Films for Valentine's Day, from a slightly anti chick-flick type of girl.

With all the romantic comedies currently playing at the cinema getting horrible reviews, and after reading countless other lists of Love Story classics, I decided to throw in a few of my own. Might as well say this off the bat, I don't care too much for lovely-dovey chick flicks. So you might only find a few in this list.

Movie: Let The Right One In
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Who doesn't remember their first love? This interesting little Swedish Vampire Flick is one of my all time faves, not for the gore or for the suspense, but for the endearing love story that's behind it all.

Movie: Amelie
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: How can you not watch this film without feeling a little warm and fuzzy inside? Audrey Tautou is fabulous, as is this entire little French film. If this movie were a chubby baby, you'd want to pinch it's cheeks.

Movie: Mean Girls
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: You go Glenn Coco!! Ok, so it's not really a love story, but it's full of pink, jealous bitches, and drama. You have to admit those things can sometimes surround Valentine's Day. At least embrace it with the best lesson learned: Do not have sex, because you will get pregnant...and die.

Movie: The Notebook
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Queue my sappy chick flick. This film is the ultimate tear-jerking. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have so much chemistry you can almost forgive Nicholas Sparks for his sappy, something-bad-always-happens-in-the-end romance novels. Sorry if I just spoiled 'A Walk to Remember', 'Dear John' and possibly "The Last Song' for you.

Movie: Love Actually
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: There's so many good actors in this film, it's always interesting. A lot of movies that have intertwined stories have a few that are not as interesting as the rest. This film doesn't. All of it's adorable, and it keeps your attention.

Movie: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Ok, so the film has it's obvious flaws, but it's a cute love story in the making with a killer soundtrack. Sure Michael Cera plays the same character in every film, but Nick feels a little more ballsy than the rest.

Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Nothing like out with the new flame, in with the new. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is hilarious all around. Not to mention Russel Brand teaching Jack McBrayer the best way to make love "With God still in the bedroom" is gold.

Slumdog Millionaire
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: I've never wanted two people to kiss so badly at the end of a film as I did Jamaal and Latika. This film is so great, and so sweet.

Movie: Brokeback Mountain
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: This film is the ultimate love story. It's so effective. Get off your high horses and get past "The Gay Cowboy" movie. It's so much more than that.

Movie: Once
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: The little indie that could. This Irish love story about two people who meet by chance and make beautiful music together is great. What makes it even better is that the actors in the film were a real life couple for awhile. Classy, and cute.

Movie: The Butterfly Effect
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Ok, so it's not necessarily a "feel good" movie. But the entire point is about how far you would go to save the love of your life. Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart are brilliant in it, even though the ending is horrible.

Movie: My Girl
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: Another movie about young love. I can't watch this film without crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee every time. Maybe a good tear-jerker is good for V-day?

Movie: 10 Things I hate about you
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: It's got two of my favorite actors (Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger) and a hip cast. The modern day 'Taming of the Shrew' is a good example of teen movies that don't suck. I love it.

Movie: Wristcutters: A love story
Why it's good for Valentine's Day: It's a love story set in a suicidal purgatory. It's interesting, quirky and ultimately very charming.

What are your favorite Valentine's Day movies?


  1. I was quite disappointed with Love Actually. Everyone seemed to love it but I found just TOO much. Too contrived, too cheesy, too corny, too sugary AAARGH! I had a Valentine's Day movie review marathon the week leading up to V day if you are interested.


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