Indie Gems: The Lookout

Whoever has the money, has the power.

Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was once a promising high school athlete. He excelled in hockey and had lots of friends until one night a car accident changed everything. Now his passengers are dead and Chris is left with a brain injury that prevents him from remembering things both short term and sometimes long. He keeps a notebook to help remind him. He lives with a blind man Lewis (Jeff Daniels) that helps him and works the overnight shift at a bank as a janitor. A group of men plan to rob this bank, and once they learn of Chris's situation the befriend him to gain easy access. When Chris finally figures out what they are going to do he plans to stop it if he can hold on to this memory.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the heart and soul of this film. He seems disoriented, but at the same time you can tell that Chris is really trying hard to rise above his condition. Both Levitt and Daniels did a lot of research for their character's disabilities and it shows. They are both very convincing. The problem with that is that they are the only two interesting characters in the movie. No one else stood out like they did. Sure Isla Fischer's Luvlee Lemons provides some interesting parts, but everyone else is very bland. 

The plain supporting cast doesn't take away from the story, which is all Chris's. It just showed how stellar Gordon-Levitt and Daniels are, even in the smallest roles.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Ah, and by stage I assume you mean the kind with a pole." - Lewis (Jeff Bridges)


  1. I'm planning to see this film soon. Random thought: Joseph Gordon-Levitt seems to pick parts in movies about crime.


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