DVD Review: December Boys

I remember when this film was a really big deal..

You know, back in 2006 when it was shot and Harry Potter fans everywhere just wanted to see Daniel Radcliffe in a sex scene. I'm not kidding, that was literally the most talked about aspect of the film back then.

December Boys follows four orphans (all born in December..hence the name) that are given a holiday in a seaside town in Australia. They spend their Christmas there, and learn that a family is going to adopt just one of them. It's your typical coming of age story about a summer that changed your life.

Nothing about this movie is original. Even the soundtrack is reused from several different films. It does capture the beauty of Australia and both Daniel Radcliffe and Teresa Palmer give promising performances. Their part of the story was the most interesting, even though Radcliffe's Aussie accent faded in and out throughout the film. Nice try though, A for effort because I'm bias about anything involving Harry Potter. The point is, the beautiful scenery and potential from some of the actors isn't enough to save this film from being just another bland "after school" special with a poor attempt at a tearjerker ending.

Recommended: No

Grade: C-

Memorable Quote: "I'm sure you'll find out when you're older." - Maps (Daniel Radcliffe)


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