Indie Gems: Everything Is Illuminated

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

Jonathon (Elijah Wood) travels to Ukraine in research his grandfather's past. He hires a man, Alex (Eugene Hutz) and his grandfather (Boris Leskin) to help him navigate the country and search for a woman that helped his grandfather during the Holocaust.

Elijah Wood needed a film to remind everyone that he's more than just Frodo and this is it. Wood's character is calm and collected (literally, the guy collects everything) and the film shows his range. The scene stealer however is Eugene Hutz who plays Alex with so much energy. The three main characters balance the movie well. Jonathon's passions, Alex's eccentric actions, Grandfather's heart, and of course their dog, Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.

Recommended: Yes

Grade: B

Memorable Quote: "Many girls want to be carnal with me... because I'm such a premium dancer!"


  1. I love this film. It's sorta quirky and slow but still kept me interested in it. Good stuff!


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