. They're going to over expose these kids if they're not careful.

Rambling TV is a series where I ramble semi coherently about the things I watch on television. Usually there's wine involved in writing things. Click the gifs to be redirected to their makers. 


  1. haha I felt like Steve kinda redeemed himself by the end, but I agree - Nancy should've stayed single, tbh. David Harbour was fantastic! He was so great in Revolutionary Road.

  2. yay! Happy that you enjoyed Stranger Things as well as Mr. Robot, which I enjoyed this season as well (though I had to rewatch some episodes out of confusion)

  3. Yeah fuck steve! :lol: I am looking forward to season 2 they need to bring El back!

    1. They will, that girl is so popular now. She even charges $60 for autographs at cons. lol

    2. I saw that picture with this info over at Hype! That's a very shitty thing to do unless she really needs the money like for a dying relative or a pet or something

    3. People are outrageous at cons. Emily Kinney (Beth on TWD) charges like $80 for a picture, despite her being a shitty actress and her character worthless on the show. lol

  4. I'm also impressed with the Ghost Rider and not so happy with Daisy. And I loved this season of Mr. Robot and I was really happy when Tyrel returned. That end though, why can't we have season 3 already? It's not fair.

    1. I know! That's how you do a proper cliffhanger. I can't wait for S3.


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