True Blood Round up

Season 3 of True Blood has come and gone. Awhile ago, I did a post about what I wanted to see in Rescue Me next season, I won't do the same for this show since it's loosely based on a series of books, so we kind of already have an idea to where it's going. Here are my likes and dislikes. *****Spoiler Alert.*****

1) Eric naked in the season opener. Yes, I realize how fangirl-ish that sounds, but you've got to appreciate the wonder that is Alexander Skarsgard. Eric is one of my favorite characters in the show, and seeing more of him is a plus. Not to mention the situation he was in was pretty creepy/hilarious. Only Eric would get caught having sex with another girl, then have the balls to flirt with Sookie who just walked in on them.

2) The fine acting of Rutina Wesley. A lot of people could say Tara was pretty whiny this season. I justify it completely. If you thought her character went through the ringer last season, then she's surely in hell here. We got to see the usually no-nonsense badass Tara actually be vulnerable and afraid. I thought this was a great opportunity for Wesley to show her acting chops. Hopefully she gets come recognition for it.

3)Character Devolpment all around. We had more of Jessica, Hoyt, Arlene and Terry. We had major story lines involving Lafayette and Sam. (more on Sam later) We were introduced to some great new characters in Russel Edgington, Talbot and Alcide. I loved how equally True Blood balanced most of these new story archs. Most being the key word there.

4) Denis O'Hare. To say that O'Hare was fantastic in the season is the biggest understatement of the century. I can't even describe how flawless this guy was. Russel has proved to be the most interesting villain in the entire series. It helps that while cool and calm on the outside, Russel is obviously off the wall bat shit crazy. He provided us with probably one of the most shockingly funny moments in the history of TV. (And now the weather...Tiffany?) I couldn't even laugh right away because my mouth was still hanging open from the shock of it.

5) Possibly more Eric/Sookie? I refuse to refer to this as "teams" because this isn't f**king Twilight, people! I for one, have always preferred Sookie to be with Eric. Creator Alan Ball has been pretty vocal that he likes Sookie with Bill, but that didn't stop him from some major hinting (and finally a real life kiss) along the season. Although they lose points for no Eric/Sookie shower scene that was in the book. Perhaps they can squeeze that in next season. I'll wait patiently.

6) Lafayette. "Rang rang, hookah, rang rang." That may have actually been from Season 2, I watched them together and I can't seem to find the episode that he actually says that in. Nonetheless, that's hilarious. Lafayette's vocab never ceases to amuse me. I also like the new relationship he's developed with Jesus. This could lead to interesting things.

7) More Pam is good. I love the character of Pam, she also had some of the best lines in the season. I loved the tender moments between Pam and Eric. I'd love to hear their story. How Eric turned her and possibly more of their background. It's nice to have those moments between the two because then you remember the relationship that a vampire is supposed to have with their maker. Loving, admiration, trust. It's all there with Pam and Eric and you can tell.

8) Godric flashback. Godric was a character that we only had a few episodes to get attached to him before he was killed off. Needless to say he left an impression. I hope to see more of him in Eric's visions next season. Eric and Godric's relationship is another very interesting aspect of the show.


1) I hate the Jason/Crystal storyline. I HATE THE JASON/CRYSTAL STORYLINE! I hate it so much I just put it in all caps! I couldn't care less about Crystal or Hot Shot or Were-panthers. I really couldn't. I spent most of season one disliking Jason. Then season two rolled around and he grew on me. Now I'm right back to disliking him because of the crap storyline he's in. He had one really touching moment all season with Tara and Sookie. Surprise, it had nothing to do with Crystal. Please wrap that crap up quick.

2) RIP Lorena. Bill's maker, the beautiful Mariana Klaveno met the true death this season. It was such a shame, she was a perfect menace. I wouldn't have minded them keeping her around.

3) The Werewolves are boring. Film School Rejects have been pretty vocal about the werewolves all season. Basically, they were calling them "pussies". I'm just calling them un-interesting. Alcide did grow on me, I'll admit it. But the entire werewolf thing was just a bore to me. I did appreciate that they didn't try to throw some CGI together to create them and just went with real wolves. That was a smart move, but it does make them a little less frightening.

4) Sookie, why are you so stupid? Sookie has always been really likeable to me, but this season she came across as dumb. Fighting with Bill, forgiving him 2 mins later after he nearly kills her. Wandering into a werewolf bar. Not shooting Debbie when she had the chance. I just hope she wises up next season, I hope she goes back to work too, because when was the last time we saw her at Merlotte's?

5) Sam's dark past. I'm sort of split on this, I loved Sam as being one of the good guys. I don't think I like his nasty past coming up and effecting him the way it is. We all know he had a tough life, did he really need to go ape shit on all of his patrons? I miss loving, caring Sam. I want that back. I also didn't care much for meeting his biological family. Tommy had potential to be interesting but has proven to just be a huge pain in the ass. The season ended with us wondering if Sam really shot Tommy. I kind of hope he did.

6) Faeries. I knew that Sookie was a Fae from the start. (having read a few of the books) When it was time for the audience to finally know what she really is, it was sort of a buzz kill. I didn't care much for the running around in sunny-dream land in flowing dresses and Claudine's inexplicable British accent. Perhaps it will grow on me, but it felt really out of place with the show's normally dark tone.

7) Franklin. There's tons of blogs were people say they will miss Franklin, I don't understand how that is possible. Franklin was a crazy rapist! How was he likeable at all? If someone can explain the "Franklin love" to me, I would really appreciate it. Because I didn't find anything worth liking about him. Talbot, I can understand, but Franklin? Really?


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