DVD Review: Moon

Moon has an interesting appeal. Directed by Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie) and starring Sam Rockwell (Choke, Snow Angels) 'Moon' is one of the best sci fi flicks I've seen in recent years. Not to mention the small budget, and the fact that the film was shot during the writer's strike. This film is a perfect example of how people can band together and create a great thing even in tough circumstances.

Sam Bell (Rockwell) is a scientist doing a 3 year stint on the moon. He's farming helium-3, which is being used on Earth. He's alone, the only contact he has is with his computer that assists him, GERTY (voice by Kevin Spacey) and the occasional video message he receives from his wife. We meet Sam at the end of his 3 years, with a few weeks to go Sam begins to doubt his sanity. He's seeing things, he ends up in an accident while working and awaits a team called ELIZA to come from Earth to assist him. Then things begin to take an interesting turn for Sam.

I don't want to give away the plot of the film because it's truly surprising. It's not what I expected at all, but in a good way. Sam Rockwell is fantastic and extremely underrated for this film. He has to portray a tone of different emotions and he nails them all. Being a huge Kevin Spacey fan, his voice is very welcoming, and really added a nice little touch to the film. When I read that the production studio didn't have much to work with due to so many people on strike, it really made me appreciate the special effects even more to know that this film didn't have the biggest budget. The shots of the moon are subtle and not over done, while the film editing somewhat feels like your cutting to commercial, the plot never gets boring and keeps you guessing.

Recommended: Yes 4/5 stars

Memorable Quote: "Do you know how many hours I put into that?" "986"..."986, really?" - Sam and GERTY (Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey)


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