DVD Review: Year One

I should really just call this the "Starz on Demand" review. Because that's how I ended up seeing this. With the Winter Games done and an early flight to catch in the morning. What could I do to pass the time on my all nighter? Pick a flick from Starz.

'Year One' follows Zed (Jack Black) a hunter and Oh (Michael Cera) a gatherer that are banished from their village. After a few run-ins with some familiar faces, Zed and Oh end up in Sodom, trying to free the women of their dreams, Maya (June Diane Raphael) and Eema (Juno Temple) who were captured and made slaves after they left the village. Oh, the reason they left was because Zed ate the 'Forbidden Fruit" so he thinks he's the chosen one. Why didn't I mention that at the beginning? Well, like this film, I felt like being "all over the place."

This movie obviously didn't take itself seriously, which is fine. It's meant to be a dumb comedy. It's meant to live just on one-liners and Michael Cera and Jack Black's antics. I'm going to assume the production of this film was rushed as well, because how else can you explain the horrible continuity, bad wigs (Cera's manages to change shades throughout the film) and the terribly done credits. While it's nice to see some amusing cameos (Bill Hader and Paul Rudd) watching Jack Black and Michael Cera be well...Jack Black and Michael Cera just isn't as amusing as the first 100 times we've seen this. There are a few chuckle-worthy parts but the film falls flat. Even if the actors seemed like they had fun making it, it didn't transition well on screen.

Recommended: No

Grade: D

Memorable Quote: Put your hands together...it makes noise!! - Zed (Jack Black)


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