Review: Sherlock Holmes.

Those of you looking for a more traditional Sherlock Holmes will be disappointed. Guy Richie's Holmes is a fresh new take on everyone's favorite detective. Diving deep into the old stories, Robert Downey Jr's Holmes is more badass, slicker and funnier than what we're used to. Yet still was witty as we have always known.

The story is simple. Holmes and constant sidekick (and bromantic?) partner Watson (Jude Law) just finished a grueling case only to have the man, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) return and wreak havoc on 1880's London once again. Ritche throws a little "supernatural" in there, but always keeps Holmes feeling like Holmes. Casting Robert Downey Jr was a great choice. (He got a Golden Globe nom!) The man is a genius, and morphs into each character so easily we never second guess him. Jude Law was a refreshing choice for Watson. The two men had a lot of chemistry together..surprisingly more chemistry then romantic lead Rachel McAdams had with Downey Jr.

The action is great, the quick shots really work. Oldschool fans will enjoy that they've brought in Irene Adler (McAdams) while some of the other subplots might leave them scratching their heads. If your looking for a good holiday movie that's not three hours long, this is it. It's fun and enjoyable. Perfect for this time of year.

Recommended: Yes 3.5/5 stars

Memorable Quote: "Your depravity know no bounds.." Watson (Jude Law) There was actually a lot of funny quotes in this film, but it's been a few days since I've seen it and I'm quite tired to be honest..thanks for the help IMDb. :)


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