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I've actually been watching quite a few movies lately, I just haven't felt very compelled to write full reviews on the ones I didn't love. The ones I did, I'll eventually post as Indie Gems. Here are some of the other films I've been watching over the past couple of weeks.

Holy Hell - Rating: C-
This is a documentary about a man who left a cult. Normally that is right up my alley, and this one is different because he has a lot of footage of his time during said events, but it just wasn't as fascinating and cohesive as it could've been. 

Woodshock - Rating: F
I love Kirsten Dunst, and that's why I chose this film. Within the first two minutes or so, my husband goes "I really hope this isn't a movie where she just walks around and stairs at trees the entire time." ...............It was. I didn't finish this, even though I only had probably 20 more minutes of it left. It was bad. 

Loving Vincent - Rating: B-
This film is clever. I love the oil painting style animation. I never quite expected to watch a film about a man delivering Van Gogh's last letter, but it works. 

The Most Hated Woman in America - Rating: C
I remember reading a review of this a while ago that was fairly favorable. The cast is nice, Melissa Leo, Juno Temple, and Vincent Kartheiser. It follows the life of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, the woman who founded American Atheists, and her eventual murder. It was just okay. I felt like there wasn't a lot of direction given, and the wigs they had on these people were truly atrocious. 

When We First Met - Rating: C
I like Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddarrio, this was an amusing enough comedy but it was very basic. If anything, Devine got to show a bit of range. 

Mom and Dad - Rating: C
This film is about a virus that breaks out causing parents to try to murder their children. This one stars Nicolas Cage in all his crazy glory. I actually expected it to be a bit crazier. It's a clever story, but you really have to suspend disbelief with the kids here. Especially when they lock themselves in a basement and don't even try to climb out the window.  Still, that aside, this film was pretty fun.

Lemon - Rating: D
You know, I like a good mumblecore movie every now and then but this was a mess. The lead character was such a dirtbag I didn't even want to follow him around. I felt like poor Judy Greer was doing all of the heavy lifting. 

Suburbicon - Rating: F
I can only describe this movie, or what I saw of it because I also did not finish this in gif form:


  1. I really liked Loving Vincent and I enjoyed When We First Met. Those gifs sum up Suburbicon pretty well.

  2. I'll probably see Woodshock just out of curiosity. I know it's gotten bad reviews but I'm still intrigued.

    Suburbicon... maybe if it's on TV.

    Mom and Dad I do want to see just for how bonkers it might be.

    1. Mom and Dad was fun but I wish it had been a bit crazier. They really had to stretch it to keep the kids in the house.

  3. A+ way to review Suburbicon. What an enormous pile of garbage that was

    1. I thought of doing a dedicated post to it but I figured I should actually write something so it became part of this lol

  4. Haven't seen any of these, yet. Too bad it was a better batch of movies for you.

    1. I wouldn't rush out to see any of these with the exception of Loving Vincent.

  5. Easily the best GIFs ever. I should use those instead of writing half the reviews I write. Well done.

    *lies on bed like a junior high school girl, swinging legs back and forth* Tell me more about this When We First Met movie.

    1. lol. No Daddarrio nudity. Don't worry, my husband was disappointed too.


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