Rambling TV: The End of the F***ing World

Speaking for myself, sometimes I find Netflix's tv options a bit overwhelming. There's just so many things to pick from and some look like trash. Thankfully every now and again you'll find a gem of a show, and that's what I found in The End of the F***ing World.

Based on a graphic novel that I have not read, this 8 episode series is a quick watch. (Seriously, the episodes are around 25 minutes each) and it follows two teenagers, James (Alex Lawther) who is pretty sure he's a psychopath. And a new girl at school Alyssa (Jessica Barden) who talks him into going on a road trip with her to find her real father. 

What caught my eye were the two leads. Lawther was tremendous in an episode of Black Mirror (Shut Up And Dance) and Barden I recognized from the wonderful Hanna.  Since it was so short, I ended up watching the entire season in one night. They were excellent. 

The show is very different. It's mostly a dark comedy. Some pretty awful things happen, but the mood is kept fairly light due to the laid back nature of our leads. I'm a sucker for narration in stories and this is one that gets multiple narrations right.

I don't know if this will get a second season. With the leads already being in their early 20's I'm not sure if this is something they could do long term, but I'd definitely watch a season two if they made it.

Did you see this? What did you think?


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