Thursday Movie Picks - TV Edition: Music/Musicals

It's another TV edition from Wandering Through The Shelves and this time we're focusing on music. Right off that bat, I'll admit I didn't watch Glee or Smash, so there go the two most popular TV musicals from recent memory, but here's what I do have for you..

1) Hairspray Live

Hairspray is probably my favorite stage musical and I enjoyed most of this. My biggest issues where the actors who played Link, Penny, and Seaweed, they weren't nearly as strong as the rest and dampened my enjoyment a bit, but it was still a solid show overall. 

2) S Club 7

Where my fellow 90's kids at? If you don't recognize the name of the show you probably couldn't escape their "Never Had A Dream Come True" single that was released in 2000. I decided to give myself a refresher and watch a clip of this and it was pretty bad, but little me enjoyed it. 

3) TRL

*stereotypical back when MTV played music voice* Ahh Total Request Live. Mostly the same songs each week but hey sometimes they had special guests. I liked watching this. 


  1. I haven’t seen any of these but it doesn’t surprise me as I really struggled this week to find three picks

  2. Yaaaas for S Club 7! They were my favourite band as a kid...I still listen to them every now and again...

    1. I only remember Never Had a Dream. I should refresh myself.

  3. I would have watched hairspray live but my hubby was not amused by this. I still need to see the movie with John Ravolta as the mom. I haven't seen the 2nd pick but I have seen MTV and remember it even from the 80's

  4. I haven't seen Hairspray Live, only the movie. Not my favourite musical.

    I didn't know that S Club 7 was popular in the US.

    I used to watch so much MTV as a teen. Is TRL even around anymore?

    1. People went insane for S Club for about a year or so lol

      I think they actually brought TRL back recently? But it was off the air for a long time.

  5. TRL... yeah... that was a nightmare of a show for me at the time. All of those screaming girls for the boy bands. I think it would be much worse now. At least the music back then was better (except for Limp Bizkit and other nu-metal bands). Carson Daly is still a fuckin' tool.

    I haven't seen the rest of your picks though I have heard of S Club 7 as I think I remembered there was a kids version of that group.

    1. omg Limp Bizkit. I really liked two of their songs because WWF used them and that was about it. Now I hang my head in shame about it.

    2. They started off as interesting until Fred Durst revealed to be a total chode and said some very unkind things about Trent Reznor. Once he dissed Trent, he became public enemy #1 among NIN fans and we destroyed him.

      It's amazing, NIN can still play arenas and prestigious theaters while L____ B_______ can barely fill clubs.

    3. Limp Bizkit is only remembered in the context of "lol remember Limp Bizkit?"


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