Quick Ramblings!

I've been a huge slacker lately on my reviews. After the holiday weekend I'm going to try to update more regularly.

In the world of movies, here's what I've been up too lately

Quick Reviews:

Toy Story 3 Grade: B I thought it was cute. My dad and I went to it on Father's day because he took me to the original when it first came out. (aww) I remember not liking the second film because of the new characters, where as the new ones in this film helped. Good for Pixar. They'll see you at the Oscars, Dreamworks.

Splice Grade: C- Splice had a great cast and a cool concept but really just made me go "what the hell?" one too many times.

The following trailer is making me even more excited for 'Inception'

and the following stills are making me even more excited for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" They're from the trailer, which debuts tomorrow online. Thanks Snitch Seeker.


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