Review: Piranha

Blood. Booze. Boobs

Those are the essentials for campy horror films, and oh does Piranha have a never ending supply of them.

An underwater earthquake releases a prehistoric species of killer piranhas into a lake. This lake happens to be a popular spring break destination where tons of college kids are there to let loose. A group of people must band together to evacuate everyone from the dangerous waters, but can they save themselves?

Uber Douche Avatar director James Cameron famously bitched about how films like Piranha "cheapen" 3D. The fact that he actually complained about this made me love the movie more. Was the 3D in this movie necessary? Of course not! 3D is never necessary unless your making an animated feature. Then it is only partially necessary. 3D didn't add to Piranha because it already had everything it needed to be an awesome, campy horror movie. Over the top performances, stupid characters and lots of blood. 

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Then where are the parents?" - Novak (Adam Scott)


  1. I heartily endorse your views on Piranha and 3D. I saw Piranha in 3D in the theatres. It works just as well, if not better, without 3D on my blu-ray player. Thanks for spreading the Piranha love.


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