What I want from Rescue Me's final season.

This is what I want to see..
Rescue Me has been one of my favorite shows since it's debut. I've always stuck by it, even when it started to change. I always defended it because I love the cast (most of them) and think they have great chemistry. But I have to admit Season 6's finale left me wanting a little more..and not in a good way.

A lot of people say that Season 6 should've ended 1 episode early with *spoiler* Damian getting hurt on the job. Personally, I'm glad that didn't happen, because I would not have wanted to wait a full year to find out. I like cliffhangers, but that was too much. I always liked his character. I didn't think they would kill him, I thought he would be paralyzed. I was half right, I wasn't expecting him to be brain dead. That was legitimately sad. When the camera slowly panned to him in the chair, my heart did break a little.

I wanted more emotion out of the finale. I wanted to see Lieu show some remorse for Damian's injury. Yes, it wasn't his fault completely, but he shouldn't have been in that ware house. Lieu is the reason the crew held back to help him, and the reason Damian came back to tell them they had to go. Yes it's totally Damian's fault for taking his helmet off, but I just expected some more emotion from Lieu. I didn't like Janet's anger, it seemed a little too extreme. I never like Janet to begin with, but I just can't take that seriously. I understand her to a point; she wants Tommy to pay attention to her and their kids. Damian was Tommy's godson, and always in their lives. You can't tell me that Janet, Colleen, and Katy don't care about Damian at all. If they did, they didn't show it. This brings me to what I want from their next and final season.

1) Damian. Is he dead? Is that why Tommy is having a vision of him? Or is he simply just having another vision with Damian still being alive. Is Damian faking it? These are all theories I've heard. Personally, as much as I didn't want Damian to die in the first place, death would be better than where he is now. What I really want to see is Jimmy and Damian interact, whether it's in the afterlife or in another one of Tommy's dreams. I can't see him faking not being able to speak/understand. But that would completely blow my mind if that happened, I guess I wouldn't' reject it if it did. I just want some focus on him, because one thing Rescue Me is pretty good at doing is killing off someone important, then not talking about them again.

2) Tommy needs to be with Kelly (Maura Tierny) She's rumored to be back for the final season. She's quite possibly the only stable female character on the show and Tommy needs that. Janet and Tommy will never work. Sheila and Tommy will never work. Except it and move on.

3) Focus on the men in the house. The thing I love about this show is how they crew interacts in the firehouse. I didn't like how much dumber they made Mike and Sean, but they can come back from that. I want more of them, and not just stupid story lines that are over after one episode. Talk about Franco's daughter. Talk about Sean being cancer free. Hell, mention Needles' mail order wife that disappeared from this season! Something!

4) Shape up Colleen and Katy. Bring back younger Conner in Tommy's visions. Colleen has been one of my least favorite characters from day one, but Natalie Drister's acting this season was atrocious. I want them to stop being so needy and annoying and actually try to get along with Tommy. They both hated Janet last season, and now they are always taking her side? Some consistency would be nice. I never liked seeing the adult Conner in Tommy's dreams, bring back the same actor that played him before. He's older, but it will still feel more like him.

5) Promote Lieu, get him out of the line of duty and give Tommy his job.

6) Focus on 9/11. That was the theme of the show. I'm sick of the drinking and falling off the wagon stories. It's realistic yes, but talking about the FDNY and what happened that day and how it affected them is what made it all so interesting in the first place.

7) Explain how Teddy did not get arrested for shooting Tommy. The crew "lying" to the police just doesn't cut it. I need more answers.

8) No loose ends. Wrap it up nicely, and go out with a bang. End on a good note, and show all your fans why your one of the best dramas on TV Today.

9) This one is for the Emmys, SAGs and Golden Globes: Give this show some love, damnit! *personal gripe*

Well, that's my rant. If you are a rabid Rescue Me watcher, what do you want from this next season? What were your opinions on Season 6? Let's discuss!


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