Indie Gems: Little Children

'Little Children' is an intense character study of the suburban life. First we have Sarah, (Kate Winslet) a lonely housewife with a hard to handle child and a husband that prefers to be held up in his office watching porn. She doesn't want to be like the other mothers at the park. She chooses to "observe" them rather than be one of them. Soon, a man they call "The Prom King" enters the park with his child. They are all to afraid to talk to him, so they bet Sarah $5 to get his phone number. When she speaks to Brad (Patrick Wilson) she's intrigued by how easily he opened up to her, not to mention his good looks. This simple meeting starts a love affair between the two. Brad's wife Kathy (Jennifer Connelly) is the sole bread winner in the house, she makes documentaries and thinks their son is absolutely perfect. Her and Brad never quite get the alone time he wants. We also have a side story about Ronnie (Jackie Earl Haley), a recently released sex offender (he did 2 years for exposing himself to children) who is having a hard time adjusting back into normal life. He understands he has a problem, but he's bullied by an ex-cop (Richard Pierce) who posts fliers all over the neighborhood and shouts at him in the middle of the night with a megaphone.

The interesting part about 'Little Children' are the alliances you sort of form when you are watching. I rooted for Brad and Sarah to run away together, even though what they are doing is completely wrong. For a split second, I felt bad for Ronnie for being taunted, though a later scene with him on a date changes that feeling. The story is told by a narrator and it adds so much. It's like you're reading a book. The performances are remarkable as well. This really was Jack Earl Haley's comeback role, he was absolutely creepy and vulnerable at the same time. Winslet and Wilson are also top-notch, as always.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: A-

Memorable Quote: "It's not the cheating. It's the hunger - the hunger for an alternative and the refusal to accept a life of unhappiness." - Sarah (Kate Winslet)


  1. I LOVE Kate Winslet in this movie. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite performance of hers.

  2. yeah i must agree. i thought this movie was shockingly good as well. very understated. i miss jennifer connelly.


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