Review: Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Official synopsis:
 Two ancient titans, Godzilla and Kong, clash in an epic battle as humans unravel their intertwined origins and connection to Skull Island's mysteries.

I'm still waiting for Godzilla Minus One to be available to watch, so I decided to tide myself over with this. I've liked most of the new Godzilla movies. They're entertaining enough and this one is no different.

Which is great because this might be one of the dumbest films I've seen in a long time.

Everything that happens in this script is so convenient. Ancient indigenous language? Don't worry. We got a translator for that. Telepathy? Don't worry, we got someone for that too! Huge robot arm fit perfectly for Kong? Hey, it just happens to be right where we are and we have a vet that can also fly an extremely advanced piece of air craft!

But all of those things just add to the chuckles I was already getting from this. Godzilla essentially throws a tantrum and takes a nap in the Colosseum. Kong uses baby Kong as a weapon. There's so many funny and unintentionally funny things that happen that I can excuse the dumb screenplay to an extent. I didn't go to this movie to be engaged intellectually. I went to watch big CGI monster fights. And if that's what you're into, then this will probably be for you.

Grade: C+


  1. yeah.... this is a very, very dumb movie. Godzilla: Minus One is the best one since the original in the '50s. looking forward to hearing what you think of that one!

    1. I hope I get to see it soon! I still kick myself for missing it in theaters.

  2. This sounds like the many Godzilla flicks from the 50s and 60s.

    1. Probably lol. I've never seen any of the older ones.

  3. I heard it's the human stuff that drags the film as the only thing I want in a Godzilla-King Kong film is just monsters beating the shit out of monsters.

    1. I really like the three leads so I didn't think they made the film drag, they just didn't have a ton to work with, but they were at least enjoyable to watch.


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