DVD Review: Push

"Push" is one of those screenplays that probably sounded really good on paper, but didn't quite fully transition on to screen. Not to say that this is a bad film, only some parts of it seem silly and out of place.

"Push" is about people with special abilities. A group known as 'Division' wants to find all these people and create weapons out of them. There are many different kinds of these people. Pushers can push thoughts into other's minds and get them to believe any lie they make up. Watchers see the future, as if they are shown pictures of things that will happen. Movers can move objects with their minds. Stitchers have the power to heel, Screamers can scream really loud and basically blow out your eardrums (one of those things that didn't really transition well) Sniffers (another) can smell anything and tell you exactly where it has been and who had it. Shifters can change the appearance of objects and Shadows can cast a protective shadow over a person or object, hiding it from everyone including watchers. The only probably with all of this is that when Division tries to inject these people with a drug that makes their powers more powerful, they die. All accept for one, Kira (Camilla Belle) who survived the injection and ran away.

That brings us to our characters, Nick (Chris Evans) is a pusher living in Hong Kong, he still has trouble controlling his gift, and he often gets into trouble. Cassie (Dakota Fanning) is a watcher, and the daughter of possible the best watcher in the world, who is currently in Division. Cassie sees her future, and she sees that her and Nick must find Kira and help her or else they will die. Division, lead by Carver (Djimon Hounsou) is after them.

Push is an interesting concept, and is shot very well, very quick, and very abstract. Most of it comes off well on screen, The Pushers, Watchers, Shifters all look great, but the Sniffers and Screamers end up looking ridiculous. Dakota Fanning gives the best performance as Cassie. It's nice to see Fanning transition from child to teen actress. Hounsou and Evans were good and Belle, who was the weakest one was still enjoyable. The story at times jumps around a bit and gets a little confusing, but the story is interesting and although the ending is quite predictable and abrupt it is still an enjoyable film.

Recommended: Yes 3/5 Stars.

Memorable Quote: "Hey I'm thirteen and I've been told I look AT LEAST fourteen!" - Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning)


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