Review: Due Date

The adventures of two unlikeable characters

Did you see the trailers for this movie? Then you saw the majority of the funny bits.

'Due Date' follows father to be Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) and his quest to get home to his pregnant wife, Sarah. (Michelle Monaghan) A chance run in with Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis) winds up with both of them on the no fly list and driving from Atlanta, GA to Los Angelos, CA with only a few days before Sarah's scheduled C section. Shenanigans ensues.

I'll admit, there's some really, really funny parts in this film, but the rest is so over the top and thrown together it feels redundant. Robert Downey Jr is a fine actor, but I felt like he had to carry this entire film because Galifianakis wasn't holding up his end of the deal. He's a funny guy, check out his stand up, but I honestly felt that Downey Jr was the superior comic in this film.

It's not the actors' faults. It's the script. Director Todd Phillips got away with the unrealistic, over-the-top antics in 'The Hangover' but his comedy is not as consistent with this. Not to mention the characters in 'The Hangover' were likeable. To keep it simple, Peter is a dick and Ethan is a moron.

Recommended: Yes/No. It's not a great film, but there's some worth while bits.

Grade: C

Memorable Quote: "Your dog! Your dog is doing it too!" - Peter (Robert Downey Jr.)


  1. Too bad, I sort of wanted to see it but the reviews are quite disappointing so far :( Good review Brittni

  2. yes the trailer gives most of the big laughs away, and those were clips themselves weren't even tha funny. shame on Downey. but he'll bounce back


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