Stylish Blogger Award

Lesya, over at Eternity of Dream kindly mentioned me in her Stylish Blogger Award post, so here I go trying to do the same!

Seven facts about me:

1) If you couldn't already tell, I love film. I enjoy going to the movies, and writing about them. While I don't really share my blog with the ones I know in real life, I'm happy to find plenty of other fellow film lovers to share my opinions with.

2) One of the nerdiest things about me is that I love professional wrestling. Sure it's not what it used to be, but I love being a fan. Lately WWE has been showing me while I remain a fan after all these years. I love the rush of it, I don't care the the endings are worked, it takes real athleticism to be a professional wrestler and I have nothing but respect for all of them. They put their bodies on the line 4 nights a week to keep us entertained.

3) I'm a terrible speller. I would be officially screwed without my Spell Check. 

4) I'm fluent in German. I know a little French. (Blame Canada, I live close by.)

5) I love playing soccer, I've been playing since I was 6, all through high school and into college.

6) I'm going to be a first time mom this summer. To know that I'm actually carrying a child inside of me is the most surreal feeling ever. It's scary and beautiful.

7) The one movie that I quote the most is probably Anchorman. That's one of the best comedies ever made in my opinion.

I pass the Stylish Blogger Award onto these seven people. (I'm sorry if you've already been passed this!)

1) Brian at Brian's Film Blog
2) Chic at Cinematically Correct
3) Snobby Film Guy at Pulp Truth
4) Candice at Reel Talk
5) John at John Likes Movies
6) Jose at Movies Kick Ass
7) James at Rants of a Diva


  1. Some interesting facts.
    Where have you studied it?

  2. I studied it in school and in college. Plus my family is from Germany and I still have a lot of relatives there. That helps


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